Java - Using user input to convert hex (0x) or binary (0b ...

Regarding the clues in the video

Note: This is not a solution or guide, just an info on what to watch for.
Most of you probably noticed the hidden clues in the main video and some of you have made it to the end already. For those who don't, here is a small list on what to watch for. I post this here, because I spent a lot of time running around in circles.

In general

The manual

The kaizo manual helps. You get it if you buy the package from here. But you do not need it. Also there is a "bug" in the manual which nobody else has pointed out, but I already told unfortunatejordan. You do not need to know the mistake to continue, as it is optional to use.


Optical Character Recognition
You are going to copy a lot of text from the videos, OCR can help, but is not fool proof, due to the "blocky" font.

Video player

For some of the puzzles I recommend downloading the video from youtube and use a video player, that can advance by single frames or get a chrome extension that can do this


Short for Hexadecimal
Often you find hexadecimal symbols in strange places in the video. Hex consists of all the digits and the letters A-F. The number of symbols is always even. To decode that, either use a hex editor or a website online. See this comment for some more information regarding hex.
To convert a hex value to a character in your browser, open your console (F12) and type String.fromCharCode(0xFF). Replace FF with your hex number
This stuff is all over his videos and is time consuming to type.


Binary is the number system of computers using only 0 and 1. If you search online for "binary to hex converter" you will find countless pages, that do the job, or again, open your browser console and type String.fromCharCode(0bXXXXXXXX). Replace XXXXXXXX with your binary number. Your numbers should not exceed 8 digits or you get weird stuff

Seemingly random chars

If you decode seemingly random stuff, like dQw4w9WgXcQ, this is most likely not random. You do not need to encrypt or decrypt, but you can use it otherwise. You should still verify, that you decoded correctly. Note: the chars I have used here are not of any help to the puzzle.

useful applications

If you have further questions, leave a comment. I will not solve puzzles for you and I no longer have my typed hex.
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Selenium catch popup on close browser. java,selenium,browser. Instead of using driver.quit() to close the browser, closing it using the Actions object may work for you. How do you keep these numbers apart? Programmers will often write “0b” in front of binary numbers. So 2 in binary is. 0b10. Similarly, they’ll write 0x in front of hex numbers. So 16 in hex is: 0×10. If there aren’t any symbols (0b or 0x) in front, we assume it’s base 10, a regular number. Now go forth and enjoy your new knowledge! Select text and press Alt+D to bring up the options menu. Features. Decimal, Hex, and Binary conversions of individual numbers and whole documents. URL Escaping/Unescaping. Unicode Encoding/Decoding. Configuration Options. converter.prependDataWithIdentifier: Add 0x and 0b in front of hex and binary numbers when converted. #: valid only for integers, binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers. It specifies that the output will be prefixed by ‘0b‘ (binary), ‘0x‘(hex), ‘0o‘(octal). ‘, ‘ (comma) : thousands operator that places ‘, ‘ (comma) between all thousands. Width. Width is a number that defines the minimum field width. Precision Newer versions of JavaScript -- specifically ECMAScript 6 -- have added support for binary (prefix 0b), octal (prefix 0o) and hexadecimal (prefix: 0x) numeric literals: var bin = 0b1111; // bin will be set to 15 var oct = 0o17; // oct will be set to 15 var oxx = 017; // oxx will be set to 15 var hex = 0xF; // hex will be set to 15 // note: bB ...

[index] [31816] [39751] [978] [5320] [27187] [60849] [51338] [35327] [17081] [35428]

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