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A story of timing, luck and degeneracy

As a long-time contributor to this sub, I know we love nothing more than discussing our degeneracy. If nothing else, hearing such stories makes you realise there are other people out there who have lived similar experiences to you. Stories of epic failure provide a sense of comfort. Stories of unexpected triumphs provide a feeling of hope.
The following bets - and the circumstances surrounding each - were not necessarily story-worthy. However, there were a number of intricate details which I felt were worth highlighting. Aside from the statistical rollercoaster than one experiences throughout a game (i.e. going from "how can this lose?" to "this bet is over"), there are other factors which can have significant ramifications for one's betting endeavours.
This is where the factor of timing comes into play. How often have you bet on something purely due to the fact that the game was starting shortly? It could either be a straight wager on the game. Or, you might have decided to add the short-priced "lock" to boost your odds. How often has this then come back to bite you? Or conversely, this random event - where your betting urge coincided with the scheduled timing of this event taking place - results in a recuperation of losses from previous games that you "studied" prior to placing your losing wagers?
Without further ado, this is my story. It is but a speck in the ocean that is my entire betting career. But it was a Sunday night full of swings, sweats and... well I won't spoil the ending.
As you read this, I want you to keep the headline in mind. Specifically, the words timing, luck and degeneracy.
It's early on a Sunday evening in Melbourne, Australia. Approximately 6PM to be exact. We are currently under the world's strictest COVID lockdown. We have an 8PM curfew, and I was keen to get in a 1 hour walk before returning home to make dinner. Now typically - as I had already walked my dog several hours earlier - I would not go for another on my own. But for some reason, I just had an urge to get some fresh air. Here is the first element in play: timing. At 6:10PM, an AFL (Australian Football) was scheduled to begin. As I begin my walk, I inevitably flick through my preferred bookmaker's iPhone app and this game catches my eye. Part of me says "don't bet it". The other part of me curb-stomps that voice in my head and says "don't be a pussy". Now on another note, I placed a daily deposit limit of $3000 on my account. To some, that is insanely big. I generally bet $1000 or so, and so this stops me from stupidly chasing the day's losses. Here is where another element peaks it's head: luck. I had deposited $1750 that day. Had I reached my limit, the following events would only have existed in a parallel universe. But as luck would have it, I had $1250 to play with. So I said 'fuck it' and made the deposit. It's about 6:05PM now and I don't have much time. I sift through the markets on offer and decide it's best to play a Same Game Multi (parlaying multiple events from the same game). With not much time left to make a decision, I quickly check the weather forecast in Gold Coast (where this game is taking place) and note that there is meant to be rain in the second half. (Spoiler: there was no rain in the second half). As this sport is played outdoors, this would favour the unders. So I come up with a bet that looks like this:
ODDS: 4.10
A bet of $1250 would pay $5125.

I was ready to place the bet. The problem? The match was only seconds from beginning.
The time stamp on when the bet was accepted:
I made it by 5 measly seconds.

Ok, so game begins rather uneventfully. Now it's worth noting for those who aren't familiar with AFL that you can score by 1's and 6's. It's late in the first quarter and the total is sitting at 22 points. Needing over 23.5, I'm in desperate need of a goal. The whole bet is about to come crashing down without it. With only seconds remaining a player marks the ball from a score-able position. The siren sounds. Now in AFL, if a mark is taken before the siren ("buzzer"), the player may take their kick. As luck would have it, this legend kicks it right through the middle of the goal posts, and the first quarter score ends on 28. We live on!
Second quarter ends, and the combined total is 52 points. Again, we survive the over 48.5 by less than a full goal! (But this one cleared with a handful of minutes left to play, so there was no sweat involved).
I'l wrap up the remainder of the game fairly quickly, as it is rather uneventful. The final score is 47-49, so the total under 125.5 hits easily, the +34.5 and margin 1-39 hit comfortably, and both players rack up well over their required disposals. Fantastic. My account hits $5125.
By this stage, some would be satisfied. I wasn't. I was out for blood.
The smart move would have been to withdraw, say, $4000. Play with the remaining $1125 (house money), and lock in a profit. But what's the fun in that?
I scroll through the upcoming events and see that there is a Chinese Super League (soccer) match starting in a few hours. This isn't the first example of degeneracy in this story, but it's probably the biggest.
So what do I do? Another Same Game Multi of course. And how much do I bet on it? $5125 of course.
The bet:
ODDS: 1.95
A bet of $5125 would pay $9993.75

Here's where the rollercoaster of events begins.
5 minutes in, we have our first corner.
13 minutes in, we have our second.
Corners are looking good.
Fast forward to half time and Beijing are leading 2-0.
Remember, they had already accumulated 2 corners 13 minutes into the match. 32 minutes without a single corner!
The live odds for over 7.5 were now over 3.00, and I was losing hope.
The second half begins and approximately 10 minutes passes without a corner. I'm fucked.
The next 15 minutes feels like God (aka Bob from NBA Daily Discussion) had blessed me. A flurry of corners results in an 8th corner before the 70th minute mark!
What looked like a total sweat, turned into the easiest of victories. Or so I thought...
The final leg: Beijing or draw - who by the way, were 1.50 favourites to win the match - were still up 2-0. One book had the opposing team at 81.00 odds to win from here. But you guys can guess what happened next.
Wuhan goal!
I'm still leading 2-1. My brain: "it's all good man, you still have a 1 goal buffer".
Barely a few minutes later...
Wuhan goal!
It's now 2-2. My brain: "it's cool, you just need a draw, you're still likely to win this".
Including the 6 minutes of added time, I have to sit through approximately 20 excruciating minutes of soccer, with just under $10k on the line.
Luckily, Beijing did 75% of the attacking. Wuhan did have a few minor chances, but nothing that made the heart sink.
The referee blew the full-time whistle, and I slowly unclenched my ass cheeks.
I waited to see my account balance, just to make sure all was kosher. (You know, we've all been there, when we thought we bet on a certain team, but because their names are all Chinese, you actually bet on the wrong Beijing or something like that).
My balance appeared at $9,993.75.
It was time to call it a night.
I reflected on the past 6 or so hours that I had just been through, and the 3 things that kept popping up in my mind again were timing, luck and degeneracy.
Sorry to all the Djokovic and Heat backers. Brutal. Especially Djokovic. I'd say that's a once-in-a-career circumstance, but I think that would be understating how unlikely it is that the best player in the world get's DQ'd because he inadvertently hit a ball into an official's neck out of frustration.
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A not-so-brief rundown of the letters N-Q in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of the letters N-Q under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Nadler, Emanuel: Businessman involved in mortgage companies.
Nagel, Adam: Works at W Nagel, broker and advisor to premier diamond manufacturers, such as De Beers.
Nagel, William: Chairman of W Nagel. Diamond merchant.
Nardi, Dott M Jacope: No info found.
Nastasse, Ilie & Alex: Ilie was one of the best professional tennis players in the ‘70s. He has been accused of inappropriate behavior by Maria Shriver and others, although this refers to classless comments not physical abuse. Ilie is also well-known for his sexual exploits, as it claimed that he has slept with anywhere between 800-900 women. Alexandra is Ilie’s 2nd wife. They were married for 17 years.
Negrete, Jelitza: A Countess and descendant of European nobility ( Her family name is Karolyi. I couldn’t find any more info.
Neil, Andrew: British journalist and broadcaster. Founding Chairman of Sky TV (owned by Murdoch). Also served as Editor for Rupert Murdoch’s The Sunday Times from ‘83-’94. Later became a contributor to The Daily Mail and just recently had his political program cancelled by the BBC.
Neil, Andrew: Same as above.
Newman, Hetty: Second wife of the 7th Earl of Caledon. Now divorced.
Newman, Mr & Mrs John: John is Hetty’s father. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. He later became a businessman and was director of several companies.
Ng, Clive: A media financier and executive.
Niarchos, Constantine: Billionaire son of shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos. Was once married to Alessandra Borghese of Italian papal lineage (and black nobility). He was also romantically linked to Koo Stark, Trinny Woodhall, and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Bobby Kennedy), all of whom are in Epstein’s ‘black book’. Constantine died of an overdose with enough cocaine in his system to kill 25 men (
Nickerson, William & Jayne: William seems to be an architect and interior designer. Jayne is a fashion editostylist who is friends with Naomi Campbell ( Her and William are now divorced.
Nishio, Yoshi: Former Goldman Sachs trader.
Noel, Alix: Socialite married to a wealthy banker. Friend of Allegra Hicks, who has constantly popped up among Epstein’s contacts.
Noel, Hon Thomas: Son of Anthony Noel, 5th Earl of Gainsborough.
Noel, Vanessa: Luxury shoe designer, hotelier, and gallery owner. Many celebrities are clients of hers.
Noha, Cecilia: Possibly meant to be Cecilia Noah, former Miss Sweden (1978).
Noonan, Tim: Tax lawyer.
Nuttall, Harry: Former Formula One driver turned sports marketing entrepreneur.
O’Donnell, Mr Carletto: Financier. Friend of Princess Michael of Kent (King George V’s grandson).
O’Neill, Louis: An American diplomat and attorney. Has worked for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the Obama administration, the State Department, and as Special Assistant of Russian Affairs for Colin Powell.
Oates, Simon: British actor who died in 2009.
Oates, Tom: Former investment director at BlackRock, an investment management company.
Ojora, Yinka: CEO and/or Director of a number of investing groups in Nigeria.
Olsen, Camille: Friend of Ghislaine Maxwell ( Don’t know much else, but she has been photographed at these high society parties fairly frequently.
Omar, Ralph: No info found.
Ong BS & Chritina: Christina is a Singaporean hoteliebusinesswoman who is heavily involved with Club 21 (a luxury fashion brand) and COMO Hotels and Resorts. She runs all of the Armani outlets in Britain, as well as the franchises for Donna Karan, Prada, and Bvlgari. Christina and her husband, Beng Seng, are worth $1.9 billion.
Ong, Melissa: Christina and BS’s daughter.
Oppenheim, Mr Laurie: Oppenheim worked as an executive at Marks and Spencer, a British retail chain, for nearly 30 years. Oppenheim has also served as a Trustee for a children’s charity called… The Honeypot Children’s Charity ( since 1998 ( I wish I was kidding. That’s the actual name. Oppenheim was also one of the attendees of an auction for the children’s charity, KIDS (, which is populated with Epstein contacts Rosa Monckton and Liz Hurley, and other high profile people such as David Cameron, Elton John, David Furnish, Cherie Booth, and Cathy Newman. The auction was led by Jacob Rothschild. Other attendees that also appear in Epstein’s contacts include Lady Forte (Allai Forte) and Arpad Busson, one of the potential pedophile ringleaders who I wrote about last year (
Oppenheim, Ms Marella: This likely refers to the documentary photographer and former journalist of The Guardian.
Orchard (Vaughn-Edward), Katie: Catherine is a very close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s. She allowed Ghislaine to use her address as the business address for the TerraMar Project, a charity that Maxwell created. Catherine also served as Trustee and co-director of the charity (
Orlando, Fabrice: CEO of Cocoon Events Management Group, a luxury event planning company based out of Morocco.
Osbourne Rachel: British businesswoman who has served as director for several companies.
Oswald, William & Arabella: William co-founded Twins (, a children’s charity that “links UK schools with schools in areas hit by natural disasters and/or need, both for practical support and for cultural understanding” ( William works as a director at several companies, including Keyspace Self Storage, Bluepod Media, and SG Capital Partners. William’s father is the National Hunt racing adviser to the Queen, and before that, the Queen Mother. Arabella is his wife and the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Exeter.
Otto, Beo & Edvige: Not positive. Seems that Edwige works in stock trading in France (if I have the correct person). No info on Beo.
Owen Edmunds, Tom & Kate: Kate is a novelist. Her ex-husband, Tom, is a photographer.
Oxenberg Christina marc Yaggi: Christina is a writer and fashion designer. Her mother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. Her grandparents were Prince Paul of Yugoslavia and Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark. Due to all of the inbreeding between European royals, Christine is a cousin of the Royal Family. Oxenberg used to attend dinner parties at Epstein’s and was also friends with Ghislaine ( Oxenberg intends to talk to the FBI about Epstein and Maxwell ( Marc Yaggi is Executive Director of Waterkeeper Alliance, where Oxenberg was once a writer.
Paini, Nicole: Nicola is a Managing Partner at Rothschild & Co (
Palau, Marcia: No info found, although her address indicates that she is wealthy. Cheyne Walk is a street that politicians, musicians, and celebrities have all called home.
Palmer Tomkinson Tara: Socialite and TV personality with tons of A-list contacts. Her family is very close with the Royal Family. Tara was a cocaine addict who eventually died of an ulcer in 2017. Prince Charles was her godfather.
Palumbo, Mr James: Baron Palumbo of Southwark is an entrepreneur and a member of the House of Lords. Co-founder of Ministry of Sound nightclub. Major donor to the Liberal Democrats political party.
Palumbo, Peter: Father of James (above). Baron Palumbo is a property developer who sat on the House of Lords from 1991-2019. Former polo teammate and close friend of Prince Charles until they had a falling out. Confidant of Princess Diana. Godfather of Princess Beatrice of York, the elder daughter of Prince Andrew. Peter denies ever having met Epstein.
Panah-Izadi, Nader & Brigitte: Nader is an investment manager. Brigitte is his wife. Couldn’t find anything else.
Pank, Ms Victoria & Alby Carto: No info found.
Parker, Jackie: Management consultant who sits on the board of several companies. Also the head of global philanthropy for General Motors.
Parsons, Carolina: A Chilean model and model scout who has worked for big name designers. Here she is with her friend, Naomi Campbell ( She can also be seen in a picture with Harvey Weinstein at the bottom of this article (, which posts her claims that she never knew Epstein.
Paschan, Elise: Famous poet.
Pashcow, Joel: Real estate magnate. He is a past trustee of the Children’s Medical Center at Long Island Jewish Hospital and trustee at ACLD, a charity for developmentally disabled children and adults. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach police and fire foundation ( Pashcow has flown on Epstein’s jets ( and has been to pedo island. In fact, Pashcow appears 8 times(!!) on one this released flight log, including once with his wife ( Epstein has 19 entries for Pashcow in his ‘black book’. Here is Pashcow at the Policeman’s Ball, which Trump frequently hosts at Mar-A-Lago ( Pashcow is a ‘Crystal Sponsor’ of the Palm Beach Police Foundation alongside Donald Trump (
Pashcow, Stacey: Joel Pashcow’s daughter. A luxury real estate agent for The Corcoran Group. Here’s Stacey at a Valentino-hosted luncheon. Ghislaine Maxwell was also in attendance (
Pastrana, Andres: Former president of Colombia (1998-2002). His father was president of Colombia from 1970-1974). Pastrana was forced to admit flying on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ after the flight logs were released ( According to this article, Ghislaine Maxwell claims to have flown a Blackhawk helicopter in Colombia and fired a rocket into a terrorist camp ( There is no time period for when this supposedly occurred, but it could have happened while Pastrana was president.
Patricof, Alan & Susan: Alan is an investor, venture capitalist, and private equity magnate. Patricof served as the national finance chairman for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign ( From 1990-2016, the Patricofs donated $1,152,637 to Hillary’s campaigns ( Alan is also a trusted friend of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law (, proving once again that PARTISANSHIP IS BULLSHIT. THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED. Susan is his 2nd wife. Her brother, Craig Hatkoff, appears in Epstein’s contacts under ‘H’. Alan and Susan’s son, Jonathan, is President of Tribeca Enterprises, the company that owns and operates the Tribeca Film Festival. Their other son, Jamie, is a TV and movie producer. His wife, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, is the co-founder of Baby2Baby (, a children’s charity that helps children (0-12) living in poverty.
Paulson, John: Billionaire hedge fund manager.
Pavoncelli, Cosima & Riccardo: Cosima is a socialite and the daughter of Claus and Sunny von Bulow. Her husband, Riccardo, is an Italian banker.
Pearson Hon Charles: Son of the Third Viscount Cowdray and owner of the 53,000 acre Dunecht estate.
Pease, Simon & Clem: Simon was a successful custodian of the family’s Underley Estate. He was also a High Sheriff of Cumbria. Passed away in 2007. Clementine was his wife.
Pedrini Lorenzo: President and co-partner of Fashion Model Management. Pedrini is former Co-President at Next Management, where he was a partner along with Faith Kates and (alleged) pedophile/accomplice/supplier, Jean-Luc Brunel (
Pedrini Tito: Jeweller.
Pekeler, Marcus: Communications consultant in Switzerland.
Peltz, Harlan: Co-founder of iBorrow, a private commercial real estate lender. Literally lives around the block from Epstein’s NYC mansion.
Pennell, Mark: Australian movie produceactor.
Perelman, Ronald: Billionaire investor. Perelman hosted a dinner party with Epstein, Bill Clinton, Don Fowler, Don Johnson, and Jimmy Buffett all the way back in 1995, when Clinton was still president ( Perelman is also a good friend of Donald Trump and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. Lives about a half mile away from Epstein’s NYC mansion.
Petangi, Helsius: Son of Ivo Pitanguy, plastic surgeon to the stars.
Peters, John: Movie producer and former hairdresser. He produced Superman Returns (2006), which was directed by (alleged) sexual abuser Bryan Singer. In 2011, Peters had to pay a former assistant $3.3 million after finding that she was sexually harassed during production of Superman Returns. Peters married Pamela Anderson earlier this year, but they separated after 12 days.
Peterson, Holly: Journalist, novelist, and producer for ABC News. Friends with CNN host (and brother of Governor Andrew Cuomo) Chris Cuomo’s wife ( This is the 2nd connection to the Cuomos in Epstein’s contacts. He has Andrew Cuomo and ex-wife Kerry Kennedy listed as well. Ghislaine attended a party to celebrate one of Holly’s books (
Peterson, Riki: Not enough info. Best guess is an investment banker of the same name.
Pham Linh-Dan + Andrew: Linh-Dan is a Vietnamese actress. Her husband, Andrew, is an investment banker.
Picasso, Olivier & Alice: Olivier is the grandson of Pablo Picasso. Alice is an actress and Olivier’s former fiance.
Picciotto, Michael: Vice-Chairman at Engels & Volkers AG, a real estate firm. Former head of global financial activities for UBP, a Swiss private bank owned by Picciotto’s family.
Pickering, Jane & William: Jayne is a very famous fashion editor. William is her ex-husband.
Pignatelli, Frederico: An Italian prince whose family has “aristocratic ties to Pope Innocenzo XII” ( President, owner, and founder of Pier 59 Studios, the world’s largest photo studio complex. Federico was once accused of sexual harassment by his former assistant, but he was acquitted ( Pignatelli also has his own modeling agency which is headed by Brunella Casella, the woman responsible for launching the career of scumbag Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and others (
Pigozzi, Jean: Heir to the CEO of Simca, a French automaker. Pigozzi is also a photographer and fashion designer. Pigozzi regularly attends The Billionaires’ Dinner (, where he has been pictured with Paul Allen and Princess Olga of Greece. Other regular attendees include Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, John Brockman, Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and pervert who received a foot massage from 16 year old Virginia Giuffre), and Rupert Murdoch. Pigozzi lived about a mile away from Epstein in NYC. Pigozzi is also a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s (
Pittman, Bob & Veronique: Robert is a co-founder of MTV and CEO of MTV Networks. He has also been CEO and/or COO of other big companies such as AOL Time Warner, Clear Channel, iHeartMedia, Six Flags Theme Parks, Quantum Media, and Century 21 Real Estate. Pittman has partied with Ghislaine Maxwell, Katie Ford (read my D-F thread for more on her), and Andre Balazs ( Pittman has also been the Director of the One to One Foundation, a charity that works with underprivileged children ( His home address and work address are both about a mile from Epstein’s NYC mansion. Veronique is his wife.
Pittman, Sandy: Former wife of Robert Pittman (above). Sandy is an avid mountain climber. She is allegedly responsible for the death of eight people while climbing Mount Everest, as depicted in the Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Everest ( Sandy supposedly refused to stop climbing until they reached a top. A blizzard blasted the mountain, killing eight members of the party.
Plepler, Richard: Former Chairman and CEO of HBO. Good friend of Peggy Siegal, the well-known publicist who acted as Epstein’s plug. More on her at a later time.
Plouvier, Diane & Denis: Denis is the owner of Trousseau linen company (https://www.denisplouvier.fblank). No info found on Diane.
Podolsky, Jeffrey: Writeeditor of such publications as Tatler (again!), People Magazine, Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Magazine, and George. Lives about a ½ kilometer away from Epstein’s NYC mansion. Has been photographed with several Epstein associates (Peggy Siegal, Carol Mack, India Hicks, and others.
Polk, George: Financial analyst who served on the Council of Foreign Relations with Epstein. Polk is also a member of the World Economic Forum.
Polii, Edoardo: Powerboat champion and textile entrepreneur.
Polu, Emmanuelle: Financier at La Nef. Ghislaine Maxwell’s cousin.
Polu: Isabelle: Former head of marketing at Microsoft. Became a translator specializing in psychology. Sister of Emmanuelle and cousin of Ghislaine.
Polu, Clary: “Marketing director of Lycos and Meetic, wife of the "startup" Christophe Schaming, co-shareholder of Winamax, the online betting company co-founded by the mysterious passenger of the Lolita Express Nicole Junkermann” (
Porrin Ivanisevic: No info found, but the work phone number listed traces back to Globana Media Group, a printing, publishing, and multimedia group.
Porter, Pliny: Movie producer. Close friend of Julia Roberts.
Porthault, Emmanuele: No info found.
Porthault, Mr & Mrs: Marc Porthault runs the family linen business, D Porthault. Marc’s parents founded the company. Clients include Bill Gates, Woody Allen, the Mellons, and the Kennedys. Marc’s wife, Isabelle, is the head of human resources of Chanel in Europe.
Porthault, Pascal: No info found.
Porthault, Remi & Isabel: Remi is the marketing director and president of the U.S. subsidiary of D Porthault linens.
Poster, Meryl: Former President of Television at The Weinstein Company. Before that, she was Co-President of Production for Miramax Films. A phone number connected to Meryl Poster was found in Epstein co-conspirator Sarah Kellen’s phone records on October 3, 2005. The call lasted one minute ( Meryl is pictured here with Ghislaine Maxwell (
Potter, Muffie: Socialite and former executive at Van Cleef & Arpels, a watch company. Married to famed plastic surgeon, Sherrell Aston. She has been photographed with Ghislaine and Peggy Siegal at various events.
Prestin, Electra: Former vice president of merchandising for Ralph Lauren and co-founder of Adam & Eve clothing company. Her father, Lewis T. Preston, was chairman of J.P. Morgan and president of the World Bank (appointed by George H.W. Bush). Her great-grandfather was newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whom the Pulitzer Prize is named after. Another great-grandfather of hers was a partner in the Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller.
Prevost, Catherine: Fashion designer.
Price, Charles H. II: Banking CEO who served as U.S. Ambassador to Belgium (1981-1983) and U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. (1983-1989) during the Reagan administration. Price was also on the boards of The New York Times (1989-2002), Texaco (1989-2001), Sprint (1989-1995), British Airways (1989-1996), and other companies.
Price, Judy: Founder of Avenue, a magazine about New York City.
Princess Firyal: Jerusalem-born Jordanian princess who was once married to Prince Muhammad bin Talal. Firyal was named an UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1992. Princess Firyal launched the International Hope Foundation in 1994 for the benefit of homeless and street children. Firyal holds positions with several museums (The Louvre, The Tate, MOMA, and Guggenheim), as well as positions with Columbia University, New York Public Library, United Nation Association, and International Rescue Committee.
Pritzker, Nick: Real estate and venture entrepreneur. Comes from a massively wealthy family who made their money in chewing tobacco. Former president of Hyatt Hotels. Major investor in SpaceX, Tesla, and Uber. Cousin of Thomas (below).
Pritzker, Thomas: Billionaire heir and executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels. Cousin of Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois. Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre named Pritzker as one of the men she had to have sex with ( Pritzker’s name appears twice on Epstein’s flight logs ( Pritzker is listed as one of the people who has knowledge of Maxwell and Epstein’s sexual trafficking conduct and interaction with underage minors ( Epstein has 12 phone numbers - including an emergency contact number - and two home addresses listed under Pritzker’s name. What’s even creepier is that there is a subtitle under his name that reads “Numero Uno”. Usually when Epstein adds a subtitle under someone’s name, it indicates what company they work for or a relationship of some kind (ex: X’s husband or Y’s friend). The fact that ‘Numero Uno’ is the subtitle under Pritzker’s name is unsettling, to say the least.
Propp, Rodney: Real estate tycoon known for holding onto properties until neighborhoods gentrify.
Prunier Christy & David Doss: Doss, David & Christy Prunier: David Doss has worked as producer and/or executive producer on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Oprah in Africa, Primetime (with Diane Sawyer), Anderson Cooper 360, and Live PD. Doss now serves as senior VP of news programming for Al Jazeera America. Christy Prunier is a former Hollywood exec and founder of the Willa brand of beauty products.
Pucci, Laudomia: Daughter of fashion icon, Emilio Pucci. Works as Image Director for the eponymous company.
Puig Marc: Chief executive and president of Puig, a fragrance and fashion company.
Puig Taria: No info found.
Puopolo, Sonia: Author and inspirational speaker. Former communications director of Haute Living, a luxury lifestyle magazine. Her mother died on 9/11 when the airplane she was on crashed into the World Trade Center. Her mother’s close friend, Hillary Clinton, read the eulogy at her funeral (
Puttnam, David: British film producer, educator, and member of the House of Lords. Puttnam was friends with Princess Diana before her passing.
Pymont, Chris: One of the top lawyers in Britain.
Quartucci, Alan: Founder of North Shore Bloodstock and North Shore Insurance, thoroughbred bloodstock companies that provide equine insurance, consulting services, racehorse management, and more.
Quinn, Topper: Investment banker who founded a couple of consulting firms.
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Musician with a decade long panic disorder no longer has panic attacks.

Hello fellow crazy people! (just kidding.) I’ve had quite a long history of panic disorder, and now that I’m on the other side of it, I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject in the hopes that at least one person can benefit from my experience. If you’ve done an exhaustive amount of research on panic attacks in an effort to rid yourself of them, as I did, then I probably won’t share any revolutionary magic trick that you’ve never heard of before. (sorry about that). However I did find some solace in a few reddit posts that I related to when I was suffering, so hopefully this can serve as that for someone.

I imagine that this will be a very long post, so for those that aren’t looking to read some schmuck’s whole life story, I’ve categorized my thoughts as followed:

  1. My personal history of panic disorder. This is not to satisfy my insatiable need to talk about myself, but rather to detail what I dealt with so that you might relate your own struggle to mine.
  2. My progression of approaches to how I eventually “beat” panic attacks, and why I annoyingly put “beat” in quotes
3.Summary/explanation (perhaps the most helpful part if you’re a TL:DR person)
  1. Quick tips for in the moment of a panic attack
  2. Resource recommendations eg. books and articles.
*disclaimer: My progress was made without the use of medication or therapy. I want to be clear, that I am not taking the stance that someone suffering from panic disorder can’t or shouldn’t benefit from these things. In fact it’s possible that I would have healed quicker had I used these resources.

1.) I am a professional orchestral musician, and for close to 10 years, I would have a panic attack on stage for about 95% of the performances that I took part in. Most of those 10 years were during my college years, and the last couple were once I was in a professional orchestra. In school I would have a performance approximately every 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes more sometimes less, and as a professional I have performances at the very least once a week. That totals hundreds of panic attacks over a 10 year period. In that time, I also would occasionally have panic attacks in other situations, but I primarily suffered from them on stage. I share this to emphasize that you can be very deep in panic disorder, and still make it out panic free.
My panic disorder started when I was a senior in high school. I was scheduled to play a solo with my youth orchestra, where I am standing at the front of the stage with the orchestra playing behind me. During one rehearsal, I was standing up front, when I started to feel somewhat sick. I didn’t want to disrupt the rehearsal so I didn’t say anything, but the sick feeling only got worse. Along with feeling somewhat sick, I also started to freak out a bit and get tunnel vision. I had to ask the director if I could sit down, at which point he was shocked to point out that I was super pale. I sat down, feeling sick, freaked out, and now super embarrassed as this was all happening in front of my orchestra mates. Finally, after a few minutes, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom where I promptly and violently threw up. I had food poisoning. While some could have had a brief incident of food poisoning and moved on with their lives, my brain decided to turn that moment into a decade long panic saga.
That rehearsal put the thought in my head, “what if that happened during a concert??”. For the next 10 years every time that I was on stage, this thought would come to mind, which would start a bouncy spiral which anyone browsing this subreddit is most likely familiar with. On stage, any little body sensation was magnified accompanied by the thought of “o shit it’s happening”. Since you’re likely to be anxious while on stage performing anyway, there are plenty of nervous body sensations to attach this thought to. Soon my mind expanded it’s repertoire of increasingly horrific scenarios to taunt me with: “What if you pass out on stage??”. “What if you just lose control of your body and scream something really loud during a soft passage of the music???”. “What if you get so nervous on stage that you have a heart attack on die on stage?? your heart is beating really hard, it could happen. They would have to stop the whole performance just for you if you died!” And finally the worst one, “you can’t keep living like this. You picked the wrong career and ruined your life.” A non panicked person can read those ideas as a bit silly but in the moment of panic, as you surely know, they are very real.
My level and duration of panic during performances would vary a bit each time, which actually added to the stress of them. Not knowing what would come that night was quite daunting. A lot would depend on where I was seated on the stage. During a panic attack, I often found myself looking where the stage exit was and constantly accessing whether or not I needed to leave or if I could rough it out. Being seated in a way that would make exiting more difficult often led to stronger attacks, whereas the attacks would sometimes be more mild if I was seated very near the exit where leaving might not make that big of a scene.
My symptoms included profuse sweating, racing heart, shortness of breath, tunnel vision, and most noticeably a barrage of thoughts mostly centered around whatever terrible thing I was surely moments away from experiencing. These could last anywhere from a couple of small bursts (small maybe 5 minutes increments throughout the performance) to essentially the entire performance ( a couple of hours with a 15 minute break in the middle.
Afterwards I would feel sweaty, exhausted, and completely defeated. I felt like a fraud among my fellow musicians who had a complete, calm, control over their nervous systems (actually not true), and very often felt hopeless against this mountain of a problem that I had been battling for so long with seemingly no end in sight.
It’s now been a bit over a year and a half? (hard to tell in Covid time) since I’ve suffered from a panic attack on stage, and I’m actually confident that I won’t suffer from one in the future.

2.) For the first several years, maybe 5 or so, I didn’t even acknowledge that I was having panic attacks. I just told myself that I got really nervous on stage and that I needed to work on that. I certainly didn’t tell anyone else about it. I wanted to be the cool, calm and collected one on stage, and the fact that I was the farthest thing from that humiliated me. I didn’t realize that this attitude was a big contributor to my problem until much later. I eventually told my parents that I was having a problem with “freaking out” on stage sometimes, but I still didn’t let on just how consistent this “freaking out was” until much much later when I finally accepted what was happening to me, I was having panic attacks. This acknowledgement was step one in getting over them.
So now I was about 5 or 6 years into having panic attacks, and I was determined to beat this monstrous thing. I read countless online articles about panic attacks and how to overcome them, as well as posts on support boards from fellow sufferers This was *sort of* step 2 in recovering. I now knew that I was suffering from a problem known as panic disorder, and during the actual attack I was able to recognize it and say to myself “I am currently having a panic attack”. In my research, I also learned quite a bit on what is happening to my body in a panic attack. The most helpful fact that I got from my reading was this: if you’ve experienced multiple panic attacks, you’ve probably already gone through the worst symptoms. In other words, whatever you’ve experienced in previous panic attacks, it won’t get worse for future panic attacks. Your body is reacting in a set way, and will continue to react in this set way when prompted by panic. This was a big improvement from before when I was just “freaking out” and anything could happen. I now was dealing with a documented disorder that I had some knowledge and understanding about. The only problem was that I was still having them!
Thanks to my plentiful googling of panic attacks, I understood that my “brain was trained for threat detection against saber toothed tigers except now there aren’t any saber toothed tigers but my brain doesn’t know the difference blah blah blah”, but I was still having these fucking panic attacks and they were uncomfortable as hell!! I could recognize that I was just having a panic attack, but the scary scenarios that I was terrified of were still on the table. “I might be just having a panic attack, but what if I panic so much that I throw up, or pass out or (insert other fate worse than death here)?”
Just knowledge wasn’t enough. I was now about 7 or 8 years in, and I was still having panic attacks at the same regularity. I needed a strategy or technique to apply if I was ever going to defeat this thing. At this point, I was also dealing with new opponents in anxiety and depression brought on by some other big life changes. I became a regular in my library’s self help aisle and was always in the middle of some book on mental toughness or stage fright, determined that I was just a couple pages away from solving this bear of a puzzle. As I was learning a multitude of techniques from these books, I realized that in a weird way, my consistency of panic attacks was an advantage to my overcoming them. Rather than being randomly struck by them at different points, I knew that at 7:30 pm that night, I would have a panic attack on stage. This meant that I could plan out a strategy ahead of time, try it out, and then learn and adjust from that strategy for the next time. Further still, I opened up a word document entitled, “Panic attack journal” where I would enter the date, the strategy I had for that night’s concert, and then how it went afterwards. Every so often I would have a performance with no panic what so ever. I would joyfully write that I thought that I had overcome this terrible saga in my life, only to try and apply the same strategy the next night and be met with the same familiar freak out. Looking back on my journal, my favorite entry is a simple one: “03/12/18 Strategy-focus on your left big toe every time you feel like a panic attack is coming on. This proved successful in the last performance. Result- thought that I was going to die the whole time, go fuck yourself.” Nevertheless, I believe viewing my panic attacks as opportunities to grow rather than strictly fearing them was the third step in my overcoming them.
This self help searching naturally brought me to the field of mindfulness and meditation. I had dabbled with meditation before as it’s commonly brought up in the world of orchestra auditions, but had never committed to it fully. I decided to dive in fully and commit to meditating every day. In addition to practicing, I shifted my reading more to books on this subject and found myself very deep in trying to understand the concepts behind meditation, as I found the subject to be applicable not only to this problem, but many other aspects of my life that I wished to improve: performance, happiness, focus, etc. I had a few experiences experimenting with meditation that are extremely interesting that keep me meditating to this day, but as a very impatient person, I was very frustrated with my perceived lack of progress on the panic attack front.
Side note- I did actually find a meditation that I could do before concerts that consistently eliminated panic attacks. I say that this is a side note because I was hesitant in including this meditation here because this isn’t actually how I eventually overcame my panic disorder. This meditation would eliminate my panic attacks for that night, but I would have to do it every day, otherwise the attacks would return. While this meditation would clear up my panic on stage, I ended up feeling very “off” and not myself the rest of the time, which scared me a bit and made it hard to continue practicing this meditation. Looking back, I now understand why I felt so “off” from this meditation, and I do encourage anyone suffering to try it and see if it helps them. If you also feel a bit weird after doing this meditation, I promise that that feeling will go away eventually. The mediation is simple and as follows:

-Sit in an upright but comfortable posture. I would do this at the foot of my bed or a chair.
-Close your eyes and try to settle any obvious tension that you have in your body.
-When ready, deliberately silently think something verbal to yourself. For me, it would be reciting the alphabet. Do this for about 30 seconds or so. Pay attention to “where” in your awareness you are hearing this
-Once you are done reciting the alphabet or your favorite Nickelback song or whatever, keep your attention on that same spot in your awareness where you were hearing it.
-Just wait for another thought to pop up. This is the trickiest part of this meditation. You are going to want to “reach out” and try and think something yourself or make something happen. Just waiting for a thought to come up on it’s own is actually more difficult than in sounds. I often found myself reminding myself to “not reach out” or “let it come to you”. These are of course thoughts themselves, but they did help get me in the right mental spot.
-Eventually, you might notice that a thought comes up, seemingly without your authoring it. It might not even be a clear concise thought, for me it often just felt like mental activity rather than a sentence or something. When you feel a thought come up without your creating it, you are in the right spot. Just sit in that perspective, and watch the mental activity do it’s thing without you having to do anything about it. This might last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. For me, this was often accompanied with some relaxing of muscles, but not always, so don’t expect any relaxation to occur.
-When finished, take a few moments to look around the room and reorient yourself to your surroundings. This is not a required step, but I found it to be nice to ease out of the meditation, rather than just jump off the cushion and back into life.
-I would sometimes use a timer for this, sometimes not. It was less about how long I sat, and more about getting into that state of mind. Sometimes I could find that state within 30 seconds, other times after several minutes, other times I couldn’t find it at all. The key factor in this was my willingness to just sit there and wait for a thought, and not reach out and try and make any thing happen. Feel free to message me your experiences with this if you’d like to talk about it as I won’t cover it any more in this post.

After reading countless books spanning the subjects of eastern meditation, sports psychology, and various western therapy methods, I started to notice a few commonalities, the most obvious one being the idea of acceptance. Particularly emphasized in meditation and ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), in relation to panic attacks, this is the idea of fully embracing and allowing the panic to be there and theoretically, the panic will subside on it’s own. Now if you’ve listened to my ramblings thus far, then you’re probably pretty desperate to get rid of your panic attacks, and thus have probably already heard of this concept of acceptance, and then might be annoyed that you’ve read all this way just to hear the same solution that you’ve heard before.
I say this because that person was me. I had heard so often that accepting my panic was key to me overcoming it, and yet I just couldn’t do it. I would go into a performance thinking “ok, just accept the panic, and then it will go away. That’s all you have to do, just accept that it’s there, and it will go away”. Of course what would happen is I would step on stage, put on my acceptance armor, and when the panic showed up, would freak out that my strategy wasn’t working. Not very accepting was I? This is the stage that I bet a lot of people get stuck on. They read that acceptance is the key to moving past panic, but are still unable to accept in the moment. The bad news is that, I’m not actually entirely sure how I was able to get to the moment of acceptance that I did. It might have been the daily meditation. It might have been just hearing that acceptance was the answer over and over again. It might have just been luck. The good news is that it might only take one true moment of acceptance to get over years of panic, at least that’s what it took for me.
The performance was not unique from any other, I was sat somewhat in the middle, so escape would be somewhat difficult and embarrassing. I had suffered from panic attacks for nearly 10 years now and wasn’t really sure what to do about them. In fact I sort of didn’t care any more. Everything I tried so far failed to get rid of them, but on the bright side maybe I didn’t have to. Interestingly enough, for someone who was terrified to throw up or pass out on stage every performance for 10 years, neither of those things had happened to me yet. I was tired of fighting this whole thing. Somehow during that performance, I truly didn’t care if I had a panic attack or not. I had played enough performances under panic where I knew that I could make it through, so why bother putting the effort into preventing one?
That performance ended up being one of the most bizarre, but transformative experiences of my life. About 5 minutes into the performance, the usual panic symptoms arose. My vision narrowed, my heart beat increased, thoughts of doom and demise flashed through my mind. There was a difference this time though. This time, I took no involvement in any of these symptoms. Even my terror filled thoughts seemed to flash in front of me and then subside without my ever having created nor got rid of them. In fact, I saw the entire cycle of a panic attack come up to it’s fullest most terrifying height, and then subside, all seemingly without trying to adjust or get rid of it. It felt as thought the panic attack was all happening on a movie screen separate from me, rather than happening to me. In that moment, it all felt so impersonal.
The weird thing about this performance was that it didn’t feel like the big victory that it was. I hadn’t applied a long thought out strategy and vanquished my decade long nemesis. I hadn’t done a special meditation before the performance and made myself immune from panic. I didn’t even go into the performance with a plan to “accept it fully” so that I could transcend it. Rather, I just did absolutely nothing about it. And yet since this performance, I haven’t suffered from a single panic attack. This leads me to what I believe to be the most important point in this whole post. So important that I will bold it and underline it. You will stop caring if you have a panic attack, before you stop having them. In other words, any solution that you have against panic is only fueling them. All the solutions that you have tried to your problem, are actually the problems themselves.

3.) Now, I recognize the frustrating paradox that is created here. One might take this advice and try to “allow” the panic to be there as hard as they can, only to be frustrated when this strategy doesn’t work. Again, I don’t know exactly how I was able to overcome this paradox and arrive at a point of true acceptance, but I have some theories:
Change the priority that panic has in your life. In my moment of acceptance and since then, the idea of a panic attack has gone from this big scary thing that needs to be conquered, to at most a somewhat annoying thing that might arise. The idea of a panic attack now feels like it’s at the same level as the idea of an itchy nose. I’d rather not have either of them, but I don’t really spend any energy trying to prevent an itchy nose. While I’d prefer not to have an itchy nose, I don’t actually care all that much if I get an itchy nose. Which is a great segue to repeat my important, bold, underlined point: You will stop caring if you have a panic attack, before you stop having them. Again, lessen the priority that panic attacks have on your life. If you make them the main focus of your life, then they will be the main focus of your life. Changing this relationship with panic might feel impossible right now. It might feel like panic is controlling your life, and the idea of not fighting it tooth and nail might feel like something that you can’t do. I would suggest committing to this acceptance as much as you can for a month and see what happens. Give up the fight for a month. If it doesn’t get any better, than you can go back to fighting and you’ll know that acceptance doesn’t work for you, but I suspect that you’ll be surprised in your ability to care less about your panic attacks.
I also think that my meditation practice helped me strengthen this accepting muscle. There are plenty of resources for meditation available online and on phone apps. I’ll detail what I used below. Meditation is relevant to acceptance in that you will be keeping your attention on an object which will often times be the breath. You will inevitably get distracted by something. You then accept that distraction’s presence and return your attention to the breath. This is a skill that can be improved through repetition and that very is relevant to accepting panic: You notice the signs of panic, accept their presence, and return to something more important.
Finally the last tip on acceptance of panic is to try and have some humor with it. I used to approach my panic as a evil nemesis: weapons in hand, ready for trial by combat. In my moment of acceptance and today, I see it as an annoying neighbor that might show up on a bad sitcom. “O ya there’s panic, look at him go, what an idiot”. I said that I haven’t suffered from a panic attack since my moment of acceptance, but I have had the symptoms come up a couple times since then (maybe 3 or 4 times in 1.5 years, each one less intense than the last). While the symptoms would come up, I didn’t suffer from them as there was no fight to be had. I just saw them come and go as I would that itchy nose or annoying neighbor would, and commented on how silly it looked as it did.
The steps of my recovery that I’ve outlined in this post are as followed. In my experience, each step is necessary in order to get to the next one
1.) Recognition of what’s happening: I’m having a panic attack.
2.) Knowledge of what’s happening: This is what a panic attack entails.
3.) Seeing your panic attack as an opportunity to grow: What happens when I try this?
4.)Applying acceptance: Let it all happen. You’ve got better things to think about.
As I mentioned, I haven’t suffered from a panic attack for over a year, after having them consistently for almost a decade. I’m confident that I wont suffer from one in the future, not because I don’t think one will arise, but because I don’t really care if it does. (although the symptoms of panic really don’t ever arise anymore anyway). I still have some work to do. Years of performing with panic has left a negative feeling associated with performing that I’m still working on, although it’s steadily getting better. I still deal with with symptoms of depression and anxiety, although I feel like what I’ve learned with panic attacks applies with these feelings so I am very hopeful for improvement here.
Lastly, I strangely feel somewhat grateful for having gone through what I did, and I hope you will too. I now feel like I have a sort of vaccination against panic, which is a valuable thing during these uncertain times. I feel like I’m able to handle stressful situations easier than ever before, and there is a huge sense of accomplishment in overcoming something that for so long felt impossible to overcome. If you have any questions about my journey (I hate using that pretentious word in this context, but I can’t think of a better one) please feel free to comment or send me a message and I’ll try to get back to you with as honest of a reply as I can. Thanks for reading this far, or at least skipping until this point. Please know that however long you’ve been dealing with symptoms of panic, a panic free life is not far away. Or maybe I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, but give it a try.

4.) I wanted to include a section on brief tips for in the moment of a panic attack. I want to encourage sufferers to always try and lean towards the route of acceptance as this is the road towards freedom, but also recognize that applying this knowledge is not always possible in the moment, especially for particularly bad panic attacks, so I wanted to include small tips that have helped me in the moment.

-As I mentioned earlier, If you suffer from regular panic attacks, recognize and reinforce the idea that you’ve probably already experienced the worst thing that will happen to you. I never threw up or passed out on stage, but even knowing that, every time a panic attack came up, I thought that maybe this would be the exception. After learning how panic attacks work, you realize that if something hasn’t happened in previous panic attacks, it’s not gonna happen in future ones. A body that is accustomed to routine panic attacks is going to react in routine ways. Usually the worst part of a panic attack is not knowing how bad it will get. Remind yourself that you’ve already experienced the worst of it before and were fine. This reminder is critical in moving towards acceptance.
-Shift your attention, particularly to the 5 senses. This is a common technique, but it’s common because it works. Your panic is no more important than the other things in your awareness, yet you give it all your attention simply because it demands that you do. Simply put your attention on other immediate senses. I found success with senses that aren’t immediately obvious. Can you feel the sensations in the second knuckle of your left ring finger? How about your right nostril? Putting at least some of your attention somewhere else in your immediate awareness takes some of the strength away from your panic and it will eventual shrivel on it’s own.
-Your panicking because you’re not breathing and you’re not breathing because your panicking. Check in with your breath. Chances are it’s shorter than normal. See if you can lengthen it a bit, particularly the out breath. For extra credit, see if you can feel every molecule of air flowing in and out of you for just one breath. I found that exhaling through slightly pursed lips was a good way to lengthen my exhalation as well as make the sensation of breathing easier to follow.
-This one is a little weird and might only apply when you’re by yourself, but give it a try. When panicked, balance on one leg. If that’s too easy, try it in the yoga tree pose. If that’s too easy, then try it in yoga tree pose with your eyes closed. If that’s too easy then go teach a yoga class. I was skeptical about this when I first heard about it, but was pleasantly proved wrong. Your brain only has so much attention it can use at a time. When panicked, we usually put the majority of our attention on the panic and what we’re panicked about. Balance takes a certain amount of attention to achieve and so you’ll find your mind almost magically settling in order to achieve equilibrium on one foot.
-Talk to someone. Anyone. This is easy to do when you’re with a close friend who might know about you’re panic disorder, but harder to do if you’re in a store with a bunch of strangers. You’ll most likely be self conscious, thinking that everyone can see this psycho losing their mind in the sock aisle, but most likely you look completely normal. Like putting your mind on another sensation or balancing, engaging in a conversation will take attention points away from the panic and panic needs attention points to survive. Plus you might make a friend. Probably not but do it anyway.

5.) Here are a few resources that I found myself coming back to and that I still reference today:
Ten percent happier books, apps and podcast- There are a ton of meditation resources out there now but ten percent happier has been my go to. It’s an organization spear headed by Dan Harris, a skeptical journalist who has his own experience with panic attacks and now is a strong proponent for meditation. I first read his book by the same name, then went on to download the company’s meditation app, and am now a regular listener to their podcast. I’ve dabbled with most meditation apps out there, but am drawn to ten percent happier mostly because I find Dan to be the most relatable figure in the field. As a very secular, non spiritual person, I am often turned off by some of the seemingly put on serenity and “foo foo” of other spiritual teachers. Dan’s book is a great gateway into the world of meditation, for someone like me that has no desire to deal with metaphysical claims but just simply wants improve their mind. His app continues in this vein. The app also includes meditations and talks from many different teachers, so your chances of finding someone’s voice whom you relate to are good.
The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris- I find this book to be the best “self help book” that I’ve ever read. It is essentially a break down of the steps in ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), but is done so in a very easy to understand way. It reads as a sort of user manual for handling difficult emotions, and does so in a very relatable voice. This book is mostly geared towards dealing with symptoms of anxiety, which while different than panic, I find the approach to be transferrable. This is one of the only books that I made sure to go out and buy after reading it from the library, as I wanted to keep referencing it later.
Anything by Dr. Claire Weekes- Claire Weekes was an Australian Dr. that wrote several books on the subject of anxiety and panic. As her books were written in the 60s and 70s but read with the same understanding of books of today, she is considered a pioneer in the field. I personally have her book “Hope and help for your nerves”, but I think reading any of her books or listening to any of her talks on youtube are beneficial. She had a remarkable way of simplifying what can so often feel like such a complex problem.
This guy’s post:
I’m not sure why, but I found this reddit post to be very encouraging to me. So much that I bookmarked it and revisited it several times. It’s a well written story of someone overcoming a strong anxiety disorder, more challenging than what I went through. It also inspired me to put what I’ve learned out on the internet, just in case someone might be encouraged as i was.
I don’t know how to end reddit posts.
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    9. JAIL FAUCI: Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate — THIS IS HUGE! We Are Talking Over 100,000 American Lives (117 points, 24 comments)
    10. South Dakota Governor: No New Outbreaks After Trump July 4th Event - Coronavirus Numbers are Down (117 points, 28 comments)
  5. 2218 points, 17 submissions: Cloud9Shopper
    1. Adam Carrolla says COVID restrictions are creating a nation of cowards (311 points, 51 comments)
    2. Tired of being told that we are the selfish ones when the doomers demand that society change to accommodate THEIR fears (290 points, 159 comments)
    3. Why can we not accept that we need to move on with our lives? (176 points, 73 comments)
    4. Tired of hearing “every other country contained this and is back to normal; America can’t get this under control!” (149 points, 109 comments)
    5. A virus that everyone needs to “take seriously” and be afraid of, yet we need to be bribed with sports apparel to get a test. (135 points, 37 comments)
    6. Got refused service for the first time tonight (124 points, 38 comments)
    7. The same people who don’t want this to end so they can have their dream lazy and anti-social lifestyle forever are the same people who say we are selfish for wanting a reopens economy. (119 points, 27 comments)
    8. Does anyone else think masks send harmful messages instead of positive ones? (118 points, 101 comments)
    9. I’m so tired of “stay safe” and “stay healthy” (116 points, 37 comments)
    10. Nothing feels fun anymore (108 points, 45 comments)

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Best Betting Sites » Top International Betting Sites 2020

  1. KTO
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This site is an impressive online location, with impressive video games being worked on by finest programmers, keep up with their image. This website operates ground-based online casinos together with on-line gaming. You can become an associate of the club or online casino site. Consumer's experience is always essentially perfect that the firm gets respect whatsoever. Casino opts to give comfortable and also protected gaming experience to the customer. They declare to be one of the most popular casino in the UK, and also it appears when you come through the reviews of their online gambling establishment.
Bookmaker website sub-structured in London is also signed up on London stock exchange. The foundation was laid by William Hillside in 1934, at the time when Britain didn't support gambling. The leading company workplaces are located in the UK although the company runs all over the world, and about 14,000 people are utilized. This website supplies to bet online and likewise by phone. Greater than one million wagers are refined daily. In addition to the sportsbook, it also provides on-line bingo, gambling establishment, skill video games and so on
Bovada has been adding to an on the internet pc gaming experience because 2011, far better than anyone. Bets are taken down in the cross-functional sportsbook, Face publication, in the casino poker spaces or land gambling enterprises, are after that placed to retreat. Gamers have enjoyment as well as convenience and enjoy pleasing betting experience. Bovada has become a name in gambling web sites using poker, casino, poker and wagering in sporting activities as well as steed racing, and also one can count on. It can be a centralized location for on-line gaming, as it is taking sporting activities bettors near acting along with being secure and also fast. This is a pleasant site.
This on-line betting site is run from Australia, Canada and also the United States. It was released in 2014 as well as is handled by BeOnSports former heads. This website put forward sports betting, games and race betting. The site allured customers via radio advertising campaigns and the internet. It ended up being a repeating sponsor for ESPN radio programs. Live wagering qualities provides the users to put a bet on a video game already in progress. In-play gambling borders essential soccer, tennis, hockey events. Live casino licenses consumers to enjoy preferred table games while they can chat with other users or suppliers during the game via online video streaming.
InterTops is adding to the pc gaming market by giving contentious chances and also outstanding favours. The firm is setting the highest requirements for the pc gaming industry. It is the globe's significant site for wagering and also on the internet gaming. This website is prancing its customer count in over 180 nations. Five hundred million dollars have actually been paid to the successful individuals around the world. This business is a well-reputed and also reliable source for the on the internet video gaming experience. In any location of on the internet pc gaming, InterTops use modern technology which adds to the enjoyment and pleasure. InterTops site is using 23 techniques. It has actually been placed 36,908 among sites because of 1,518,293 month-to-month site visitors.
  1. BETUS
This firm, structured in 1994, is an inconspicuously operated on the internet gaming company offering to bet on online sporting activities, derby and also gaming. Your internet browser can be utilized for on spot video gaming. BetUs runs a mobile programme, Gamers can check out the on the internet gambling establishment on the mobile website as well can give up their sports wagers. It additionally provides real-time betting. This feature is adjourned during damaging moments and also is resumed in a safe environment.
  1. BET9JA
As mentioned by, the second most seen website in Nigeria is Bet9ja. This website uses to bet on prime sport events held in Nigeria. It was inaugurated in 2013. Consumers go to the site for high-rank odds on football and to experience best online wagering solution. It was founded as an offline pc gaming platform versus various other online systems. Bet9ja got a superior action in the first 3 years of operation accompanied by a substantial turnover. The Bet9ja group is constantly enhancing the site by adding up to date as well as interesting features to the website. It earns millions of Naira every year. This website is approved as well as insured under the Lagos State lottery game board. In 2015, Bet9ja was the executive sponsor for Nigeria's Women's Football League.
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Rooted in Malaysia, INFINIWIN is the leading online betting workshop. This rejuvenating brand largely concentrates on texas hold'em and also other table gaming products. INFINIWIN provides a remarkably good value of premium video gaming products. They ensure that the individuals are going to get the noticeably superior wagering experience. This website has a superior team aiding the clients as well as assisting the individuals in various languages.
MAXBET is currently leading the video gaming industry in Central as well as Eastern parts of Europe with a quickly raising energy. This business is at the forefront of Europe's betting industry following its tactical partnership with Italian lotto game monster Lottomatica. Enthusiastic clients are offered numerous fortunate possibilities for winning at gambling establishments, wagering games and vending machine. Events are arranged on a regular as well as month-to-month basis. MAXBET guarantees that consumers rely on them for a risk-free as well as safe and secure gaming domain name.
  1. BETLAND is a well-reputed bookie that runs online and by means of mobile in Nigeria. After its relaunch, it has ended up being even faster and well organized. Odds and also betting lines are used on a series of sporting activities which are just as popular in Nigeria and also other countries as well. Betting supplies on some considerable sporting activities occasions outside Nigeria gives a worldwide personality to the website. Betland aims to provide its services to all groups of bettors neglecting their financial condition.
BETSSON uses tradition for gambling, online casino bingo and also sports wagering. This company has actually stemmed from Sweden. It works through 20+ brand names that give video gaming items. This firm financial resources as well as handles the on-line pc gaming business. BETSSON intends to surmount the pc gaming sector in practical manners, although it is among the topmost in Europe.
Operating given that 1996, PARIMATCH has actually turned into a worldwide video gaming website. They state themselves among the leaders of the video gaming sector and so are always anticipating improving the top quality and automation and also adding to the events daily, stats and evaluation are provided night and day. Users are provided to bank on 20+ sports in above 60 nations along with 200 organizations as well as greater than 600 sporting activities occasions.
This is a European business established in 1999. It was released online in March 2000. Initially, it was rotated to on the internet sporting activities wagering, however it was redesigned with the launch of on-line casino site and also after that the system for playing poker. Different betting options are used on sporting occasions as sports scheduling is the website's main dish.
This gambling firm, based in Malta, has actually revealed exceptional growth given that 1995. With a selection of on-line video gaming options, land-based stores are also established. TIPBET sustains wagering and also odds on all primary sporting activities occasions and likewise holds a terrific range of gambling establishment video games.
  1. RedZoneSports
A fresh bookmaker taken part in sports wagering, specifically in the UK as well as America is named RedZone Sports. The site is highly in cognition with as well as also possessed by the Spotnation bookies. Argyll Amusement AG. Attacking the gaming sector in 2017, this fresh bookie reveals wonderful rate of interest in America's sportsbooks. The website is regulated by The Gaming Commission, a highly suggested global gambling authority, and this assures the user that the cash they are investing is safe and also secured. With a considerable focus on games like United States football, baseball as well as hoops, this internet site consigns helpful odds on several sporting activities. It is possible for the individual to play online or In-play alternatives are likewise available. This website gives the individual an authentic wagering experience by providing large-scale hypothesizing markets.
  1. BetStars Sportsbook
Casino poker celebrity, very acquainted as well as honoured on-line texas hold'em service provider, spin-offs the Betstars website. The website is visited consistently by countless consumers who are intended to seek satisfaction from all the on-line alternatives the website gives. This substantial number of punters seeing the site has actually helped the site being deemed as one of the most rated bookies around the globe.
  1. wager
Malta video gaming authority supervises of synchronizing PWR wager, a just recently added mobile-friendly bookmaker site. This site was presented in 2018. This site exceedingly advertises via its application, however as being an Android app, it is unfeasible for the people utilizing the apple iphone. Among others, this site provides betting on the derby, football as well as additionally sustains E-Sports wagering.
  1. MoPlay Sportsbook
MyMoPlay collaborates with Manchester United along with Watford FC. The business has actually been taken down by IBAS, which forefronts its dependence as a good pc gaming system. Customers can locate a large series of sports to bet on. It also introduced its app for the best online experience in sports wagering.
  1. RoBet Sportsbook
RoBet established foot into the European on-line bookie market in 2019. Government of Curacao oversees the site guaranteeing that it goes along with honest implementation of sporting activities scheduling. The customers can confide in them for leisure ventures.
  1. Jetbull Sportsbook
Jetbull was founded in 2007. This site is secondary to OddsMatrix. Different languages are passed on the internet site. The site has ingrained markets in football, supplying countless chances yet is concentrated constrained to concentrate on US players.
  1. LuckyBet
Luckybet uses open chances for European, Canadian players and likewise gamers from New Zealand. Abundant gaming choices as well as rewards as well as the contemporary website design includes in the impact the site has on gamblers and punters. Many online internet sites attempt to reproduce their articulation.
  1. Redbet
Redbet, a premier online casino brand name intervened in the on theinternet sporting activities reserving industry. This site was produced in 2002 with a mission of producing fun for the individual by attracting them to the website by supplying successful chances. It is a well-reputed website where the gamer's joy is the initial issue.
  1. Fonbet
FonBet was introduced previously in 2002. This site is a Russian bookie site. Russia as well as Eastern Europe birth a substantial number of participants of FonBet. This bookie is certified in Curacao. Therefore the certificate, the site detains, UK as well as UNITED STATES consumers are limited from making use of the on-line bookie.
  1. ComeOn
ComeOn became a brand-new bookie website in 2009. It is a secondary firm of Co-Gaming Limited. Malta Pc gaming Authority administrates the site. To operate in the UK, they are accredited from the UK Gambling Compensation. Markets of Scandinavia are the prime focus of the site.
  1. Marathonbet
Marathonbet was acknowledged in 1997 as a self -reliant bookmakers site. It is run by Panbet Limited, a firm that is in charge of running retail barters in the UK. This bookmaker website is deeply committed towards the UK members although it is well-reputed worldwide
  1. MyBet
It is hosting the tremendous variety of sporting competitions regarding greater than 14,000, this site is a significant on-line bookie and has a superb great deal of customers around the continent. Besides offering various high-grade sportsbook events, it designates the players assurance with the modern technology that is comparable to Europe's safety criteria.
  1. Betbarter
This is the primary and the most relied on the site of India. It is an on the internet showing off occasion betting site. The web site is amazing as well as uses straightforward expression. Individuals can select BetBarter versus their competitor whenever. The bargains made by BetBarter protrude the marketplace. BetBarter likewise inspects the internet sites which provide fast payments and also various other feasible means of withdrawals.
  1. Bodog888
Bodog888 is recognized to be a participant of the world-famous gambling enterprise Bodog and is sometimes acknowledged as Bodog Asia. This site gives a huge range of moral online casino and also texas hold'em wagering. It also involves Oriental bettors by sporting activities reserving. This site has gained the distinction by offering the very best performance as well as illustratory attributes. The website supplies the best aid and also rewards.
  1. BetEast
Arised from Asia in 2016, BetEast asserts to be the most effective expanding wagering brand name. This business offers a substantial range of eSports solutions, casino site and live wagering as well as values subscriptions from worldwide. Its emphasis is to make a dash out there of Europe. The simplicity of the website format hits the customer instantly. The company has a substantial interest in the UK Betting markets. The site offers a comprehensive betting experience with giving a substantial number of on-line port video games.
  1. Bet-at-home
This company arised in 1999 later on releasing its website in March 2000. It soon became a supply firm and was provided at the stock market. This website is a credible sponsor for worldwide game events. It supplies betting odds on prominent gaming occasions. Followed by more than 4 million customers, it has become one of a kind sports scheduling site in Europe. All the info regarding the wagers placed as well as payouts are offered on their site.
  1. Setantabet
This website offers important odds on pc gaming and also horse racing. The website is compatible with mostly all mobile devices. The website has a substantial collection of slot video games and gambling enterprises for the customers. It additionally features a live gambling establishment with single and multiplayer choices. The website likewise aids the individuals through live Chat.
  1. CasinoSahara
It is a little gambling establishment on account of the gathered earnings, yet is taken into consideration a hot area. This internet site is readily available in a range of languages. Live betting games are readily available with different payment methods. Live Conversation is not open 24/7 that is somewhat a drawback to the website.
  1. BetEasy
This bookie website, established in 2014, emerges from Australia giving online betting and sporting activities remedies to the clients. This site is a subsidiary of The Celebrity Team. This website formally funds the Australian Football Organization.

  1. SuperBet
This is a South African bookies website established in 2008. The website captivates clients from around the continent. In addition to offering considerable betting games collection online, this site runs 50 land-based stores in Africa. The arrangement with EFC includes in the compatibility of the website.

  1. CasiniaBet
As opposed to the suitable bookies, Casinia wagered offers fewer choices for online betting as well as video gaming occasions. Still, the considerable contests are offered proper coverage that makes it challenging for the punters to separate between the leading bookies and also CasinoBet sportsbooks.

  1. mercurybet
This is a leading online video gaming website as well as online pc gaming. This website amplifies your exhilaration and gives you with a pleasurable experience with its thrilling wagering system. Customers can challenge themselves and also others with day-to-day and regular promotions.

  1. Jojobet
This site interacts with a large range of video gaming markets. This website supports bitcoins which includes in the variety of individuals around the world. This website has gained significant repute quickly by providing high odds on numerous betting games. It gives its clients with appreciable services.

  1. Bet8
This is a legally run business in Greece and also declares to satisfy also one of the most requiring clients This is website offers you to bet on above 11,000 sports events taking place on a monthly basis. The site likewise offers excellent probabilities with low price margins to its valuable consumers.

  1. Blackbet
This site is greatly giving a greatly favorable experience to its customers. It is dealt with by passionate staff member intending to offer an outstanding service to the punters. More than 20 sports are available for live betting at this reservation website.

  1. WinnerUK
This website is very recommended for scheduling on competition. They supply great recurring offers together with other recognized promos. This is a powerful yet well-assisting platform for on-line betting as well as sportsbooking.

  1. Wager at Home
Bet-at-home is the certified bookie based in Malta and also Austria. Their company went on expanding with the discussion of an on the internet gambling establishment in 2005. They later on developed into a supply partnership and also in 2009 became a part of the Betclic Everest Team. Their management centre is currently at Portomaso Business Tower in Malta as well as is accredited and controlled by the Malta Gambling Payment.

  1. Twinspires
It is just one of the earliest name present in the field of on the internet sporting activities betting, having actually grabbed popularity amongst customers given that its facility right around ten years in the past. Authorized by the UK Gaming Commission, it is just one of the most relied on on-line betting sites available.

  1. One Hash
One Hash is already the market head in wagering all over the world, with a huge variety of clients in many countries. Their wagering deals pre-competition or online wagering is very broad. Additionally, this manager communicates its online gushing TELEVISION terminal, countless pc gaming competitors.

  1. Mr Eco-friendly
On a remarkable assortment of video games, a vast array of wagers are used by bookmakers, which are determined based on chance. By wagering on these unique possibilities, a bettor can get money on rewarding wagers. It is consistently the situation that the very best online wagering sites for sports will be those that use the very best prospective benefits.
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Meet Bill “Krack” Krackomberger  ACTION (2019)  SHOWTIME - YouTube Australian Sports Meeting (1940) Pinnacle Sports Video Review Topbet Review  Sportsbook & Casino

As we mentioned above Android betting apps aren’t allowed on Google Play Store and we don’t expect any changes in this area any time soon. It seems the Australian betting market has finally stabilised. It would have been way better to see all Android betting apps in the Google Play Store. Even though the betting apps we rate and recommend here all have a strong focus on Australian sports and horse racing, complete coverage is on offer of all the major events from all over the world. Your mobile betting apps will provide odds for European soccer games, American football, baseball, basketball, the MMA, tennis, ice hockey and horse ... Looking for the best Australian betting sites and Australian bookmakers to bet online with? is your the most comprehensive guide to online betting Australia betting agencies. Below you can read Australian bookmaker reviews, check out what we think about the best betting apps around and get the lowdown on each brand before you bet. Australian betting apps: The #1 way to place racing bets down under. There are many benefits to using sports betting apps for placing horse racing wagers. Some providers offer unique and exclusive mobile offers, like promotions that only work via the mobile app. Others give mobile players better odds. With so many different apps available for horse racing, we know how hard it can be to find the best ones, so we at BettingTop10 have saved you some time by introducing our top four recommendations.. Bet365; PlayUp;; Unibet Australia; Bet365. Bet365 is one of the biggest online sports betting agencies in the world, so it’s little surprise that their mobile app is up there ...

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Meet Bill “Krack” Krackomberger ACTION (2019) SHOWTIME

Full title reads: "Australian Sports Meeting". Victoria, Australia. VS of large crowd at Victoria Athletic ground watching medium distance race. MS of bookmakers / bookies taking bets on the main ... Professional gambler Luke Brabin reports on the gambling industry, in particular the Australian sports betting industry while making live trades which viewers can follow at no cost - if you see the sh Borrman gives out a FREE PICK in the Australian A-League. A league you only bet on when the world is in a Coronavirus epidemic and there is nothing else.... Follow the Borrman on Twitter: https ... The Video titled “Australian Sports Betting Facts,” has been created for with a big idea, giving a detailed information about Australian betting actions. This Video will be ... Australia sports betting review International sports betting review Sports winning picks for NFL, NCAA and MLB sport betting strategy make money with bets top sports betting system reviews