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[question] is there any way to understand what info betting apps extract from your iphone?

I have a betting app on my jb iphone and i would like to know what info can it extract from my Phone (Mac Address, udid,uuid etc) My whole way if thinking is that i want to spoof These info so that i can have multiple accounts without get banned.
I have An iphone 7, 13.4 ios, checkrain jb!
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Hey I live in Kentucky where sports betting isn’t legal I was wondering if I downloaded a vpn on my iPhone could I use betting apps or websites? If so which apps or websites do you recommend

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What is the best FREE iPhone app to see public betting percentages?

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Is there an app you'd recommend to a brand new beginner GTD user? I use a PC and an iPhone. Also heavy Google user with their email and calendar as well as Google Assistant. Is Keep my best bet? Or something else?

There are so many apps I see recommended that I'm a little overwhelmed. I have ADHD and have ended up with some stuff in Evernote, OneDrive, Keep, Asana, Agenda, Things, Wunderlist, etc. (this was all before learning of GTD).
I realize now that I need one electronic "container" (or maybe one for reference materials and one for actions and project tracking). I feel like I'm THIS CLOSE to having a mental breakthrough in this, but I'm overwhelmed and feel like I just need someone to tell me which to use so I can delete all the others and just commit to one system.
I know internet strangers can't tell me what will be the best fit for me personally with any certainty, but I thought it couldn't hurt to look for some guidance from people who have maybe been there, can look back, and identify what they started with or wish they'd started with and why they would recommend it.
(I also use a paper bullet journal. Paper-based planning works best for my brain, but modern times demand electronic support as well. So, I'm not necessarily looking for an electronic product that will exclusively cover my entire GTD system on its own - more so that I will use concurrently with my bullet journal and paper inbox.
I also realize that maybe you guys can recommend something that I'll get started with, but a year from now I may decide is not entirely suitable and need to switch to something different. I fully accept that possibility. I think I just need something that I can get up and running so I can start making some progress ASAP. I dont mind a steep learning curve if it's worth it.
To use a GTD language, I don't need to COMPLETE this project of setting up GTD for myself ASAP, but I DO need to define the action steps for the project ASAP. My depression, anxiety, and self-confidence just need to feel like I'm doing the next right thing. I need to stop second-guessing myself and just make a decision and commit to it so I can make some progress.I hope that makes some sense.)
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Best iPhone App for sports betting?

Usually I bet through the casino or through the neighborhood bookie, but now that I came into some money and moved I am upgrading to become a small time bookie. I’m looking for an App that can calculate pay outs mostly so I can have the information right away for bettors. Also I am looking to make small wagers on the side for myself. Any advice or recommendations for a good App?
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Best betting app for the iPhone?

I've heard good and bad things about bovada
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Tải App Ku Bet - Ku Casino trên iphone & Android [Link tải KU mới nhất]

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DotaBuff on Chrome for iPhone attempting to download betting app every time I access the site. (U.K.)

Can anybody tell me why when I go onto DotaBuff on my iPhone (via Chrome) it attempts to download a betting app, fails, and opens the app store?
It's a fair bit more intrusive than a simple ad, it's actively trying to install something then kicks me off my browser.
I'm from the U.K. It's really annoying and its been happening for a while now.
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StakeHaul is [Recruiting] [iPhone] & [Android] [testers] for the next version of the top ranked social betting app

Hey everyone,
With StakeHaul, you can socially bet on anything with your friends! For example, our Founder is doing a Movember bet with a buddy on who can grow a better mustache this month.
StakeHaul in its beta version is already ranked the #1 social betting app in the Apple App Store, and we are looking for testers for our Version 2.0. This new version will have a number of improvements, including an in-app payment processor to pay your friends for lost bets and new ways to taunt your friends. [Recruiting]
Please PM us with your email and whether you have iPhone or Android. We should start releasing pieces of our new version over the next couple weeks. Let us know if you have any questions!
Thank you, The StakeHaul Team
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Is there an app to track live cricket betting odds on iPhone?

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With $20M Backing, App Creator Bets Coloring Is Future Of iPhone Gaming For Women

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[iOS iPhone] [Fantastical 2 for iPhone] [$4.99 -> $2.99] [“...if you need a pure replacement for the iPhone's stock calendar-app, Fantastical 2 is your best bet.” - The Verge]

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Feature Request: How iOS 14 should take iPhone multitasking to the next level

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[Hiring] Simple Betting Odds App for iPhone

I would like someone to grab data from a mysql database and display the odds in an iPhone app. Currently I would like to start with baseball odds. I want to create a simple app at first and then add features (& sports) in future iterations.
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2fr6gfeq8q55afc/sM6TAIaPyO - Main Odds- The app will open up to this page and displays the current odds. I want someone to be able to select: Moneyline, Spead & OveUnder (the three lines on top is where a user would select what type of odds to display) Swipe - When a user swipes to the right or left...a display will show up allowing the player to hit the star button to watch the game. Watch - This shows the watched games.
An app to look at would be odds insider to get an idea of what I want to do.
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The Best U.S. Friendly iPhone Sports Betting Apps

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Caution - bet sizing bug on Pokerstars iPhone app

When checking the box to indicate that you'll call an existing bet for x amount, the box remains checked even if the bet is subsequently raised. On the website, the box becomes unchecked if the amount of the bet required to stay in the hand changes. On the app, the box remains checked even if the bet size jumps 10x.
So be careful out there. I haven't reported this through pokerstars support, but will take the time tomorrow to figure out how.
edit - added the word "required", for clarity.
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A story of timing, luck and degeneracy

As a long-time contributor to this sub, I know we love nothing more than discussing our degeneracy. If nothing else, hearing such stories makes you realise there are other people out there who have lived similar experiences to you. Stories of epic failure provide a sense of comfort. Stories of unexpected triumphs provide a feeling of hope.
The following bets - and the circumstances surrounding each - were not necessarily story-worthy. However, there were a number of intricate details which I felt were worth highlighting. Aside from the statistical rollercoaster than one experiences throughout a game (i.e. going from "how can this lose?" to "this bet is over"), there are other factors which can have significant ramifications for one's betting endeavours.
This is where the factor of timing comes into play. How often have you bet on something purely due to the fact that the game was starting shortly? It could either be a straight wager on the game. Or, you might have decided to add the short-priced "lock" to boost your odds. How often has this then come back to bite you? Or conversely, this random event - where your betting urge coincided with the scheduled timing of this event taking place - results in a recuperation of losses from previous games that you "studied" prior to placing your losing wagers?
Without further ado, this is my story. It is but a speck in the ocean that is my entire betting career. But it was a Sunday night full of swings, sweats and... well I won't spoil the ending.
As you read this, I want you to keep the headline in mind. Specifically, the words timing, luck and degeneracy.
It's early on a Sunday evening in Melbourne, Australia. Approximately 6PM to be exact. We are currently under the world's strictest COVID lockdown. We have an 8PM curfew, and I was keen to get in a 1 hour walk before returning home to make dinner. Now typically - as I had already walked my dog several hours earlier - I would not go for another on my own. But for some reason, I just had an urge to get some fresh air. Here is the first element in play: timing. At 6:10PM, an AFL (Australian Football) was scheduled to begin. As I begin my walk, I inevitably flick through my preferred bookmaker's iPhone app and this game catches my eye. Part of me says "don't bet it". The other part of me curb-stomps that voice in my head and says "don't be a pussy". Now on another note, I placed a daily deposit limit of $3000 on my account. To some, that is insanely big. I generally bet $1000 or so, and so this stops me from stupidly chasing the day's losses. Here is where another element peaks it's head: luck. I had deposited $1750 that day. Had I reached my limit, the following events would only have existed in a parallel universe. But as luck would have it, I had $1250 to play with. So I said 'fuck it' and made the deposit. It's about 6:05PM now and I don't have much time. I sift through the markets on offer and decide it's best to play a Same Game Multi (parlaying multiple events from the same game). With not much time left to make a decision, I quickly check the weather forecast in Gold Coast (where this game is taking place) and note that there is meant to be rain in the second half. (Spoiler: there was no rain in the second half). As this sport is played outdoors, this would favour the unders. So I come up with a bet that looks like this:
ODDS: 4.10
A bet of $1250 would pay $5125.

I was ready to place the bet. The problem? The match was only seconds from beginning.
The time stamp on when the bet was accepted:
I made it by 5 measly seconds.

Ok, so game begins rather uneventfully. Now it's worth noting for those who aren't familiar with AFL that you can score by 1's and 6's. It's late in the first quarter and the total is sitting at 22 points. Needing over 23.5, I'm in desperate need of a goal. The whole bet is about to come crashing down without it. With only seconds remaining a player marks the ball from a score-able position. The siren sounds. Now in AFL, if a mark is taken before the siren ("buzzer"), the player may take their kick. As luck would have it, this legend kicks it right through the middle of the goal posts, and the first quarter score ends on 28. We live on!
Second quarter ends, and the combined total is 52 points. Again, we survive the over 48.5 by less than a full goal! (But this one cleared with a handful of minutes left to play, so there was no sweat involved).
I'l wrap up the remainder of the game fairly quickly, as it is rather uneventful. The final score is 47-49, so the total under 125.5 hits easily, the +34.5 and margin 1-39 hit comfortably, and both players rack up well over their required disposals. Fantastic. My account hits $5125.
By this stage, some would be satisfied. I wasn't. I was out for blood.
The smart move would have been to withdraw, say, $4000. Play with the remaining $1125 (house money), and lock in a profit. But what's the fun in that?
I scroll through the upcoming events and see that there is a Chinese Super League (soccer) match starting in a few hours. This isn't the first example of degeneracy in this story, but it's probably the biggest.
So what do I do? Another Same Game Multi of course. And how much do I bet on it? $5125 of course.
The bet:
ODDS: 1.95
A bet of $5125 would pay $9993.75

Here's where the rollercoaster of events begins.
5 minutes in, we have our first corner.
13 minutes in, we have our second.
Corners are looking good.
Fast forward to half time and Beijing are leading 2-0.
Remember, they had already accumulated 2 corners 13 minutes into the match. 32 minutes without a single corner!
The live odds for over 7.5 were now over 3.00, and I was losing hope.
The second half begins and approximately 10 minutes passes without a corner. I'm fucked.
The next 15 minutes feels like God (aka Bob from NBA Daily Discussion) had blessed me. A flurry of corners results in an 8th corner before the 70th minute mark!
What looked like a total sweat, turned into the easiest of victories. Or so I thought...
The final leg: Beijing or draw - who by the way, were 1.50 favourites to win the match - were still up 2-0. One book had the opposing team at 81.00 odds to win from here. But you guys can guess what happened next.
Wuhan goal!
I'm still leading 2-1. My brain: "it's all good man, you still have a 1 goal buffer".
Barely a few minutes later...
Wuhan goal!
It's now 2-2. My brain: "it's cool, you just need a draw, you're still likely to win this".
Including the 6 minutes of added time, I have to sit through approximately 20 excruciating minutes of soccer, with just under $10k on the line.
Luckily, Beijing did 75% of the attacking. Wuhan did have a few minor chances, but nothing that made the heart sink.
The referee blew the full-time whistle, and I slowly unclenched my ass cheeks.
I waited to see my account balance, just to make sure all was kosher. (You know, we've all been there, when we thought we bet on a certain team, but because their names are all Chinese, you actually bet on the wrong Beijing or something like that).
My balance appeared at $9,993.75.
It was time to call it a night.
I reflected on the past 6 or so hours that I had just been through, and the 3 things that kept popping up in my mind again were timing, luck and degeneracy.
Sorry to all the Djokovic and Heat backers. Brutal. Especially Djokovic. I'd say that's a once-in-a-career circumstance, but I think that would be understating how unlikely it is that the best player in the world get's DQ'd because he inadvertently hit a ball into an official's neck out of frustration.
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Ten minutes the worth of Surface Duo observations - West El Paso Best Buy

The west El Paso Best Buy has its Surface Duo demo set up. Here are a few observations after playing it for about ten minutes:
  1. If you have large pockets, it will fit in your pockets. If you do not have large pockets then it will be close. It fits in the standard size pocket of a men's dress shirt without the bumper. It would be a tight fit with the bumper.
  2. It is incredibly thin and light weight. When folded, it is not much thicker than my iPhone 11 and weighs only about 50 grams more for two large screens.
  3. All of the talk about the hinge is not hype. It is genuinely impressive. It is not just the smoothness but also the degree of resistance. This may sound odd but if you have spent two hours in an unpleasant conference call, you don't want a device that snaps shut. It has a comfortable level of resistance that reminds you that it is not an old clamshell phone. My impression is also that the hinge will give the same response in two years.
  4. In terms of overall design, attention to detail reminds me of an Apple product. I am sorry but while Samsung makes great products and Google does great cameras, most of their devices just look like everything else on the market and don't convey any deeper concept of design. This looks and feels premium and like a design that started with a concept that was then taken to completion, not a pile of parts and specs and an order to fit them in one package.
  5. The quality of the display is a match for the Note 10, stressing I am referring to the conventional Note 10 not the Note 10+. It also only takes a quick side by side comparison to be reminded of just how lousy the iPhone 11 LCD screen is in 2020.
  6. If you want a high end camera, look at a flagship phone. The camera is just fine for general use and that is what is intended. It is not supposed to be amazing, just very solid.
  7. The flip side on the camera is that it is probably the best on the market for video conferencing. Again, that is certainly what is intended.
  8. As far as performance goes, people really need to drop all of the arguments about last year's processor. Simply running through the preloaded office apps and a few things like Google Maps, performance is absolutely stellar. Looking at the settings, it is not running some ramped up demo mode that you will find in most display models and performance is superior to my Note 10 by a comfortable margin and simply leaves my iPhone 11 in the dust.
  9. The device was designed for multitasking both with respect to hardware and software optimization. It is fast, efficient, and elegant, and is absolutely intended for running multiple tasks. The closest alternative on the market is probably Samsung’s Note series but two screens are better than one for me. Samsung's Fold series is intended for media consumption whereas this is obviously meant for work.
  10. As I expected, the bezels to which some object are very useful when working with documents. They create clear boundaries and definition which is appreciated (at least by me) for ease of reading. It also lets you pick up the device without having to think of how to pick it up to avoid messing with content along the margins. I have no doubt this is quite intentional.
  11. Flipping it in landscape mode creates, by far, the best typing experience one is going to find on a still pocketable mobile device. It combines a much larger keyboard with Google's superior typing experience.
  12. For those of us who travel, the dual screen arrangement will be exceptionally useful for things like Google Maps, particularly when that rental car lacks Android Auto or CarPlay.
  13. Sorry but I can't comment on the pen response. Ironically, I actually had a Surface Pen in my pocket but forgot I had one with me. My bet is the slim pen is a better compliment but the conventional pen does of the advantage of its own (replaceable) battery.
To conclude, here are just a couple of additional observations. If you are waiting on a version 2, if this is successful, don't bet on seeing a high end camera module in it or wireless charging. They are definitely emphasizing thinness and quality of design in a business device. Neither are going to be prioritized and I doubt there is actually room for either to be included. I can guarantee you they will not sacrifice the design aesthetics for a camera bulge, which would also affect the seamlessness of the folded flip screen design. As for wireless charging, they might be able to fit a coil but I doubt it. Again though, this is obviously not meant to be a flagship phone. It is without a doubt intended to be a new class of business connected device. FWIW, I can see why Google is on board as well since it could open doors they have not been able to open to date.
All in all, I was very impressed with it. Once they get Verizon certification in a few weeks, I will almost certainly be picking one up for field and office testing.
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[Tech] As iPhone sales slump, Apple bets on services from apps to music

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Bookie is a new app for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to bet on real sports games directly from your smartphone. What do you think of this app? Would you be interested in using it? Thanks!

Bookie is a new app for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to bet on real sports games directly from your smartphone. What do you think of this app? Would you be interested in using it? Thanks! submitted by GennyL4336 to androidapps [link] [comments]

Mint Mobile Review after 3 Weeks

Original Post got moved for having a referral link, dropping the text of the review sans referral link here. Hope anyone considering mint mobile finds it helpful.
Most people don’t question a hefty Verizon Wireless bill. The coverage and network quality have been industry bests for years and so the “You Get What You Pay For” mantra kept my family entrenched for 13 years. Verizon recently provided semi-deceptive sales tactics and indifferent customer service prompting an exploration of the options. Not surprisingly cheaper plans abound, so the question is…do other service providers provide ‘good enough’ quality to go along with their too-good-to-be-true price points.
Verizon did eventually make things right, but not until after hours on customer service chats and phone calls getting bounced between numerous Verizon associates. So like a slow rolling boulder loosened from it’s centuries-old resting place, my complacency had given way to a momentum pulling me from the “Can you hear me Now” network.
So where does one start if contemplating a change from the biggest, arguably best and most expensive cellular service? First let’s discuss key industry dynamics.
Second, each company has their own distinct features. The importance of each differs on one’s personal preferences.
Lastly, let’s not forget Cost. After considering features and soliciting friends’ opinions about T-Mobile’s network (which weren’t great by the way), I found a plan that was too inexpensive not to try. Mint Mobile is an MVNO that piggybacks on the T-Mobile network. I’m trying their 3-month trial plan that provides unlimited talk/text and 3GB of 4G/5G data per month for $15/mo. They offer Wifi Calling, options to purchase International Prepaid Credits and had the cheapest plan I found along with many online reviewers calling them a top MVNO.
I don’t want anyone unhappy from something I recommend, so below are pros & cons to review before considering a switch. If you’d like to try it out, you can save $15 off their three month trial, which costs $45 paid in full ($15/mo) for the 3GB data plan before the $15 credit. If you need more data there are other offerings; $60 ($20/mo) for 8GB, $75 for 12GB and $90 ($30/mo) for the Unlimited data plan. I’ve also only been using their network for 3 weeks now, so your results may vary, but since the plans are cheap and you can bring your current phone, there is little financial risk to trying them out as long as you aren’t currently on a contract.





I’m happy with Mint Mobile’s service after 3 weeks. If you live in a big town or city, it may be a really good fit to save money. I wish I would have called their customer service when I initially had setup issues, rather than trying to figure it out myself. You should bring a phone and Mint Mobile doesn’t offer cell phone discounts but does appear to offer payment plans. If you need a new phone and don’t want to break the bank, you can’t go wrong with the Pixel 4a or Pixel 4a 5G coming out soon. And now that I’ve made the switch I don’t anticipate going back and spending more, but we’ll see if there are gotchas waiting in the wings.
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Black MP is stopped seemingly for driving while black, is the driver black enough? does the MP use an android phone? Do blacks commit more crime? Is Racial Profiling the same as car insurance? Detectives over at /r/ukpolitics are on the case

main thread - reveddit mirror

Does Dawn Butler use Android?!

NB. Interesting that in some versions of the video they've cleverly mirrored the footage so it looks like Dawn was the one driving when the car was pulled over....
Or you know, it was filmed through the front facing camera on her phone

On iPhones at least, whilst the image displayed on the screen while recording is mirrored (because that’s how we’re used to seeing ourselves), the actual saved video is not mirrored.
EDIT: looking at her twitter history she uses android. Anyone with an android phone want to confirm if it’s the same as iPhone with mirroring?
Conflicting answers on this Important mystery
Just tested on Open Camera, as well as my phone's default camera app.
Front facing camera displays mirrored image on the screen but records it as normal.

my old android does flip the image unlike an iPhone so it’s possible it depends which manufacturer you have a phone from
Is it all one video? Because I've seen flipped and unflipped versions, someones been flipping something...

Has anyone on android verified the automatically flipped footage yet? Not the case on iPhone.

Android doesn't "flip" videos. Why would anyone even think this?
Only time will tell if the detectives of ukpolitics got to the bottom of this important issue.

Was the driver black enough to be racially profiled

The driver of the car was white. Enough said. She’s a disgrace of a human being, let alone a disgrace of an MP.

The driver was white you nincompoop.

If it turns out the bloke is white what does this say about Dawn Butler?

What about if he's white enough that you couldn't really tell from a glance or from another car?

I'm saying he needs to at least look mixed race to the average person. If he's basically white but has a black nan or something that doesn't count. He needs to look bame.

Yeah. If he's "white enough that you couldn't really tell from a glance or from another car" then she is "blatantly lying".

I'm not disagreeing. If he looks white it's not good enough.

If the average person or say (Police Officer) couldn’t tell if he was black, then it most definitely could not be racial profiling.

To me, that guy looks white

Na, he's blue and gold

Apologopies for the DM link, but he looks pretty white to me

Look at the video. I've got darker skin than that guy.

so your defence of the police is he’s not black enough to call himself a black person.

So it would appear the censored (by Dawn Butler) driver was white? Which doesn't exactly scream racial discrimination...
And apparently the video was flipped, so it looked like she was the driver... Another fire for Kier...

Maybe he is black but racial profiling isn't a problem

Maybe just maybe he drives like an asshole

Can they prove it was racist? Police are allowed in the UK to just pull you over right or do they need a reason? Canny remember if our laws are more strict or relaxed than the states.

Systematic racism doesn't exist in the UK.
-The world according to ukpolitics

It’s just hilarious how many people are suddenly obsessed with the precise skin tone of an anonymous man and how many internet detectives are desperately trying to find ways to prove or suggest that Dawn Butler is lying rather than just wait until the whole thing comes out in the wash.

If I get pulled over by a black police officer can I say the exact same thing as she did? People need to learn to shut their mouths and listen to the officer conducting the stop before assuming anything that's what has pissed me off couldn't give two fucks if she is multi coloured like a rainbow.

Let’s be honest you are pissed off because a black woman is pointing out racism and you don’t believe it exists because you are white and don’t want to believe we have an advantage.
It might turn out to be a bit blown up but it’s very clear in this thread how many people are DESPERATE for Butler to be proven to be lying, and frankly no matter what the video shows those people (you included) will find a way to argue it is nothing and she’s just being sensitive. You are very predictable.

Considering 55% of London is non-white (in 2011). The met would be stopping more people of colour, so no not really.
AS pointing out in the thread this statistic is wrong

Blacks commit more crime

Maybe they pull them over a lot because they are involved in more crime?

That young black men disproportionately commit violent crime is an even bigger concern for most sane people.
Maybe because they are disproportionately poor and poor people commit more crime due to lack of opportunity...
That is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. White working class people in the early 1900s were 10x poorer than the poorest British black youth of today and they didn’t go around stabbing people in the streets.

Maybe there are more crime stats for BAME people because they get pulled over more.
I know at least 3 people who drive around with baseball bats in the car in case of road rage, a lot of people who casually carry drugs, and people who have rope and knives in the car for shibari workshops. If pulled over or stopped and searched, you can bet these people would start balancing out those stats.

How many times more likely are they to commit crime?

thinking black people are more likely to commit crime, like they are subhuman, uncontrollable animals, or some bs like that is racist. You’re racist, racism is a sickness and you need help.

I don't want Stop and Search without a reason to suspect the individual at all. Is that such a crazy concept to people on here?

As 10.6% of the population are responsible for around 60% of the violent crime in London it is logical to stop black people more.

Imagine trying to advocate for black-centred race-based criminal justice in a country whose majority population and majority of criminals are.... white.

"I've been pulled over and I'm white, so police definitely aren't racist".
- Tommy18890

Is Racial Profiling the same as car insurance premiums

That’s exactly what my car insurance company does - it presumes I’ll drive more likely in a certain way, and that more of the people I live near to are criminals
Why do I pay more for car insurance in London than someone on the Isle of Skye?

She should be charged for being mean to a police officer

Dawn Butler should be brought upon a charge. I have seen her video, who does she think she is? Lecturing police officers, whilst venting her bile and contempt for authority. Her behaviour is unbecoming of a Member of Parliament.
Plenty more drama in the thread but I'll leave you with this ray of hope
Censored by Dawn Butler? Censored by the fucking news agencies more like for obvious reasons. Are you really that thick or just acting it to argue in bad faith?
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Betfair Mobile - Sports Betting App for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets Best Betting Apps For Real Money 2019 - Fliptroniks.com The Best USA Sportsbook Apps for iPhone and Android Best Betting Apps For Real Money 2020 - Fliptroniks.com ... Top 5 Best Football App For Betting

However, it’s the online sports betting apps in NJ which are getting the most attention. We evaluated the most popular sports betting apps in the state, so you don’t have to. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what each of these Android / iPhone apps have to offer. Top 10 NJ sports betting apps Apps4Betting is an on-line directory and review site for the best Mobile Betting Apps to use on your Smartphone or tablet. We show you how and where to get the best Mobile Betting Applications for your mobile phone. Choose from Android Betting Apps, Blackberry Betting Apps, iPhone Betting Apps & iPad Betting Apps. These apps make it easy for the iPhone-using punter to download and access all that they need to punt on their preferred sport or race. It highlights that these companies have identified with the needs of punters with an iPhone, and put it into practice by creating one of the best betting apps for iPhone. The five betting apps listed above are the best betting apps available for the iPhone (and iPad & iPod). We extensively test, review, and score all the apps from all the big bookmakers, and theses 5 are the best. We look at value, app performance, markets, customer support, offers & promotions, extras, and a whole raft of other deciding factors The parlay feature is very cool and the separation of live betting vs pre game makes access to live betting much faster than the other apps. The discounted bets are great and the juiced props are also noteworthy. Can’t wait for the power hour! (5-6pm you get reduced odds). Great job, guys.

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Betfair Mobile - Sports Betting App for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets

Bovada Sign Up: https://geni.us/6IQkJV Bovada Bonus Codes: https://geni.us/WTkMp Bovada Written Review: https://geni.us/xRIr3Gg Follow Us On Social: Our Webs... My favorite betting app for real money in 2018 goes to Bovada. They have been my go to for the last 6 years and continue to be my top choice in 2018 and beyond. Category Join the Club :P (Subscribe) Top 5 5- Sofascore 4- Livescore 3- FlashScore 2- Froza Football 1- 365Scores (all apps are available in Google play Store or App store) Pu ena enkr video sak semaine ... Bovada Sign Up: https://geni.us/6IQkJV Bovada Bonus Codes: https://geni.us/WTkMp Bovada Written Review: https://geni.us/xRIr3Gg Follow Us On Social: Our Webs... DDC Video 22 Top apps for sports betting Easiest way to check scores from your phone Best mobile app for placing sports bets in-game These are the things Tom...