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Flatten the Curve. Part 44. Bill Gates Rumored Doomsday Bunkers. Bill Gates Hoarding. Rockefeller Institute & Unethical Human Experiments. Toxic Dust Storms and Covid-19. It's Hidden in Plain Sight. Wake up.

Part 43 is here
Listen up. Do you have a gnawing feeling that something isn't right? A gut instinct? Is your intuition leaving you in a state of vigilance? Is your spidey sense tingling? Do you feel like the truth is hidden in plain sight, but you can't quite see it?
You're not alone.
So what is the truth and why won't they just tell us? They aren't going to tell us the truth because most of us can't handle the truth. They experiment on live subjects in the past, but suddenly they've seen the light? Suddenly they've found morality and embraced truth and ethical behavior?
The Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study was a controlled study of the effects of malaria on the prisoners of Stateville Penitentiary near Joliet, Illinois, beginning in the 1940s. The study was conducted by the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago in conjunction with the United States Army and the State Department. At the Nuremberg trials, Nazi doctors cited the precedent of the malaria experiments as part of their defense. Link Here
Any day that Nazi Doctors use your experiment as a defense for Nazi medical experiments is not a good day.
Let me show you one other part of the puzzle that you need to read. Let me show you that at some point the money, power, or even the scientific research can detach some individuals from reality.
"A number of years ago, we talked about, 'What if there wasn't clean water? What if there wasn't enough food?" she said on the radio show. "Where might we go? What might we do as a family?' So, I think we should leave those preparations to ourselves." The only thing they did not prepare, however, was the vaccine or a treatment for the virus that would cause a pandemic, though she acknowledged how "lucky" she and her family are to be in a position of privilege when it comes to dealing with COVID-19. "What we mostly talk about now in our home every night is how lucky we are," she continued. "We understand our privilege. When we say our grace at night, what we're thankful for around the table, is that we aren't struggling to put a meal on the table as so many families around the world are." Link Here
Yep. Sure thing Melinda. You guys just sit around the dinner table (like us normal plebs) and talk about how lucky you are to have food. Then you went out and stocked up your basement. Maybe they hoarded all the toilet paper because they're so full of crap they can use TP to wipe their mouths with after they speak. And what a minute, isn’t hoarding food bad? And aren't billionaires just hoarding cash? Different rules for different people, and it makes no difference what they say publicly when it's still just the same crap.
August 7, 2019 | Many of the world's elite, including hedge fund managers, sports stars and tech executives (Bill Gates is rumored to have bunkers at all his properties) have chosen to design their own secret shelters to house their families and staff. Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Company, says 2016 sales for their custom high-end underground bunkers grew 700% compared to 2015, while overall sales have grown 300% since the November US presidential election alone. Link Here
So which basements were you stocking Bill? I'm betting you stocked all of them. But that article really made it sound like you personally went grocery shopping, didn't it?
And there's that year again, 2015. The same year as the Bird Man plauge doctor video, coronavirus and bats possible pandemic discovered, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing went mainstream, and the Billy Boy pandemic warnings started with a Ted Talk, then the Doomsday Bunkers elite MKultra wealthy segment jumped by 700%.
That's not a good sign.
It's all connected. All of it. We might not know how. Or who's doing what. Or how bad our current ELE events will become, but we need to at least get an outline of the big picture, before the big picture turns into the Main Event.
As far as I'm concerned, there is no possible way our present unexplained mysteries aren't prognosticators of upcoming calamities.
No. Way. At. All.
Let's throw the spotlight back onto our pandemic. It's all plain and simple when you accept the government's and the medical community's word at Face(book) value. Our leaders tell us to Keep Calm and Carry On. Just take two official narrative pills and wait for the vaccine. It's all good. Honestly. Listen. Trust. Obey.
1913 to 1951: Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at the San Quentin Prison, performed a wide variety of experiments on hundreds of prisoners at San Quentin. Many of the experiments involved testicular implants, where Stanley would take the testicles out of executed prisoners and surgically implant them into living prisoners. In other experiments, he attempted to implant the testicles of rams, goats, and boars into living prisoners. Stanley also performed various eugenics experiments, and forced sterilizations on San Quentin prisoners.[13] Stanley believed that his experiments would rejuvenate old men, control crime (which he believed had biological causes), and prevent the "unfit" from reproducing.
Whelp, at least you could say that Dr. Stanley had the balls to carry out his experiments.
Tuberculosis. Syphilis. Herpes. Influenza. Malaria. The medical society treated us to a rolodex of experiments.
In 1941, at the University of Michigan, virologists Thomas Francis, Jonas Salk and other researchers deliberately infected patients at several Michigan mental institutions with the influenza virus by spraying the virus into their nasal passages.[24] Francis Peyton Rous, based at the Rockefeller Institute and editor of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, wrote the following to Francis regarding the experiments:
It may save you much trouble if you publish your paper... elsewhere than in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. The Journal is under constant scrutiny by the anti-vivisectionists who would not hesitate to play up the fact that you used for your tests human beings of a state institution. That the tests were wholly justified goes without saying.
Wholy justified. Goes without saying. But we would never be so reckless with experiments today, no matter how justified, would we?
NY MAG. March 20
On January 13, less than a week after COVID-19 was identified as the virus behind the outbreak in Wuhan, researchers at Cambridge-based biotech company Moderna proposed a vaccine to fight it. A little over two months later, on Monday morning, a pharmacist in Seattle injected Rebecca Sirull with that vaccine, making her the third person to be injected in a 45-person clinical trial, the first human trial in the country. To rush the vaccine to clinical trial, Moderna skipped animal testing, a somewhat extraordinary measure. Sirull, a healthy 25-year-old editorial coordinator at a research institute, will receive a second injection in a month and have her blood drawn regularly for more than a year. Should the test be successful, the more optimistic estimates suggest that a vaccine could be available in 12 to 18 months. Intelligencer spoke with Sirull about her decision to take part.
Oh. Uhm. OK.
Jill Horowitz stood outside the Quaker Ridge Shopping Center in New Rochelle, N.Y.—an early COVID-19 hotspot—in March, stopping shoppers as they walked into the grocery store. She handed them blue pamphlets soliciting volunteers for a Rockefeller University antibody research study. “I would say, ‘Would you like to help us find a cure?’” says Horowitz, executive director of strategic operations at Rockefeller’s Laboratory of Molecular Immunology. “I didn’t even have to mention coronavirus. This neighborhood was completely subsumed.”
Yessiree ladies and gentlemen, step right up, roll up that sleeve, and get a poke to save all the good folks out there from the pandemic. The one that contaminates surfaces, but now doesn't spread through surfaces. The virus that you don’t need a mask for because a mask will make it worse. The virus you might need a mask for because it wouldn't hurt, but it's not airborne. Put on a darn mask because the virus is airborne. Maybe. But air-conditioning makes COVID-19 worse. So only wear a mask inside. The virus that worsens with pollution, but don't worry about putting on the mask outside. Because if you wear a mask you'll stop the second wave. But there might not be a second wave, it might just be one long continuous wave.
Is anyone else getting the impression that they don't have enough information about the virus to be issuing guidelines yet?
But I'm just being paranoid. I'm sure of it. That was then, and this is now.
Then: In a 1946 to 1948 study in Guatemala, U.S. researchers used prostitutes to infect prison inmates, insane asylum patients, and Guatemalan soldiers with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases in order to test the effectiveness of penicillin in treating the STDs. They later tried infecting people with "direct inoculations made from syphilis bacteria poured into the men's penises and on forearms and faces that were slightly abraded . . . or in a few cases through spinal punctures". Approximately 700 people were infected as part of the study (including orphan children). The study was sponsored by the Public Health Service, the National Institutes of Health, the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the World Health Organization's Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government. The team was led by John Charles Cutler, who later participated in the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. Cutler chose to do the study in Guatemala because he would not have been permitted to do it in the United States. In 2010 when the research was revealed, the U.S. officially apologized to Guatemala for the studies. A lawsuit has been launched against Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Rockefeller Foundation for alleged involvement in the study.
That is so reassuring as we move forward, isn’t it? And don't give me any that was back then we've changed arguments. We haven't changed at all. Proof? Ok. Let's go.
This is a link to an LA Times article that talks about Bill Gates and his AIDS fight in Africa. You go Bill. Get them vaccines out to the people. You're such a good guy! That's what a New Normal article would say. This isn’t a New Normal article. It's scathing in it's judgment. They may not be dying of AIDS, or just living longer with AIDS, but they are dying due to other factors, which should be easily acquirable with the wealth at Bill's disposal to prevent.
But there was one item that caught my eye. It talked about a Paper Mill that was in a country in Africa, that Bill owned a substantial amount of stock in. This company owned paper mills in North America. Those paper mills were environmentally friendly with little emissions. But not the one in the African Country. Nope. Not at all. That one didn't bother with environmentally friendly processes.
The story goes on to discuss how one of Bill's AIDS treatment recipients lived downwind from this plant and how the fumes we're probably killing him. And what were the fumes?
Hydrogen Sulfide. (Read more at Flatten the Curve) - Part 13
Yes seriously. Treating them for AIDS while downwind from Hydrogen Sulfide. I'm not sure about you, but that sounds like a medical experiment to me. Seriously, the guy that wants to stop climate-change by geo-engineering the planet doesn't use his clout to stop the pollution from a paper plant that he owns stock in. OK. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
Yet actually it might. No, seriously, it really might. I've already stated that the virus seems to be activated with environmental toxins. And here we have an ultimate real life laboratory. And what does this real life laboratory research?
Why maybe it researchers Miasma theory? Huh? Yep. Here we go.
The miasma theory is an obsolete medical theory that held that diseases—such as cholera, chlamydia, or the Black Death—were caused by a miasma, a noxious form of "bad air", also known as night air. The theory held that epidemics were caused by miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter.
Rotting organic matter, like at meat plants?
May 7, 2020: www.wired.com | Why Meatpacking Plants Have Become Covid-19 Hot Spots.
June 23, 2020: https://www.bbc.com | Coronavirus: Why have there been so many outbreaks in meat processing plants?
And do you know what else was associated with Miasma Theory? The Bird Man plauge doctor, just like the 2015 "you're all dead" video.
The word miasma comes from ancient Greek and means "pollution". And then we have Covid-19 and pollution.
The idea also gave rise to the name malaria (literally "bad air") through medieval Italian.
Malaria? What? Crazy? Aren't there debunked studies about Malaria drugs working on COVID-19? Nah. Must be fake news. Right? Or fake facts. Or is it fake news reporting fake facts? I'm just so confused.
Does the strangeness end there? Sadly, it doesn't folks. Not at all. Not in this New Normal.
Because Mr. Bill Gates is trying to eradicate tuberculosis.
And, Hydrogen sulfide stimulates Mycobacterium tuberculosis respiration, growth
Back when I looked for information about the pandemic, I noticed something odd, the mortality rate for Covid-19 fluctuated depending on the region. Now I'm not a doctor, but you don’t have to be to read, do you? So I kept looking at the data for similarities. And they were there. Hypoxic or polluted water like lakes or coastlines. Cities with factory polluting emissions. They all led to outbrakes and higher mortality rates.
And then it changed. I saw ourbreak regions with low mortality rates. It didn't make sense, but there had to be a reason. There's always a reason. And as I kept looking at the similarities of low mortality rates something jumped out, a lot of them were still vaccinated for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
But this is crazy talk Greek! You're just looking for dots and finding a way to connect them. It's just a coincidence that Bill Gates is funding AIDS prevention, an article exists that points out a therapy participant is close to a source of hydrogen sulfide emissions from a company that Billy has stock investments in, and that Billy also has a program to eradicate tuberculosis. Stop seeing patterns where they don't exist. You're freaking people out.
Crap. Perhaps you're right. Maybe I am freaking people out. But let me show you something else. It's something that I noticed about a month after this pandemic was shutting us down. And it didn't make any sense to me at the time. Ready?
www.pnas.org | BCG vaccine protection from severe coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19.
BCG? What's that?
www.sciencedaily.com | Preliminary study suggests tuberculosis vaccine may be limiting COVID-19 deaths.
And then the studies started backing it up. Even betteworse, they linked it to Hydrogen Sulfide, endogenous not exogenous, but Hydrogen Sulfide is the same no matter if you breathe it in or produce it biologically.
So, yeah. Let's dig.
Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide stimulates Mycobacterium Tuberculosis respiration, growth, and pathogenesis.
In mammals, H2S elicits a biphasic, concentration-dependent mitochondrial response14, which can be cytotoxic or cytoprotective. For example, at high concentrations H2S reversibly inhibits cytochrome c oxidase (Complex IV)15–17. In contrast, at low concentrations H2S can serve as bioenergetic fuel to stimulate mitochondrial respiration without uncoupling of respiration. Link here
At high concentrations Hydrogen Sulfide can be cytotoxic and reversibly inhibit cytochrome c oxidase. We've followed the White Rabbit and now we're digging. Can't stop now. Won't stop now.
Defects involving genetic mutations altering cytochrome c oxidase (COX) functionality or structure can result in severe, often fatal metabolic disorders.
Disorders involving dysfunctional COX assembly via gene mutations include Leigh syndrome, cardiomyopathy, leukodystrophy, anemia, and sensorineural deafness**.Link here.
Anemia? Like, the Momento movie? Do I have amnesia now and I have to live my life backwards?
Hold on, don't freak out. You don't have amnesia. Self inflicted amnesia induced systemically via behaviorally manipulated echo chambers introduced systemically through social media electronic pathways? Possibly. But this is anemia, and that's another story.
Current management of COVID-19 is based on the premise that respiratory failure is the leading cause of fatalities (Zhou et al., 2020). Nevertheless, mounting evidence points to drastic systemic events taking place that contribute to accelerated COVID-19 pathogenesis. The “cytokine storm” is a notion that is reportedly hailed as the hallmark of the COVID-19 hyper-inflammatory state (Mehta et al., 2020). Consecutive studies linked COVID-19 related hyper-inflammation to systemic events including hypercoagulability, oxidative stress and altered iron metabolism. Mehta et al., 2020, Phua et al., 2020
Hyperinflammatory and altered iron metabolism. Following? Good.
Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) has been regarded as an infective-inflammatory disease, which affects mainly lungs. More recently, a multi-organ involvement has been highlighted, with different pathways of injury. A hemoglobinopathy, hypoxia and cell iron overload might have a possible additional role. Scientific literature has pointed out two potential pathophysiological mechanisms: i) severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV- 2) interaction with hemoglobin molecule, through CD147, CD26 and other receptors located on erythrocyte and/or blood cell precursors; ii) hepcidin-mimetic action of a viral spike protein, inducing ferroportin blockage. Link Here.
Hypoxia? Where have I heard that before?
A dangerous symptom of the coronavirus that can cause a patient to fall unconscious or even die is known as hypoxia — when the body’s tissues do not receive enough oxygen. Dr. Richard Levitan, an emergency doctor working in New York City, wrote for the New York Times at the end of April that he has seen COVID-19 patients with “alarmingly low” oxygen levels, but no shortness of breath. He describes this as “silent hypoxia”. These patients had oxygen saturation levels as low as 50 per cent when normal levels are usually at 94 to 100 per cent at sea level, Levitan explained. These patients had oxygen saturation levels as low as 50 per cent when normal levels are usually at 94 to 100 per cent at sea level, Levitan explained.
Low oxygen levels. Dysregulates immune system. Are your They Live sunglasses on? Are plugged into the Matrix or hacking the Matrix?
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov | Hydrogen sulfide stimulates Mycobacterium tuberculosis respiration + growth.
Tuberculosis (TB) is responsible for millions of deaths each year and several billion people are latently infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Mtb modulates host factors, such as endogenous gaseous signalling molecules, to persist in humans for decades. H2S has diverse biological functions, including modulation of immunity and cellular respiration. However, the role of H2S in TB is unclear. We found that mice deficient in H2S production are more resistant to Mtb infection than WT mice. Upon infection, Mtb increases host H2S, which suppresses central carbon metabolism and increases inflammation. Distribution of H2S-producing enzymes in human TB lungs showed that H2S is produced at the site of infection. These findings identify glycolysis and H2S-producing enzymes as targets for TB host-directed therapies.
Don't Freak Out like LeChic, but I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Dorothy.
Speaking of Kansas, do you remember the dust storm as the tornado blew in and swept Dorthy to Oz?
The “Godzilla” Saharan dust cloud over the US, explained:
Dust clouds originate in the Sahara, the largest desert in the world outside the poles, and the Sahel, just south of the Sahara. Much of the dust originates in the Bodélé Depression in Chad, an ancient dry lake bed at the threshold of the Sahara and the Sahel. There, convective storms in the early summer whip the dry ground and loft particles of silica, iron, and phosphorous as high as 20,000 feet into the sky. Link Here
And then we have this:
Residents wear face masks to protect themselves from the Saharan dust clouds covering Dakar, Senegal. N95 masks and even surgical masks can help protect people from getting sick from the dust. Breathing dust can trigger problems like asthma attacks and worsen conditions like heart disease. But particles from natural sources can pose some unique threats. “Desert soil can also be contaminated with bacteria and fungal spores or with toxic heavy metal,” Achakulwisut said. “For example, in the US Southwest, dust episodes there have been linked to outbreaks of Valley Fever and arsenic poisoning.” Link Here
Contaminated with bacteria. Guaranteed Anaerobic bacteria. And it carries along metallic compounds. Like this:
**A 2001 study in Limnology and Oceanography suggested that the seasonal windfalls of iron-rich Saharan dust become a banquet for red tides, blooms of algae that spill into the ocean like dye, deplete it of oxygen, and release toxins. Dust clouds can also host unwelcome stowaways. Jun 24, 2020 Link Here.
Red tides. Blooms of algae. Or rather perhaps, Cyanobacteria blooms? All in a dust storm. Maybe we should start wearing masks, right? Don't want to breathe in toxic dust, do we?
But Snake Park is no paradise. For decades the residents have lived with the mine, which they say blows clouds of dust into their homes. Now Snake Park, formally known as Doornkop, is in the sub-district with the highest number of Covid-19 infections in Gauteng. Last week, Gauteng Premier David Makhura linked “cluster outbreaks” on mines, and people moving between them and where they live, to the Covid-19 infections in the western part of Soweto. In 2017, the Bench Marks Foundation, a nonprofit that monitors multinational corporations, released the results of a survey of household health in four mine-affected areas in Soweto. Mine tailings contain heavy metals and chemicals and cause various illnesses, including mental health issues and Down’s Syndrome. The report found that more than two thirds of the respondents in Snake Park complained about respiratory problems, including persistent coughs, sinus issues, asthma and tuberculosis. This year, the August dust storms in Snake Park will coincide with the expected peak of Covid-19 infections in Gauteng.
“We can’t breathe well. This mine is very dangerous. It’s toxic,” Phongoma says, adjusting his bright blue mask. Looking at the mine dump, now glistening in the afternoon sun, he adds: “It’s a bomb. It’s a nuclear weapon — and with this Covid-19 thing, it’s going to explode.” Link Here
Stranger and stranger, isn’t it? So strange that I would venture to say, Stranger Things haven't happened. You might want to read Flatten the Curve Part 39, and what I wrote about Turkmenistan and wearing masks for toxic dust. Link Here
So where are we now? Knowwhere or nowhere? Are you a nobody or a knowbody? Is this picture that I'm painting connecting enough dots for everyone? Does anticipating mass riots in protest of the upcoming environmental collapse, and the wars for natural resources along with it, make the centralization of the economy plus the mass surveillance system make more sense? The masks and facial detection AI improvements? Does ID2020, another Billy Boy project make more sense? The upcoming robotic automation of the workforce? The curtailing of civil rights? Heck, what about the Bill Gates endorsement of impossible meats and the sudden push to vegetarianism? Remember the meat plant shutdowns? Rotting organic matter and Hydrogen Sulfide?
Please remember, Hydrogen Sulfide outgassing is pretty consistent across past Extinction Level Events. Does this mean that all hope is lost? Puhlease. Hope flows abundant. We shut Pandora's Box before hope could escape, remember?
Let me leave you with one final thought. Words matter. Look them up. They know what's happening. They know all of this. The words they use hide it in plain sight.
I've written about Bill's fortuitous investment strategy. How he seemed to hit all the right stocks as the pandemic and environmental collapse strikes. It's mostly hidden in shell companies after shell companies, but it has to start somewhere. And it does. He owns Cascade Investment L.L.C. Link Here
Which: Oct. 22, 2014 · A subsidiary of Cascade Investments LLC, which oversees the Gates fortune, is buying thousands of acres of land in north Florida. Link Here
And what does Cascade mean? Let's look?
cascade (n.)
"a fall or flow of water over a cliff, a waterfall," 1640s, from French cascade (17c.), from Italian cascata "waterfall," from cascare "to fall," from Vulgar Latin casicare, frequentative of Latin casum, casus, past participle of cadere "to fall" (from PIE root kad- "to fall"). cascade (n.) a succession of stages or operations or processes or units;
To prepare. To fall. Interesting choice for a name.
Meteor showers occur when the earth bowls through a dense stream of debris left in the wake of a comet, asteroid, or other space-borne object. Depending on where you look, you may encounter fewer meteors, however. Viewers in the Northern Hemisphere will see shooting stars emanate from the shower’s “radiant” point in the southern sky, meaning the best meteors with the longest tails will be most readily visible in the east and west. A much more spectacular meteor shower — among the year’s most prolific — will pepper the skies with a spattering of bright shooting stars and “fireballs” come mid-August. The Perseid meteor shower peaks the night of Tuesday, Aug. 11. Dozens of shooting stars could be visible beneath a clear sky every hour. Perseid meteors zip across the sky at 37 miles per second. Their diaphanous tails can appear white, orange, yellow, pink, turquoise and even violet, lingering in the sky for a few seconds. The rainbow spectrum of colors come from the combustion of magnesium, sodium and iron. Link Here
Pepper the skies with fireballs. Fall from the skies.
Comet 67P's rotten-egg smell comes from hydrogen sulfide, and the horse-stable odor comes from ammonia. These scents are blended with the fainter almond smell of hydrogen cyanide, the vinegarlike odor of sulphur dioxide and the sweet-smelling scent of carbon disulphide, researchers said. Link Here
Hnmm. It definitely sounds like Bill was getting ahead of the curve before we started to Flatten the Curve, by being a good student and getting prepared before the hoarders bought up all the toilet paper for the upcoming SHTF event.
Wouldn't you agree? Are these all coincidence, or should we pay more attention?
They want us to Keep Calm and Carry On. When do people tell you to remain calm? When you start to panic. So do you really think they would tell us the truth and deal with panicking masses? Or do you think they would hide it?
Hide it in plain sight?
Keep your head up and eyes open. Talk soon.
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[Game Preview] Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles(3-2) at Minnesota Vikings (3-2)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) at Minnesota (3-2)
The Eagles will look to take momentum gained from the last two wins into a grueling October 3 game road trip which will start somewhere they had success in the past. The Eagles will make their first trip back to US Bank Stadium since they defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 to give the Eagles their first Lombardi trophy. The Eagles number 1 ranked rush defense will be put to the test this week as they face the 3rd ranked rushing attack in the league led by Dalvin Cook. If they can limit Cook and put the Vikings in long 3rd downs the Eagles DL will need to keep up the pressure on the QB following their 10 sack performance against the New York Jets last week. The Vikings OL made improvement in the off-season to fix the OL woes from previous seasons, but it is still a weak spot on the team. If the Eagles are able to get pressure on Cousins and force him to turn the ball over it could be big in the field position game. Mike Zimmer continues to put out strong defenses in Minnesota and this year is no different. The Vikings defense in ranked in the top 10 in most statistical categories and the Eagles look once again to be without Desean Jackson who miss his 5th game following an explosive debut in week 1. With Desean’s absence look for the Eagles to try to establish the run early with Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders and use a lot of 12 man personnel with Ertz and Goedert. It seems like the Eagles and Vikings having been played on a yearly basis now with Pederson getting the edge over Zimmer 2-1. Zimmer will try to even that up this week in what looks to be a hard fought game. Go Birds!
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Sunday, October 7th, 2018
Eagles 21 - Vikings 23
Kirk Cousins threw for 301 yards and one touchdown, Linval Joseph returned a fumble 64 yards for a score and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Philadelphia Eagles 23-21 Sunday in a rematch of the 2017 season's NFC championship game. It was an ugly game for the Eagles offense as the offensive line again struggled to protect Carson Wentz and get anything going as the defending Super Bowl champions fell to 2-3. The Eagles attempted to rally from a 17-point deficit midway through the third quarter and were in great position to take the lead Eagles following a Roc Thomas dropped a backward pass that was recovered by Nigel Bradham at the Vikings 30 in the fourth quarter. But the Eagles continued to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties and another Wentz sack forcing a 4th and 20 with Doug Pederson electing not to let Jake Elliott try a 58-yarder. The Vikings got the ball back and extended their lead to two scores before the Eagles adding a late Ertz TD before failing to recover and onside kick for the loss.
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Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
10/7/18 Vikings Eagles 23-21
1/21/18 Eagles Vikings 38-7
10/23/16 Eagles Vikings 21-10
12/15/13 Vikings Eagles 48-30
12/28/10 Vikings Eagles 24-14
1/4/09 Eagles Vikings 26-14
10/28/07 Eagles Vikings 23-16
1/16/05 Eagles Vikings 27-14
9/20/04 Eagles Vikings 27-16
11/11/01 Eagles Vikings 48-17
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Vikings Vikings
2019 “Expert” Picks
Week 6 - "Expert" Picks
2019 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Vikings Season Stats
2019 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 105 174 60.3% 1152 10 2 94.3
Cousins 86 126 68.3% 1041 5 2 100.0
Howard 53 248 44.5 4.7 3
Cook 92 542 108.4 5.9 5
Ertz 29 312 62.4 10.8 1
Thielen 20 309 61.8 15.5 4
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 3.0 14
Hunter 5.0 15
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
McLeod 29 16 13 0
Kendricks 39 30 9 0
Name Ints Team Total
Gerry 2 6
Harris 2 4
Johnston 19 908 60 47.8 44.7 11 0 0
Colquitt 19 898 59 47.3 43.1 7 0 0
Elliot 5 5 100.0% 41 14/14
Bailey 8 7 87.5% 50 11/12
Kick Returns
Sanders 8 207 25.9 67 0
Abdullah 2 58 29.0 33 0
Punt Returns
Sproles 9 84 9.3 17 0 3
Beebe 7 46 6.6 15 0 6
League Rankings 2019
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Vikings Stat Vikings Rank
Total Offense 339.2 24th 357.4 18th
Rush Offense 111.8 18th 166.4 3rd
Pass Offense 227.4 21st 191.0 29th
Points Per Game 28.2 7th 122.4 16th
3rd-Down Offense 52.9% 2nd 42.9% 12
4th-Down Offense 33.3% 22nd 66.7% 10th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 68.4% 5th(t) 60% 11th(t)
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Vikings Stat Vikings Rank
Total Defense 334.2 10th 292.4 4th
Rush Defense 63.0 1st 88.2 9th
Pass Defense 271.2 27th 204.2 6th
Points Per Game 22.2 13th 14.6 5th
3rd-Down Defense 37.1% 12th 34.9% 9th
4th-Down Defense 60% 21st(t) 50.0% 14th(t)
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 50% 10th(t) 46.2% 5th(t)
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Vikings Stat Vikings Rank
Turnover Diff. +2 9th(t) 0 15th(t)
Penalty Per Game 7.0 8th(t) 8.8 27th(t)
Penalty Yards Per Game 62.8 16th(t) 85.2 32nd
Vikings Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman, Coordinator of Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer Tom Hunkele and Assistant Athletic Trainer Rob Roche all spent time with the Eagles prior to joining the Vikings.
Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes started alongside Eagles LB Nigel Bradham while at Florida State.
Vikings OC Coach Kevin Stefanski grew up in Philadelphia and got his first NFL experience with an Operations internship in 2005 in the Philadelphia Eagles.
Vikings Consultant Bud Grant played for the Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons from 1951-1952.
Eagles SS Andrew Sendejo played 8 seasons for the Vikings between 2011-2018.
Recap from Last Week’s Games.
Video The Eagles entered the week 4 matchup against the winningless Jets who were once again without starting QB Sam Darnold. 3rd string QB Luke Falk struggled all day against the vaunted Eagles pass rush.After stuggling to get sacks in their first 4 games the Eagles exploded with 10 sacks, 3 of them from DE Brandon Graham which was a career high. The Eagles also forced 3 turnovers on the day 2 of which were taken for touchdowns.The first was an INT by Nate Gerry who had his second interception of the season. The next was by Orlando Scandrick who was playing his first game for the Eagles and came on a corner blitz ripping the ball from Luke Falk and taking it to the house. The Jets offense couldn't get anything going all day with their only score coming in the fourth quarter on a 19-yard run by Vyncint Smith after a muffed punt. e Eagles became the first team in NFL history to record 10 sacks and score two defensive touchdowns in a single game. Wentz added 189 yards and 1 TD to Zach Ertz and Jordan Howard added 62 yards and a TD on the ground.
Video Following a lot of criticism Kirk Cousins got back on track vs the struggling Giants. He threw for 307 yards and 2 TD in a dominating performance.Dalvin Cook added 132 yards on the ground and the defense was dominate bring Daniel Jones back down to earth as the rookie was sacked 4 times and threw an interception while only managing 182 yards and a TD. The win came just a week after the Vikings (3-2) did little in a 16-6 loss to the Chicago Bears and Thielen insisted the team had to stop being one dimensional, relying solely on the run.The Vikings mixed it up with run and pass and came close to a 50/50 split and it paid off for the 28-10 win.
2019 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Vikings
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) WR Adam Thielen
OG Brandon Brooks (Starter) FS Harrison Smith
TE Zach Ertz (Starter) DE Danielle Hunter
SS Malcom Jenkings (1st Alt) OLB Anthony Barr
OT Lane Johnson (1st Alt
Referee: Adrian Hill
Darren Sproles (19,684) moved up to 5th all-time on the all-purpose yards list passing HoF WR Tim Brown (19,682) last week vs the Jets.
Philadelphia and Minnesota are split, 14-14 (.500), in an all-time series that dates back to 1962. The Eagles have won 2 of their last 3 games (.667) against the Vikings, as well as 7 of the last 10 (.700) and 11 of their last 14 (.786) overall.
This will be Philadelphia’s first regular-season game at U.S. Bank Stadium. The last time the Eagles played at the venue, they defeated New England, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII (2/4/18), which marked the first Super Bowl championship in franchise history.
Philadelphia owns the No. 1-ranked rushing defense (63.0). The Eagles also lead that category since 2016 (including playoffs), allowing just 90.6 rushing yards per game in that span. Philadelphia has not allowed 100+ rushing yards in 8 consecutive regular-season contests.
The Eagles rank 7th in the NFL in points per game (28.2), trailing only San Francisco (31.8), Tampa Bay (29.4) and L.A. Rams (29.2) in the NFC. Philadelphia has registered 30+ points in 3 of its first 5 games of the season.
The Eagles have produced the 2nd-best third-down offense (52.9%) in the NFL, behind Houston (53.2%). It marks their best third-down conversion rate through 5 games since the 2017 campaign (53.4%).
Philadelphia is also tied for 5th in the NFL with a 68.4% red zone TD efficiency, which is the team’s highest mark through 5 games since 2010 (75.0%)
Draft Picks
Eagles Vikings
OT Andre Dillard C Garrett Bradbury
RB Miles Sanders TE Irv Smith Jr.
WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside RB Alexander Mattison
WR Shareff Miller G Dru Samia
QB Clayton Thorson(I suck and am a Cowboy Now) LB Camerson Smith
DT Armon Watts
S Marcus Epps
OT Oli Udoh
CB Kris Boyd
WR Dillon Mitchell
WR Olabisi Johnson
LS Austin Cutting
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Vikings
WR Desean Jackson G Josh Kline
DT Malik Jackson Dt Shamar Stephen
DE Vinny Curry QB Sean Mannion
S Andrew Sendejo WR Jordan Taylor
LB Zach Brown LB Greer Martini
DT Hassan Ridgeway DE Karter Schult
QB Josh McCown CB Duke Thomas
S Derron Smith
G Dakota Dozier
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Vikings
QB “Big Dick” Nick Foles S Andrew Senedjo
DE Michael Bennett OL Mike Remmers
DE Chris Long WR Alderick Robinson
S Chris Maragos CB Marcus Sherels
RB Jay Ajayi S George Iloka
RB Josh Adams QB Tervor Siemian
RB Wendell Smallwood Ol Nick Easton
WR Jordan Matthews OL Tom Compton
DT Haloti Ngata DT Sheldon Richardson
RB Latavius Murray
Eagles TE Zach Ertz (30) needs 1 TD to move up to 11th on the Eagles all-time receiving TD list all-time tying WR Jack Ferrante and Brent Celek and he needs two TDs to move up to 10th all-time tying WR Ben Hawkins.
Eagles WR Desean Jackson (34) needs 2 TDs to move into a tie for 7th on the Eagles all-time receiving TD list tying Jeremy Maclin.
Eagles WR Desean Jackson (6271) needs 194 yards to move up to 3rd on the Eagles all-time receiving yard list to moving ahead of Mike Quick.
Eagles RB Darren Sproles needs 31 yards to move up to 5th on the NFL’s all-time all-purpose yards list passing WR Tim Brown.
Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins's (4) needs 1 more Interception for a TD to tie CB Eric Allen (5) for most Interceptions for a TD by an Eagles player.
Pro Football Focus Matchup Charts courtesy of PFF Edge (join.profootballfocus.com/edge/)
WDB Matchups (CAPS = expected shadow coverage)
Matchups to Watch
Vikings Passing Attack vs. Eagles Pass Defense
US Bank Stadium was really good to the Eagles not too long ago as the Vikings were gracious hosts when we brought the Lombardi to its rightful home. It was also the site of Choke Fest 2018, which saw the Vikings lose their Week 17 home contest, allowing the Eagles to make the playoffs instead. This year’s version of The Salt Bowl is an important matchup for both teams in the deep NFC between two talented teams. There aren’t many differences between the teams from last year to this year other than offensive philosophy. Mike Zimmer clearly thinks its 1970 and has the offense he desires for his football team after scapegoating John DeFilippo last year. This is a run first, hope-you-don’t-fall-behind-so-you-have-to-rely-on-Kirk offense that is pretty loaded at the skill positions. I don’t necessarily blame Zim for wanting to run more often than they did under Flip, but to neuter the passing game with Diggs and Thielen is borderline criminal. Regardless, the difference that can help the Vikings win is the same one that helped them win last year – passing. Diggs and Thielen are two highly-skilled, versatile, number 1 receivers that the Eagles aren’t very well equipped to handle. Sure, Rasul Douglas has been the best Eagles corner on the season and could hold his own as well as anyone could against these two while losing reps, but the talent available after him is troublesome. Sidney Jones is likely to get the start opposite Douglas this week; if not, it’s Craig James (bitch) job for the second consecutive week. Orlando Scandrick will likely get the start in the slot after going God Mode against the hapless Jets. Basically, this is a strong matchup that favors the Vikings. Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod are both playing at a high level which helps the Eagles since they didn’t have McLeod for this matchup last year. However, it is hard to hide one side of the field; it’s even more difficult when you face the Vikings top two receivers. Additionally, Dalvin Cook and this Vikings screen game is one of the best in the league. The Eagles defense hasn’t been that good at defending the screen. I know Zimmer thinks passing causes autism like vaccines, but the Vikings would be foolish not to take advantage of this matchup like they did last year.
Vikings Offensive Line vs Eagles Pass Rush
What helps a struggling secondary? Pass rush. The Eagles unit has been very slow to start the season and may not reach the levels it did in 2017. It was encouraging to see the defense put up 10 sacks against a unit they should dominate. The Vikings offensive line is still their most significant weakness and the Eagles defensive line can still murder them. Brian O’Neil and Riley Reiff are a decent tackle tandem and are playing better than they did last year. The interior of the Vikings offensive line has been cheeks on the young season. I think the addition of Garrett Bradbury will help the Vikings over the long term as he adjusts to the NFL. In the short term, his lack of size and power is very evident and damaging, especially in pass protection. Pat Elflein still hasn’t developed into anything decent and their other guard doesn’t matter since he isn’t good. This is an Eagles pass rush that is still good but not elite nor as deep as they once were. The slow emergence of Fletcher Cox has been a welcome addition as he works his way back from offseason foot surgery. Philly needs him to be impactful in a hurry. Brandon Graham is fresh off a career day. Josh Sweat is developing nicely. And Daeshon Hall is making good use of his limited snap. This defensive line need to bring it this week. The Vikings want to run and use play action boot off those looks; control the line of scrimmage and put the Vikings offense off script. Then they need to pressure and sack Kirk Cousins. Kirk is a poor QB under pressure and tends to be generous with the ball under some heat. Pressure and limiting the Vikings rushing attack by winning up front will help force the Vikings into situations they don’t want to be in allowing the Eagles the opportunity to create extra plays for their offense. It always starts up front for the Eagles and this week that need is amplified.
Vikings Pass Defense vs Eagles Passing Offense
The Vikings enter the game with one of the better rush defenses in the NFL. That has been a common occurrence for the Vikings in the Zimmer era. This is a defense that is very good in pass defense but not unbeatable. The problem for the Eagles in this contest, and every subsequent contest without DJax, is the limited deep threats outside. Howie Roseman didn’t do enough this offseason to ensure enough speed at the skill positions. Desean Jackson is still the elite deep threat he has always been but are not close to capable of replacing him. Alshon Jeffery is still the reliable receiver he has been but isn’t a vertical receiver. They’ll need him to play against the Vikings the same way he seems to always moss them. Zach Ertz figures to have a key role in this game after accumulating 18 receptions, 203 yards, and a TD in the last two games against this Vikings team (from Kempski) – they’ll need it again. And Dallas Goedert’s presence in the offense alone puts the Eagles in more efficient looks. One player that could step up and actually do something worthy of the undue praise bestowed upon him would be Nelson Agholor. For a guy that does have talent, he doesn’t do anything. He barely outperforms Mack Hollins, who’d rather play special teams. The Vikings secondary is talented but the CBs are underperforming, at least per PFF; the Vikings have no CBs in the PFF Top 50 (among CBs) in coverage grade. Their safeties are still great, but their CBs haven’t played to their usual talent level lately. There is an opportunity here for the Eagles to get their passing game going to a certain degree but is somewhat limited by their own personnel. I’m not arguing to abandon the run, but passing is slightly more favorable this week. Make their CBs improve. Get Barr and Kendricks isolated in coverage where they really struggle. Profit… as much as possible against this unit.
Vikings Defensive Front vs Eagles Offensive Line
This may be the best strength vs strength matchup in the NFL this week as it is in this game! The Vikings have a very good defensive front with (likely) the best EDGE duo in the NFL. Everson Griffen and Danielle Hunter are a versatile, powerful, athletic, and dominant duo that gives opposing offenses fits on a weekly basis. While Shemar Stephen and Linval Joseph do a great job anchoring the interior, they aren’t dominant rushers though forces against the run. Still, this is a front that can take over games. As I wrote in the Eagles case, this pass rush can help out the secondary and generally does. The Eagles have one of the top offensive lines in the NFL with the personnel fully capable of neutralizing this Vikings front. We’ve seen how this offense can operate when the OL takes over a game (Green Bay) – it can go a long way this week. Additionally, Kendricks and Barr are two guys that can blitz as effectively as any rusher from time to time. Zimmer is creative with his blitz and pressure looks. In a hostile environment, it’ll be important for the OL to have another cohesive performance. It’s always important to win of front and this particular matchup is porn for the trench warfare community.
Special thanks to MikeTysonChicken and abenyishay for their help in creating this Game Preview.
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Part 3.(Reposted and edited.)

I'm reposting this as a 2020 edition of this part to my list because the original was removed and less organized. You'll notice a difference in the format cause I used to type more randomly.
459.(Cereal Company name change.)Kelloggs/Kellogg's
460.(Company name change.)Bosche/Bosch
461.(Chip name change.)Cheetoes/Cheetos
462.(Chip name change.)Doritoes/Doritos
463.(Movie name change.)Dr.Doolittle/Dr.Dolittle
464.(Company Package change.)Visine products now have lower right cut off.
465.(Fictional Character name change.)Brer Rabbit/Br'er Rabbit
466.(Cosmetics name change.)Wet 'N' Wild/Wet N Wild
467.(Perfume Logo change.)Chanel and No.5 have switched places on the bottle.
468.(Band name change.)Motley Crue now has accents above the u.
469.(Can't think of a title.)John Hancock's signature on the DOI went from the bottom right to the top center.
470.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Mighty Mouse now has a darker fur tint, sounds different to some, and now has ties with Superman.
471.(Candy name change.)Raisinettes/Raisinets
472.(Geography change.)Pelican Island in Galveston TX is now bigger, has a bridge, and Texas A&M University moved from it's original position to there.
473.(Famous Actor name change.)Sean William Scott/Seann William Scott
474.(Store name change.)The Macy's apostrophe has changed from a normal apostrophe to a star.
475.(Store name change.)Krogers/Kroger
476.(Real Life Quote change.)"No, I will not yield!"/"No, I won't yield!"(1991 Speech from Bernie Sanders.)
477.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Super Saiyan 1 Goku orange hair, red eyes./Blonde hair, green eyes.
478.(Mayo name change.)Hellman's/Hellmann's
479.(Spelling change.)Ettiquette/Etiquette
480.(Painting change.)Starry Night's moon has gotten bigger, the town has more lights, there's less dark blue, and there used to be more swirls in the painting and less stars
481.(Painting change.)Puberty has changed with the center of lighting and the huge shadow.
482.(Painting change.)Creation Of Adam has changed as well with what God is floating in.
483.(Painting change.)Persistence Of Memory changing as well.
Add-On: Ford logo changed again with the O being open at the top and the R and D are now connected weirdly.
484.(Reversed Reality.)Pepsi logo blue on top, red on bottom/red on top, blue on bottom
485.(Reversed Reality.)Grateful Dead logo blue on left, red on right/red on left, blue on right
486.(Can't think of a title.)Primary colors red, yellow, green/red, blue, green
487.(Candy name change.)Menthos/Mentos
488.(Candy name change.)Reeses/Reese's
489.(Ice Cream name change.)Breyer's/Breyers
490.(Ice Cream Logo change.)The Baskin Robbins logo changed from simply Baskin Robbins to Baskin Robbins with 31 flavors hidden in the initials B and R.
491.(Ice Cream name change.)Soy Delicious/So Delicious
492.(World change.)The sky looks different in terms of the shade of blue it shows.
493.(World change.)Sunsets seem to have become more rare in certain areas and they seem to vary in color now.
494.(World change.)Backyards now get lots of Sun in certain areas where they rarely got Sun at all.
495.(Geography change.)Iceland is now bigger and is more populated.
496.(Geography change.)Area 51 has moved location from where it originally was.
497.(Textbook name change.)Karma Sutra/Kama Sutra
498.(Spelling change.)Surveillence/Surveillance
499.(Spelling change.)CheddeCheddar
500.(Spelling change.)Bananna/Banana
501.(Spelling change.)Preist/Priest
502.(Spelling change.)Armagedon/Armageddon
503.(World change.)Clouds no longer look puffy and fluffy, but more flat and swirly.(I don't know how to word it better.)
504.(Space change.)Mars is now smaller when it used to be about the size of Earth.
505.(Logo change.)The E and D in the FedEx logo are now dipping a little bit lower than the rest of the letters now.
Add-On:The Chevron logo now isn't solid red or blue and certain areas are darker giving it a ribbon like appearance.
506.(Movie Prop change.)The terrorist van in Back To The Future is now a Volkswagen van instead of a Toyota van and may have also changed color.
507.(Car Logo change.)The Toyota logo oval going up and down is now thinner instead of the same length as the oval going left and right.
508.(New or altered scene.)Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz now has a gun.
509.(Music Lyrics change.)"You say tomato, I say tomahto."/"You like tomato, I like tomahto."
510.(Music Lyrics change.)"I began to pray."/"I pretend to pray."
511.(Movie ending change.)Bumble in Rudolph gets all his teeth pulled out now so he can't bite instead of getting one pulled out for a toothache.
512.(Restaurant name change.)McDonalds/McDonald's
Add-On Chevron is now spelled in blue letters instead of red.
513.(Snack name change.)Twinkys/Twinkies
514.(Ice Cream name change.)Haggen Das/Haagen Dasz/Haagen Dazs
515.(New T.V. Show.)The Golden Girls now also has a newer show that comes after it known as The Golden Palace.
516.(Musical Group name change.)Prodigy/The Prodigy
517.(Can't think of a title.)Animals such as buffalo, polar bears, etc are extinct, endangered, or fine in different realities.
518.(History change.)Einstein doesn't help develop the nuclear bomb anymore and now just lets FDR know the Nazis were involved in working on a nuclear bomb.
519.(Music Lyrics change.)"Five golden rings."/"Five gold rings."
520.(Music Album change.)License to Ill/Licensed to Ill
521.(History change.)We have now landed on the moon more than once.
522.(Music Lyrics change.)"Chasing the clouds away."/"Sweeping the clouds away."
523.(Famous Actress name change.)Kate Beckinsdale/Kate Beckinsale
524.(Natural Formation name change.)Marianas Trench/Mariana Trench
525.(History change.)Siegfried and Roy tiger attack of 2003 happened differently in many peoples' reality.
526.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wasting away in Margaritaville."/"Wasted away in Margaritaville."
Add-On: In The Wizard Of Oz, along with Scarecrow's gun, the lion also now has a mallet, butterfly net, and tin man is thrown in the air which is not in all our realities.
527.(Book Title change.)The Diary Of Anne Frank/Anne Frank:The Diary Of A Young Girl
528.(Album Cover Art change.)Frank Ocean's 2012 album Channel Orange now has a blue splatter on it.
529.(Lunch Meat name change.)Budding/Buddig
530.(Grammar change.)You leave only one space between sentences now instead of two.
531.(Geography change.)The Statue Of Liberty is now no longer located on Ellis Island and is now on Liberty Island
532.(Fictional Character name change.)Stay Puff Marshmallow Man/Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Add-On:The Tinman now has a wrench in The Wizard Of Oz.
533.(Famous Actress name change.)Faye Wray/Fay Wray
534.(Car Logo change.)The Nissan logo circle no longer surrounds the line with the word Nissan on it and now only most of it.
535.(Car name change.)Volkswagon/Volkswagen
536.(Famous Actress name change.)Lisa Welchel/Lisa Whelchel
537.(Car Logo change.)The Lexus logo E now has a sharp look to it.
538.(Famous Actor name change.)Mark Hamil/Mark Hamill
539.(Different Dates of death.)John Candy's death at the age of 35 is now him dying at the age of 43.
ArtsyOwl said:"John Candy-I could have sworn he died when he was 35, but now it's stated that he was 43 when he died?"(Look him/her up on Reddit.)
540.(Music Lyrics.)"In the most delightful way."/"In a most delightful way."
LakeRat said:"Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, in THE most delightful way."(Look him/her up on Reddit.)
541.(Different Causes of death.)Jayne Mansfield now dies in a car crash instead of being murdered.
542.(Zodiac Sign change.)Capricorn sign looks like a sea goat instead of a goat in a shell.
543.(Zodiac Glyph change.)Virgo glyph sign is now an angel holding wheat instead of a maiden holding a harp.
544.(Zodiac Sign change.)The Virgo and Scorpio signs combined look like what the Virgo sign used to look like according to some realities.
545.(Spelling change.)Philphrum/Philprum
546.(History change.)The Titanic is now documented to include life vests being given to people who still ended up dying who were unable to be fully rescued as well as tons of dead bodies now documented.
547.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Artie Lange is now alive instead of dying of a suicide induced drug overdose.
548.(Fruit name change.)Pimentos/Pimientos(Both spellings exist, but pimientos is not remembered by many.)
548.(Famous Actor name change.)Claude Raines/Claude Rains
549.(Sign change.)Signs now have the slash go from the upper left to the lower right instead of the upper right to the lower left.
550.(T.V Show name change.)H.R. Puff 'n' Stuff/H.R. Pufnstuf(Numerous other spellings.)
551.(Urban Legend change.)In The Wizard Of Oz, not everybody remembers a bird replacing the "dead munchkin" in the movie, they remember nothing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7YhDQnaGIY (Between 20 and 30 minutes.)
552.(Famous Sports Star name change.)Charles Barkeley/Charles Barkley(Numerous other spellings.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7YhDQnaGIY (At the beginning of the video.)
553.(Hardware Store name change.)Menard's/Menards
554.(Famous Singer name change.)Eddie Rabbit/Eddie Rabbitt
555.(Movie Quote change.)"Release the Kraken."/"Let loose the Kraken."
556.(Movie Quote change.)"Paint me like one of your French girls."/"Draw me like one of your French girls."
557.(Cable Company name change.)Direct TV/DirecTV
558.(Myth.)Bats are not blind and actually some have good sight.
559.(Singer name change.)Pink/P!nk
560.(Beer name change.)Michelobe/Michelob
561.(Cereal Logo change.)Lucky Charms design on box is shown to have changed a lot less than it actually has.
562.(Logo change.)FOX now has a slanted F and is now narrower.
563.(Logo change.)MTV now has a sloppily written TV.
564.(Logo change.)The United Airlines logos look more detailed.
565.(Logo change.)Do any of the VH1 logos look right to you?
566.(Logo change.)The E and T in the BET logo are now connected.
567.(Logo change.)Was pharmacy next to CVS or below it on the store?
568.(Logo change.)KIA logo letters now all have parts that extend to the left.
569.(Logo change.)Does the Yamaha logo look off to you?
570.(Logo change.)New logo on Burger King is slanted and old has a different color scheme.
571.(Logo change.)Eyes of Wendy's girl look off in the old and new logos.
572.(Logo change.)Does the Superman logo look off to you?
573.(Logo change.)Does the Nintendo logo look off to you?
574.(Logo change.)The G and A in the SEGA logo are now connected.
575.(Logo change.)The old ShopRite logo is now more slanted and now there are 5 circles above the cart.
576.(Logo change.)Bravo logo is now Bravo inside a quote bubble.
577.(Car change.)Did the front of all Jeep vehicles look like this?
578.(Logo change.)The font is now different on the Guitar Center logo.
579.(Logo change.)The W has gotten shorter on the left in the Warner Bros. logo.
580.(Logo change.)RCA records logo now has lightning part sticking off of A.
581.(Logo change.)The B in Blimpie.
582.(Logo change.)Stone Brewery logo now has devil holding up glass.
583.(Logo change.)Does the E look off in the Tier in Southern Tier Brewing?
584.(Logo change.)Does the I in Skittles look off or does anything else look off in the Skittles logo to you?
585.(Logo change.)Does the font of Starburst look off?
586.(Candy name change.)Starbursts/Starburst
587.(Descritpion change.)Baphomet now has a crown in images that he shows up in.
588.(Logo change.)The White Castle logo font is now different.
589.(Logo change.)The O in Coffee-Mate now has a swirl.
590.(Coffee name change.)Coffee Mate/Coffee-Mate
591.(Logo change.)The N looks off in the Pilon logo.
592.(Logo change.)Cafe Bustelo now has an upright black triangle in the logo.
593.(Logo change.)The Y looks different in the Yankees logo.
594.(Logo change.)The Chicago Bulls bull looks angrier now.
595.(Logo change.)Always five streaks of each color in the Portland Trailblazers logo?
596.(Logo change.)Bridge looks more oblique and curved in the Golden State Warriors logo.
597.(Logo change.)The star at the bottom of the San Antonio Spurs logo is now bigger and is radiating more.
598.(Logo change.)The Boston Celtics logo now has a different design on the shirt and a stick.
599.(Logo change.)Does the NBA logo look different?
600.(Logo change.)Do you remember an NFL logo with a curved L?
601.(Multiple designs.)Do you remember the Masonic Square And Compass having this many designs?
602.(Logo change.)The Minnesota Timberwolves logo now has a wolf with fangs.
603.(Logo change.)The Sun in the Dole logo is huge now.
604.(Logo change.)Girl in the Sun Maid logo looks different and has a huge bonnet.
605.(Logo change.)Have the boy and dog in the Cracker Jack logo changed to you?
606.(Logo change.) The Universal logo has a planet in it. All that needs to be said.
607.(Logo change.) The Discovery channel logo has a planet in it. All that needs to be said.
608.(Movie Ending change.)There is now a ghost at the end of The Elephant Man.
609.(Flag change.) The Coat Of Arms flag from Spain no longer has a red triangle pointing from the center.
610.(Movie Quote change.) "That's not a knife, this is a knife."/"That's not a knife, that's a knife."
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[Game Preview] Week 5 - Arizona Cardinals (2-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) vs. Arizona Cardinals (2-2)
For the second straight week, the Eagles kept the run game rolling, averaging 204 yards on the ground over the past two weeks. Also for the second straight week, the Eagles may be without star Defensive Tackle Fletcher Cox. In his absence, Beau Allen has played well, but the Eagles will have to get to the Quarterback, and often, if they want to survive Arizona's dangerous deep game. The Eagles' outside Cornerbacks have been playing lots of off-coverage lately, in order to stymie the deep ball, but going deep is what the Cards do well, and it will be a tough matchup for the Eagles' young starting Corners. The Cardinals defense features versatile pieces that can cover a lot of different looks and slow rushing attacks, currently 6th-best in yds/att allowed. The Cardinals won in OT against the 49ers last week, a game that featured no Touchdowns in regulation. Make no mistake, though: the Cards have an extremely potent passing attack (2nd in passing yds/gm) to offset their cellar-dwelling run game, which averages 57 yds/gm.
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to join us on Slack during the game!
Click here to register for Slack.
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Sunday, October 8th, 2017
Game Time Game Location
1:00 PM - Eastern Lincoln Financial Field
12:00 PM - Central 1020 Pattison Ave
11:00 AM - Mountain Philadelphia, PA 19148
10:00 AM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open Air
Surface: Grass
Temperature: 73°F
Feels Like: 73°F
Forecast: Overcast. Light rain starting in the afternoon.
Chance of Precipitation: 8%
Cloud Coverage: 100%
Wind: S 9 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Philadelphia by -6.5
OveUnder: 45
Record VS. Spread: Philadelphia 2-2, Arizona 0-4
Where to Watch on TV
FOX will broadcast Sunday’s game to a regional audience. Chris Myers will handle the play-by-play duties and Daryl Johnston will provide analysis. Laura Okmin will report from the sidelines.
TV Map - Week 5 TV Coverage Map
Internet Streams
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability
Radio.com 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (41st season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Cardinals Radio
Cardinals Radio Network Dave Pasch (play-by-play), Ron Wolfley (color analyst), Paul Calvisi (sidelines).
National Radio
Westwood One will carry the game nationally with Kevin Lee (play-by-play) and Ross Tucker (analyst) on the call.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Cardinals Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 146 (Internet 825) SIRI 157 (Internet 800)
XM Radio XM 227 (Internet 825) XM (Internet 800)
Sirius XM Radio SXM 227 (Internet 825) SXM 381 (Internet 800)
Eagles Social Media Cardinals Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: SnapAZCards
NFC East Standings
Eagles 3-1 0.75 1-0 2-1 2-0 2-0 103 92 11 W2
Cowboys 2-2 0.50 1-1 1-1 1-0 2-1 94 97 -3 L1
Redskins 2-2 0.50 1-1 1-1 0-1 1-1 91 89 2 L1
Giants 0-4 0 0-1 0-3 0-2 0-4 60 95 -35 L4
Series Information
The Arizona Cardinals lead the Philadelphia Eagles (59-56-5)
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
November 10th, 1935 at Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL. Chicago Cardinals 12 - Philadelphia Eagles 3
Points Leader
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Arizona Cardinals (2559-2359)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: This will be Pederson's first game vs. the Cardinals
Bruce Airens: 2-1 vs. the Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
This will be the first game Pederson and Airens face off
Quarterback Record
Carson Wentz: This will be Wentz's first game vs. the Cardinals
Carson Palmer: Against Eagles: 2-1
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Carson Wentz vs Carson Palmer: This will be the first game Wentz and Palmer face off
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Series Tied: 2-2
Record @ University of Phoenix Stadium: Cardinals lead series 3-0
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 7 - Cardinals No. 22
Eagles: 3-1
Cardinals: 2-2
Last Meeting and Last Meeting at Site
Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015
Eagles 17 - Cardinals 40
David Johnson ran for 187 yards and three touchdowns, Carson Palmer threw a TD pass and the Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles 40-17 on Sunday night to clinch the NFC West title.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
11/4/2001 Eagles Cardinals 21-7
11/17/2002 Eagles Cardinals 38-14
12/24/2005 Cardinals Eagles 27-21
11/27/2008 Eagles Cardinals 48-20
1/18/2009 Cardinals Eagles 32-25
11/13/2011 Cardinals Eagles 21-17
9/23/2012 Cardinals Eagles 27-6
12/1/2013 Eagles Cardinals 24-21
10/26/2014 Cardinals Eagles 24-20
12/20/2015 Cardinals Eagles 40-17
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Cardinals Cardinals
2017 Weekly Matchup
Week 5 - Iron Rank Matchup
Week 5 - "Expert" Picks
Week 5 - Sporting Charts Matchup
2017 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Cardinals Season Stats
2017 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 89 147 60.5% 1058 6 2 90.5
Palmer 108 183 59% 1282 5 5 78.2
Blount 42 249 49.8 5.9 1
Johnson 36 93 31.0 2.6 0
Ertz 25 326 81.5 12.5 1
Fitzgerald 26 276 69.0 10.6 2
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 2.5 12.0
Jones 4.0 9.0
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Mills 27 21 6 0
Brown 39 32 7 0
Name Ints Team Total
Mills/Robinson/Douglas 1 3
Bethel/Bethea/Mathieu 1 3
D. Jones 14 616 58 43.4 40.1 4 2 0
Lee 21 980 60 46.7 39.3 5 0 0
Elliot 10 8 80% 61 7/7
Dawson 12 9 75% 50 5/5
Kick Returns
Smallwood 4 93 23.3 28 0
Williams 6 121 20.2 23 0
Punt Returns
Barner 3 15 5.0 13 0 0
Williams 6 17 2.8 7 0 9
League Rankings 2017
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Cardinals Stat Cardinals Rank
Total Offense 392.5 3rd 349.2 11th
Rush Offense 143.0 T-3rd 57.0 32nd
Pass Offense 249.5 11th 292.2 2nd
Points Per Game 25.8 7th 18.5 22nd
3rd-Down Offense 51% 2nd 39 % 15th
4th-Down Offense 75% T-5th 33% T-17th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 55.81%% 15th 60% 10th
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Cardinals Stat Cardinals Rank
Total Defense 355.8 24th 302.8 7th
Rush Defense 70.8 2nd 88.0 10th
Pass Defense 285.0 29th 214.8 12th
Points Per Game 23 T-21st 22.8 20th
3rd-Down Defense 37% T-8th 37% T-8th
4th-Down Defense 0.0% T-1st 50% T-18th
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 41.67%% 5th 63.64% 26th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Cardinals Stat Cardinals Rank
Turnover Diff. +2 T-8th -3 T-25th
Penalty Per Game 7.5 T-20th 7.0 T-14th
Penalty Yards Per Game 66.8 T-24th 56.5 11th
Recap from Last Week’s Games.
Eagles - Video – Carson Wentz passed for 242 yards, LeGarrette Blount rushed for 136 and the Philadelphia Eagles extended their promising start to the season with a 26-24 victory over the winless Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. Rookie Jake Elliott kicked four field goals for the Eagles (3-1), who had thousands of roaring fans in the Chargers' temporary stadium while they hung on to win on the road for the second time in 10 tries. Playing without several injured defensive regulars, the Eagles matched last year's 3-1 start even though they blew most of an early 13-point lead. Rookie Austin Ekeler rushed for a score and Hunter Henry made a one-handed TD catch during the Chargers' fourth-quarter surge.
Cardinals - Video - Carson Palmer threw 19 yards to Larry Fitzgerald with 32 seconds left in overtime for the game's only touchdown and the Arizona Cardinals escaped with an 18-15 victory over the winless San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Robbie Gould kicked his fifth field goal, a 23-yarder with 2:24 left in overtime to put the 49ers ahead 15-12 in overtime. The scoring had been limited to nine field goals on an ugly afternoon in the desert before Palmer directed a seven-play, 75-yard drive with 1:52 to play. Fitzgerald, who had three catches for 13 yards before the winning grab, rose to catch the ball under tight coverage by Rashard Robinson, with 0:38 left on the clock. Phil Dawson kicked four field goals for the Cardinals (2-2), whose two victories both have come in overtime.
Cardinals LB and 2017 first round pick Haason Reddick is from the Philadelphia suburb of Camden and played college at Temple University.| Cardinals HC Bruce Arians got his first HC job at Temple University in Philadelphia.| Cardinals TE Ifeanyi Momah was originally signed by the Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2013.| Cardinals C A.Q. Shipley spent the 2010 season on the Eagles’ practice squad. Shipley also played collegiately at Penn State University.| Eagles special teams coordinator Dave Fipp was a walk-on safety at the University of Arizona from 1994-97. Fipp also served as a Wildcats graduate assistant in 2000.| Eagles QB Nick Foles played at the University of Arizona from 2008-11 and finished his collegiate career as the school’s all-time leader in completions, passing yards and passing TDs.|
2016 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Cardinals
OT Jason Peters (Starter) WR Larry Fitzgerald (Starter)
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) RB David Johnson (Starter)
DE Brandon Graham (1st Alt) CB Patrick Peterson (Starter)
FS Rodney McLeod (1st Alt) G Mike Iupati (2nd Alt)
PR Darren Sproles (1st Alt) DT Calais Campbell (2nd Alt)
C Jason Kelce (2nd Alt) OLB Chandler Jones (2nd Alt)
ST Chris Maragos (2nd Alt) CB Marcus Cooper (2nd Alt)
ST Justin Bethel (1st Alt)
Referee: John Hussey
The Eagles own a 55-59-5 (.483) all-time record against the Cardinals, dating back to 1935. Philadelphia is aiming for its first win vs. Arizona since 12/1/13 at Lincoln Financial Field.
Philadelphia has registered 20+ points in 8 consecutive games dating back to Week 14 in 2016, marking the longest active streak in the NFL. The Eagles are tied for the 3rdmost 20+ point games (17) in the NFL since 2016, trailing only Atlanta (18) and New England (18).
Philadelphia ranks 1st in the NFL in average time of possession (35:29).
The Eagles lead the NFL in 10+ yard plays (69).
Philadelphia ranks 3rd in the NFL in first downs per game (24), behind New England (24.8).
Philadelphia owns the 2nd-best third-down conversion rate (50.8%) in the NFL, behind Carolina (51.9%).
The Eagles are tied for 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards per game (143.0), behind Kansas City (163.5) and Jacksonville (148.8). Philadelphia’s 572 rushing yards are the club’s most through 4 games since 2013 (793 yards). The Eagles have rushed for 190+ yards in 2 straight games for just the third time since 1995, last doing so from 10/16/11-10/30/11.
The Eagles rank 2nd in the NFL in rushing defense (70.8), behind Denver (50.8).
Philadelphia ranks 5th in the NFL in opponent red zone TD efficiency (41.7%).
Draft Picks
Eagles Cardinals
DE Derek Barnett LB Haason Reddick
CB Sidney Jones S Budda Baker
CB Rasul Douglas WR Chad Williams
WR Mack Hollins G Dorian Johnson
RB Donnel Pumphrey OT Will Holden
WR Shelton Gibson RB T.J. Logan
LB Nathan Gerry S Johnathan Ford
DT Elijah Qualls
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Cardinals
WR Torrey Smith S Antoine Bethea
WR Alshon Jeffery K Phil Dawson
DE Chris Long LB Jarvis Jones
DT Timmy Jernigan QB Blaine Gabbert
RB LaGarrette Blount LB Karlos Dansby
CB Patrick Robinson
G Chance Warmack
QB Nick Foles
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Cardinals
CB Nolan Carroll DE Calais Campbell
DE Connor Barwin TE Darren Fells
DT Bennie Logan S Tony Jefferson
QB Chase Daniel LB Kevin Minter
CB Leodis McKelvin OLB Alex Okafor
WR Dorial Green-Beckham S D.J. Swearinger
DE Marcus Smith
RB Ryan Mathews
QB Carson Wentz (4840 - 14th) can make a move up to 13th place on the Eagles' All-Time Passing Yards list with 106 more passing yards moving ahead of Rodney Pete.
TE Brent Celek (4,879) needs 121 more yards to reach 5000 career receiving yards.
TE Brent Celek (386) needs 14 more receptions to reach 400 career receptions.
DE Brandon Graham (31.5 - 14th) can move up to 12th with .5 more sacks moving past a tie with Connor Barwin, Mike Mamula and Jaqua Parker. Graham can also move up to a tie for 12th all-time with 1 sacks and 11th all-time with 1.5 sacks.
DE Fletcher Cox (30.5 - 17th) needs 1.5 Sacks move into a tie for 13th all-time on the Eagles sack list with Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin, Mike Mamula and Jaqua Parker. 2 sacks more sacks would give him the most sacks all-time by an interior linemen passing Cory Simon.
S Malcolm Jenkins's (4) needs 1 more Interception for a TD to tie CB Eric Allen (5) for most Interceptions for a TD by an Eagles player. Jenkins is the only Eagles player to have a pick 6 in 3 straight seasons
WR Larry Fitzgerald (14665 8th all-time) needs 67 more yards for to pass WR Steve Smith 7th on the all-time NFL receiving list.
DE Chandler Jones (15.0 20th) can more up to a tie for 18th on the Cardinals all-time sack list 1.5 sacks tying Micheal Blankston.
K Phil Dawson (1730 12th) needs 7 more points to move up to 11th on the all-time scoring list passing K Norm Johnson.
Pro Football Focus Matchup Charts Courtesy of PFF Edge

WDB Matchups (CAPS = Shadow Coverage)

Eagles WRs vs. Chargers DBs
Tm Rec/DB Pos H Wt Sp Rt L% S% R% %TaRt Cat% YPRR Gr
PHI ALSHON JEFFERY LWR 75 218 4.48 162 52 15 33 22 53 1.72 70
ARZ PATRICK PETERSON RCB 73 203 4.31 166 49 11 40 12 54 0.79 76.4
PHI Nelson Agholor Slot 72 198 4.42 128 8 86 6 12 57 0.79 77.2
ARZ Tyrann Mathieu Slot 69 186 4.5 134 7 88 5 22 68 1.83 37.9
PHI Torrey Smith RWR 72 205 4.41 150 28 26 46 13 46 0.77 41.2
ARZ Justin Bethel LCB 72 200 151 36 13 51 24 56 1.86 45.1
Cardinals WRs vs. Eagles DBs
Tm Rec/DB Pos H Wt Sp Rt L% Slot% R% %TaRt Cat% YPRR Gr
ARZ Larry Fitzgerald Slot 75 218 4.48 219 14 67 19 21 70 1.46 79
PHI Patrick Robinson Slot 71 191 4.46 134 16 84 0 16 58 1.29 88.7
ARZ John Brown RWR 71 179 4.34 96 17 49 34 18 52 1.21 76.4
PHI Jalen Mills LCB 72 191 4.61 175 66 2 32 24 62 1.91 43.4
ARZ Jaron Brown LWR 74 205 190 44 21 36 18 47 1.32 76.3
PHI Rasul Douglas RCB 74 209 4.59 118 8 5 86 19 68 1.88 70.6

TE Matchups

Tm Receiver H Wt Rt Bl% Inl% Slot% W% %TaRt Cat% YPRR Gr Adv
ARZ Jermaine Gresham 77 260 602 21 85 13 1 16 64 1.01 39.9 -9
PHI Malcolm Jenkins (S) 72 204 386 10 58 0.65 61.8
PHI Zach Ertz 77 250 732 7 42 47 11 20 77 1.78 83.7 -4
ARZ Tyvon Branch (CB) 72 210 206 11 45 0.59 88

OL/DL Matchups

Tm Press% SackCon% YBCo Runs < 5 yd ln/gm Runs < 5 yd ln TD% Pass Adv Run Adv
ARZ (OL) 7.4 14 2.05 0.5 50 -36 -12
PHI (DL) 6 19 1.46 0.5 50
PHI (OL) 3.6 21 2.55 2.3 22 34 18
ARZ (DL) 6.1 14 1.53 0.5 50
Matchups to Watch
Larry Fitzgerald vs. Everyone
It’s no secret that Larry Fitzgerald has burned the Eagles in the past. In 8 games (including the playoffs) Fitz has burned the Eagles for 50 catches, 845 yards and a staggering 11 touchdowns. Even at 34 years old through four games he’s on pace for another 1,000 yard season. The Eagles secondary, who already need to cover speedsters Jaron Brown and J.J. Nelson will need to figure out a way to contain Larry Fitzgerald – especially in the red zone where he’s feasted on the Eagles throughout his career.
Eagles DL vs. Cardinals OL
The Cardinals offensive line is in shambles. Carson Palmer has been sacked a league-leading 17 times and are without 2, possibly 3 starters on the offensive line. The Eagles defensive line has been extremely efficient at getting to the quarterback. Specifically keep an eye on RT Jered Veldheer who was abused by Cowboys Demarcus Lawrence for 3 sacks last week. It won’t get any easier for him against Brandon Graham. If the Eagles can get consistent pressure on Carson Palmer early it could minimize Arizona’s biggest strength on offense – the deep passes to speedy receivers.
Zach Ertz vs. Tyrann Mathieu
The Zach Ertz breakout season appears to finally have arrived. Ertz is on record-setting pace through four games and has shown no signs of slowing down. That being said the Cardinals have been one of the strongest teams against tight ends this season thanks in no small part to the honey badger. Opposing tight ends have averaged ~3 catches for 36 yards against the Cardinals this season with 0 touchdowns. With Patrick Peterson likely holding down Alshon Jeffery all game it’ll be integral for Ertz to get something going lining up mostly against Mathieu.
Special thanks to rsubs33 and biggulpshuh_alright for their help in creating this Game Preview.
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