2019 in Fabrics

As most of you are well aware, we’re hyper material focused here at Outlier, so like we did last year, I figured a good way to reflect on the year is to review the fabrics we used. So without further fanfare, in alphabetical order:

3-Ply Merino
Not much to say here, it makes a great cap, but it functions as an add on item. We’re happy to sell them and wear them ourselves but in someways the main reason we make them is for use in photo shoots.

60/30 Cloth
Pretty much it for this stuff, had a fantastic run and we’ll probably squeeze another run of Chinos out of what’s left around. Ultimately this one is dead by success, there are lots of stretch cotton chino fabrics out there now. With it’s snap, structure and micronylon this stuff is one of the best if not the pinnacle. If the puck wasn’t moving away from chinos it’d make sense to keep this stuff going as best in class, but since things are moving in other directions it doesn’t leave enough sales volume to keep this one going.

Albini Merino Broadcloth
This stuff is fantastic and we’re going to keep pushing it as far as we can. There are some deep level supply chain changes that might change it slightly but we’re pretty hopeful it can keep moving at full speed and if things go well get to a core, always in full stock, product level.

Cottonweight Merino
The new T-shirt cut really shined in this stuff, more to come!

Daydream Wool
This one is in the phase out, good stuff but I don’t see us doing much more with it in the near future.

This one had quite a year, launched in January, got renamed and came back in the Fall and overall has done quite nicely. We did quite a lot of “form finding” with this stuff this year while we have some early impressions we need to dig deeper and figure out what works and doesn’t but barring any surprises it should be back and running next fall.

Doubledyneema Alien Skin
This stuff is a rare gem, we’re sitting on the only black/dark versions of this stuff that exists and will use it, but slowly and deliberately.

Doublefine Merino
Down to the scraps but the scraps make great balaclavas!

Dreamweight & Dreamweight 95
The original stuff is gone (except scraps) and the 95 weight stuff was great but just a little bit more transparent and low UPF than we wanted. We’ve got a new mill trial of a 110 weight version that is absolutely fantastic, with experimental raw cut longsleeves coming in as early as tomorrow. This stuff has been through a long and rocky development cycle so we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves but if we can get this quality going at production scale then it’s back to the races.

Absolutely love this stuff, but we’re also starting to see it plateau a little bit. It’s the best damn cotton duck around but it costs a pretty penny compared to more commodity grade versions so it’s a bit niche. There is plenty more to come with it, but it’s a bit unclear just how far it can grow, but we should find out more this year.

Dystrong Twill
Still a little bit of this rare and unreproducible stuff around, we’ll keep doing something interesting with it until it’s gone.

Ecstatic Raincloth
This one only dropped a few weeks ago so it’s early but so far it’s pretty damn nice. The tricky stuff with this is all the larger context. The air-permeable membrane space has popped open over this year. Polartec had a monopoly that’s gone, and they also have a new owner that makes their supply chain situation different. North Face has the Futurelight out now and the membrane suppliers are now selling similar stuff to the laminators so there will be more. Add in the tariff situation and it’s messy. We’ll mostly be sitting 2020 out on this stuff to see how things shake out, but hopefully we’ll be back in this zone at some point.

We got to a really interesting place with this stuff late in this fall as we got a lot more clarity as to wear this stuff really shines. Which is less as a midlayer (too bulky) and more as a jacket. That makes for quite a different dynamic with the product which we hope to explore a lot more. That plus it makes for absolutely incredible jacket pockets....

What can I say this stuff is super central to what we do. The Futuredarts in particular are doing surprisingly great although we still need to figure some details out on them. Shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, even trim on the Throws of Passion, this stuff works everywhere. There will be refinement and iterations on some of the core, and the Futurecharge space has a lot of promise too.

Feral Merino Waffle
Think we used the last of this wild stuff. Beautiful but just not ready for life in a domestic setting.

This one is still finding it’s sea legs. Definitley will be doing some more with it, but it’s a toss up whether it will hit lift off or not. If you love this stuff make sure you get behind it when drops!

I’m wearing this stuff as I write this, more to come.

Still stunningly beautiful but also as we’re using it more we’re seeing how finicky it might be. We’ve still got plenty of this years fabric that we’ll work with so it’s not going away but at the same time we are proceeding with caution. We’re also pretty concerned about the fires in Australia and how they might impact both Gostwyck itself and the whole wool supply chain in general.

Grid Linen
Holding steady and strong. For a minute we thought the Wavy Linen might rise up and challenge it, but that stuff fell apart in the wash. The whole experience was quite interesting though and got us thinking about how both fabrics could be improved. All just ideas so far, but when we start meeting with suppliers we’re going to start conversations on how this stuff could evolve.

Hard/co Merino
This is a tough one in more ways than one. Absolutely love this fabric and the products it makes, but it’s got one of the weaker value propositions of anything we make. At the current prices you can get both a heavyweight cotton and a midweight merino piece for less than a single Hard/co, so the only real value is in replacing two garments with one. We’re exploring some stuff that might bring the price to a much better sweet spot but it’s 50/50 at best so we’ll see.

This one is pretty early stages with a lot of promise. Right now we’re really trying to figure out just how it stands next to Supermarine/Ventile as they are similar products with subtle but real distinctions. We’ll be exploring this more this year and hopefully can get to somewhere really interesting.

Injected Linen
This was a really rocky year for this supply chain so we are proceeding with lots of caution. We’re hopeful things are worked out and if they are then there is lots of this stuff coming!

Mackenzie 17.5 Merino
Steadily amazing. A cut two tee in this is obvious but we’re taking it slow as we rushed the Gostwyck version and it didn’t quite shrink as we expected, we want to get this right. Either way an Outlier essential.

Nyco Oxford
Done for good. The Boxford came out great but the Nyco itself continued to suffer from an edge case fabric issue that we got fed up with. The lab tests said everything was good, we tried fixing it in design, fixing it in production, fixing at the mill but weird shit kept happening, so it goes.

OG Cloth
The original stuff lives on in the Free Way Shorts but otherwise it’s winding down. Maybe one day it cycles back to prominence, but for now structure and texture win out over stretch and technical sheen. It makes an amazing heavyweight short though.

Open Wool
This one we’re pretty sad to see go. The mill can make it at quantities that, while not wildly unrealistic, are just a bit too much to justify for how expensive the fabric is. The combination of openness and wool is amazing at times but on the flip only really shines is a pretty small temperature range. Injected Linen is far better at serious heat and the openness makes it hard to wear as the temperatures drop too much. Still it had promise, we’d love to find something a bit more dialed in in this zone.

Paper Nylon
Think we killed the last of it this fall. Another really nice fabric killed by the mills, not everything works out.

Polyamour Webbing
A sleeper, this stuff didn’t get used that much but it stays great.

So damn light, dry and airy. It wrinkles a bit too much in the long sleeve form, but the short sleeves are great. There are still some edge case things with this fabric that leave us searching for something even better but for now it does what it needs to.

It’s still the cheat code for the hot and humid. We got hit with some supply chain surprises with it recently that hopefully amount to nothing (or even a positive) but we’re going cautious on it this year.

Still fantastic, this stuff is ready for some form finding.

Runweight Merino
This one is done as a solo fabric, for all the people claiming to love it, it sold like shit. My personal theory is that it’s a bit too “goldilocksy” of a fabric. For some it hit the balance of weight, quick dryness and merino content just right, but for others it was off in at least one dimension making it hard to get lift off. We’re still using it for various alphacharge linings though, it’s a great fabric that we are sad to see go.

S140 Twill
This one is in a tricky spot. We switched it from garment dyed to piece dyed as the garment dying caused a ton of issues, but it’s unclear if that’s enough. It sells decently but not great so we need to make some difficult choices soon. Either figure out a plan we’re willing to bet on to get this to real growth or kill the fabric.

Silk 55gsm Twill
An under-appreciated rookie here. If anything it’s handicapped by how pretty it is when dyed or printed, we haven’t done a good job communicating just how well this stuff performs in action.

This is a tricky one, it’s a unique fabric with lots of character but we’re still trying to get a hang of designing with it. It feels amazing and looks great but mastering how it sews and drapes has been tricky, we’ve got more work to do.

We worked out 2018’s supply chain issues so this stuff is in a pretty good spot, with some very interesting developments out there on the horizon too.

Pretty much done, an really nice fabric with promise, but the Warmform one out in the merino waffle race (or at least the heavier, not actually looking like a waffle section.)

Another one in a tricky spot. We finally found the natural form and use case for this stuff with the Throws of Passion but it seems to be a bit far out there for most of our customer base. That means to keep it going we either to need to broaden that base or drag enough of you guys along kicking and screaming to make this a viable long term material for us.

The caps were the surprise hit of this year. Especially for me as don’t even like this particular cap shape (although it looks great on a lot of people). More iteration to go there and this stuff keeps finding amazing uses in other spaces too.

Ultra Ultra
We’re taking this one slowly as the sportier space it really shines in is pretty price resistant. Still it makes a fantastic lightweight stretch garment so we’ll be iterating and testing to see if we can get this stuff to a lift off.

Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite
Done for now. As I’ve mentioned before this stuff is great but the price premium to extra performance ratio is just too far off. It’s genuinely superior to existing alternatives but because it costs so much more it only makes sense for niche and fetish use. No one as gotten this stuff to real scale and at this point pretty much the entire outdoor industry has tried. We continue to look for a better bag fabric.

This one is on the borderline but probably not coming back. It’s quite a nice fabric but it’s not quite distinctive and separated enough from the pack to make us go forward.

The work horse. This one doesn’t get much attention but it steadily makes an amazing product. Nothing gets that 365 day wearability plus durability as well as this stuff, pure magic.

Workcloth 320
Another one with lots of promise but some real roadblocks. There will be more iteration and work with this stuff, but it’s starting to look like this is not a long term thing. It made a spectacular shank, but that’s not enough to keep a fabric like this going. We’ll be iterating on pants, but it’s been frustratingly difficult for us to get this fabric to wear we want it. The increased weight and structure are great but they come with an increased openness and sewing bulk. The openness is very much a mixed blessing as it makes it surprisingly comfortable in hot weather but also looses some performance as it cools. The sewing is a subtler and longer problem, this stuff is hard to get into the form we want it too, but we keep pushing on it.
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