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I made high-quality iOS App Icons in Dark Mode so that you can create shortcuts for them!

Download final images.

Download Affinity Photo source images.

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You may have seen u/Wilson_Boi_101's post with many Dark Mode versions of built-in iOS apps. You may be wondering, why do we need more of these, when we already have some? Well, his icons differ in resolution and quality and consistency, as well as all being shared via Imgur, which turns them into JPEGs, and I wanted to clean them up a bit. My icons all lossless 10242 PNGs, against a consistent pure black background, sourced from SVGs (unless stated otherwise). At the bottom is a table explaining each one.
For those of you still skeptical about app redirect shortcuts because they open two different apps before the one you want, Apple reduced it to one in iOS 13.
Also, to the Moderators, please don't remove this, I used Dropbox because it's free and lets you share downloadable folders, which Imgur, Gfycat and Reddit (from the sidebar) don't do, and I shared this as a Shortcut because it seemed the most fitting of the flairs available, despite not having any Shortcuts in the post. If this breaks the Rules or would better fit in a different subreddit, you can remove it.
Edit: I think we're safe now, because the Moderators wouldn't dream of removing something with over 100 upvotes and reddit gold. I have become more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of.
  1. 17 more icons (as opposed to the previous 11), beginning with Safari. I hope to continue expanding the range of apps, though. If anyone knows where Apple publicly stores their iOS app icons as SVGs, please tell me, because I can’t find it.
  2. 16 new icons, starting at Weather, notably all of Microsoft Office. It’s very good.
  3. 15 new icons, starting at Contacts. I also remade the Light and Dark Wikipedia icons without strange, coloured outlines. This also seemed to half their file size, hooray.
  4. 3 new icons, starting at Crystal.
  5. 12 new icons, starting at VLC. Notably 4 new iOS icons, or 5, depending on what you consider Shazam to be.
  6. This is where the fun begins. (Not an expansion, but exciting news.)
  7. The biggest expansion so far. 21 new icons, starting at IMDb. Thank you to u/bricknight for many suggestions, and me for less suggestions. Also, they requested Notability, so if you can find an SVG of Notability, I'd be very happy.
  8. u/bricknight wanted some more, so I made made 4 more. Starting from PayPal.
  9. 4 new icons, starting from The Weather Channel, notably Pages and Keynote (finally). Also made Notes better and added additional iTunes option.
  10. 13 new icons, starting from a Dark Mode version of the macOS Safari Technology Preview (as well as some other alternative Dark Mode Safari icons). Notably some more browsers, an extra-dark version of Spotify, and extra-dark Compass and Measure apps.
  11. 2 new icons for the TypeWise app, which is, from me, a 100% unbiased impartial observer, an extremely good app. Sorry for the delay, I've got all of my files in an encrypted backup for my main computer, but a problem with the display led to a long back-and-forth between the repairer and retailer, with many other issues from an apparently incorrect repair previously. I've got some more ideas submitted to me, and big plans, and, if it isn't resolved for much longer, am willing to take them to court.
  12. 7 new icons. Telegram, Khan Academy (with a light and dark flower-book-man), YouTube Studio (with a light and dark play button), GarageBand and fixed RadioPlayer (made the aspect ratio much closer to the actual app). All of the issues with my MacBook are now resolved.
  13. 8 new icons, Fantastical, Things 3, Firefox (2019 version), Music Bot, Best Brokers, App Store updates.
Now, here's the table:
App Source Image Method for Darkening
Books From Apple's official reference image 'Open In' button (for those websites with the button that says 'Open In Apple Books'), which stores the logos of Apple's apps in SVGs, to look good at any resolution. This will be referred to as Open In. I changed the background to be pure black, and nothing else. This will be referred to as the Books Trick.
Music Open In. Changed the background to black (Music Trick).
News Open In. Music Trick.
Apple TV Open In. Changed background to pure black instead of dark grey.
iMessages From a Wikimedia Commons PNG image. I retraced it using shapes in Affinity Photo, and used the Books trick. The ellipse is good. The arm may be off slightly, but I don't think it's crucial. Using the Books Trick represents the colour of messages within the apps better. I also made a blue one, but the contrast isn't as good.
iTunes Open In. I made two. Either keep the star as it is or use the Books Trick. (Also, on request of u/kindredcashew98, made one with a gradient background and non-gradient interior.)
Notes An Apple webpage with many app icons as PNGs. Reconstructed manually. Inverted the paper, lines and dots. Then doubled the brightness of lines and dots, because inverting them apparently made them harder to see..
Podcasts Open In. Books Trick.
Wikipedia The 'W' in the SVG version of the Wikipedia logo. I couldn't find the official app icon, so I made my own. It's slightly larger than the W in the official app, because when choosing the size I decided that if you measured the total width of the W divided by the width of the icon, and assumed that the height was the same as the width, it would be exactly three quarters of the size. I don't know what I was thinking, but the end result is clearer and, dare I say it, nicer than the official icon (which doesn't even use the same font as the original logo), so I put a light mode one in as well.
Safari Wikimedia Commons, which only had the macOS icon. Recentered and recoloured to match the iOS colour gradient (lighter going up to the top, instead of into the centre). The blue in the compass may, therefore, be slightly off, but I don't think it matters. The background is black, as are the markers around the edge of the compass. There's also one with the previously white south pointer being black, in case you want even less whiteness. There are Dark Mode versions of the macOS Safari icons (including the Technology Preview), but for those you need to go into 'Get Info' and replace the icon in the top-left corner of the pop-up, but that changes it throughout the system (and with no loss, because it's converted to a .icns sourced from a 10242 .png sourced from a .svg).
App Store Wikimedia Commons. Books Trick. This does, however, make it look like the App Store Connect icon, but I didn't want to change it to make everything inconsistent, so I made the App Store Connect as well, in black-on-blue.
Mail Wikimedia Commons. Books Trick.
Maps. Wikimedia Commons. I recoloured all of the different parts to match what it looks like inside Maps with Dark Mode in iOS 13.
FaceTime Wikimedia Commons. Books Trick. It's not based on the latest version of the icon, which I couldn't find, so if you can't bear looking at a less rounded video recorder outline with a lens and a button, you've been warned.
Numbers Wikimedia Commons. Books Trick.
Camera I got this icon via what I think is a piracy website, so I'm not sharing it, but I think Apple would be okay with users editting app icons and giving credit to Apple for creating the original ones. I made the camera light-grey for more contrast with the black background, but then the bright yellow flash had less contrast, so I made it dark yellow.
Photos Piracy. I made a simple formula for each primary colour that removes the white tint and adds a black tint (assuming each colour blob is 50% opacity). I think it looks too transparent, but is definitely an improvement.
Phone Piracy. Books trick.
Health Piracy. Books trick.
Stocks Piracy. I made the background black instead of dark grey. It seems to be the older icon, though, where the bars are slightly more stretched horizontally. Does anyone have a newer icon?
Twitter Piracy. Books trick.
What'sApp Piracy. Books trick.
Settings Piracy. Changed the background to black, removed the case around the outside and kept the gears as they were (with the small one apparently darker, which it isn't for me on the iOS 13 beta). This one looks extremely nice.
Weather Piracy. I kept the transparency of the sun and cloud, but changed the background to pure black. I know u/Wilson_Boi_101's post had more creative icons, but this saves more battery life on OLED displays, as well as reducing eye strain and making it look clearer and less noisy.
Wallet Piracy. Changed the background to pure black and inverted and doubled the brightness of the wallet case to make it dark grey, but still standing out.
Reminders Piracy (iOS 12 icon) I reconstructed the iOS 13 icon from this and a screenshot from my beta iPhone, and inverted the colours of the lines and made the background black.
Home Piracy. Music Trick.
Pushover Their website, but then below it, they said that you're not allowed to modify it. I hope they don't sue me, and instead see that I'm giving them free publicity and more user engagement. Books Trick.
Google Earth Wikimedia Commons. Music Trick.
TestFlight A low-quality 1282 PNG. Does anyone have an SVG? I badly reconstructed it, but it's difficult to tell from the size in the Home Screen.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Teams and Skype. Wikimedia Commons. I got the desktop icons, because the mobile ones are just those inside big, white app-boxes. I reconstructed these white boxes, but black. I didn't know the exact proportions, so I used 3/4ths of the width and height of the box. It looks very nice, like everything else.
Contacts Screenshot from iOS 13 iPhone. I reconstructed this one very well, I think. The only difference is that the top-right tab and the big bit on the left are now inverted colours, but the shadows on them still exist. There's also a Pure Black Dark Mode, for those of you who are secretly Craig Federighi and would like a Black Celebration.
Reddit Wikimedia Commons. Music Trick.
Opera Their Website. Unfortunately, the only vector format provided was an EPS, which is this crazy format that Affinity Photo turns to greyscale. So, you can have your Dark Mode Opera icon, if you're okay with it being greyscale.
Assembly Line (AssemblyLineGame) The low-quality, intensely antialiased image on the Google Play Store. I remade the icon perfectly, to the last pixel, using Affinity Photo Rectangles. It's apparently an odd number of pixels wide, so I centred it by upscaling the image to four times the size, then shifting it one pixel. I also provided the original icon, as well as using the Music Trick. Ironically, it's 2KB, 1/16th of the 32KB of the antialiased one. I don't know how many people still have the app after it was taken off the App Store, but you Android users could probably make a skin with this.
Google, it's Authenticator and Translate Wikimedia Commons. Music Method. The 'G' is now larger, according to my 75% width model, the Authenticator icon is approximately the same, and Translate, being close to a square, is much larger, almost touching the edges. Translate's light-grey paper is now dark-grey.
Adblock Plus Their Press Kit. Books Method, icon seems approximately the same size.
1Password Their Press Kit. Inverted everything uncoloured. I only got the round icon, though, not the app's icon, so the background is pure black until they reply to my eMail, then I'll make another one.
MiniWiki The Wikipedia icon, but with the app's blue. Books Method. It's now the official Wikipedia font, instead of the font before, which was like the Wikipedia one but more boring, with three arms instead of four.
Audible Wikimedia Commons. I used the Books method, but couldn't find the gradient they used in their app icon, so I used their SVG logo.
Crystal Adblocker A screenshot of the icon, then remaking it in Affinity Photo. The colour is from Mail, it's a perfect square with two right-angled triangles above and below it, so that the square takes half of the height.
SleepWatch My genius intellect. It's a perfect white moon on a black background. And it's now a realistic crescent instead of an eclipse.
Slack Their Press Kit and a nice eMail conversation with a representative. They have a logo sourced from a 1515 grid and one sourced from 1919. I made these in Affinity Photo and made icons from those.
VLC Their very detailed desktop logo. I reduced it to a silhouette and added an outline.
Remote A screenshot of the iOS icon. I made an SVG based on the screenshot, recoloured it and scaled it up.
Calculator Looking at the iOS icon. It turns out you can make it from the Remote icon extremely easily.
WatchPlayer Looking at the iOS icon. It's slightly thicker than the actual icon, but I like it. It's got bigger breaks in the circle, as well as a rounded, hollow play button.
Files An Apple PNG of the iOS icon. I reconstructed it. It isn't quite perfect, and uses a distorted rounded square instead of whatever Apple did to get the smooth gradient to diagonal and back for the tab at the top of the folder, but other than that, it's pretty much an exact copy. The paper's still white, being paper, but the white background was the thing that burnt our eyes.
Shazam Their logo on Wikimedia Commons. I removed the text and made the background and white 'S' thing black.
Google Home, OneDrive, Dropbox Their logo on Wikimedia Commons. Music Trick.
Find My A screenshot of the app icon. Music Trick, but also reconstructing it (probably very lossfully), making the white outline to the blue thing black and making a second sonar radius line around the outside to increase the contrast against the black background.
RadioPlayer, Life Cycle Screenshots of their icons. I reconstructed them and used the Books Trick for both of them.
IMDb Wikimedia Commons Books Trick.
YouTube Wikimedia Commons Books Trick for the outside, then I made one with a black and a white play button inside, depending on how much of a black celebration you'd like to have. (We've gotten to the point where the only people still reading understand that Craig Federighi reference.)
Tube Map - London Underground The icon in the web App Store. I changed all white to black and vice versa, but also reconstructed it. LONDON.
Santander Their website. I hope to expand to all banks, but this is a good place to start. Books Trick.
EE Wikimedia Commons. I hope to expand to all cellular apps, but this is a good place to start. Music Trick.
Google Calendar Wikimedia Commons. Music method, but blackened the holes in the top and changed the text so it still has some greyness at the bottom to show the brightness, but at the top, it's completely black.
Google Keep Wikimedia Commons. Music Method, also made the lightbulb black.
Google Maps Wikimedia Commons. I apologise if it's not exact, I reconstructed it from a non-iOS shaped one. (Maps apps always try to show off, and accidentally make them difficult to reconstruct when they get them wrong.) I made the grass and tarmac darker and changed all white parts to black.
Instagram Wikimedia Commons. Sorry for making the app for normies, please blame u/Bricknight for the idea. Fortunately, Affinity Photo lets you scale gradients' areas of effect without scaling their internal gradient colours via the Node tool, so I didn't get any distortion in the internal colours, I just extended it to have square corners (because iOS icon shapes vary per-device, and this makes it easier). I highly encourage you to look at the top-left corner, because it's much bluer than you'd think. Anyway, you can either use the regular icon with white switched for black, or the better, more AMOLED-power-saving one, with colour where the white outline would be and blackness where the colour would be. Affinity Photo's Subtract tool is very nice for things like this.
Facebook and Facebook Messenger Wikimedia Commons. Sorry for making the app for normie boomers, blame u/Bricknight again. For Facebook Messenger, I changed all white to black, for Facebook, I used the Android icon (because Wikimedia Commons didn't have the iOS one), extended the bottom from the previous peasant circle (which is an off-brand iOS squircle, just like Android is an off-brand iOS), removed the exterior (which is a useless solid-fill) and copied over the Facebook Messenger gradient.
Roku Wikimedia Commons. Made background black, multiplied brightness by 1.5.
Target Wikimedia Commons. Made background and interior ring black. Respect to whoever had the brilliant idea and mad skills to make the icon an SVG doughnut with a red outline of the exact correct thickness instead of making three concentric doughnuts.
Amazon Wikimedia Commons. I couldn't find the app's icon, so I used their logo and put the 'a' above the arrow thing. I couldn't find an SVG of the shopping cart, but that's okay, because it's probably subliminal messaging to make you shop more at Amazon, and the 'a' might be too small, but that's okay, because the original size ratio was probably subliminal messaging to not question Jeff Bezos' participation in the Illuminati.
Sprint Wikimedia Commons. Music Method.
Snapchat Wikimedia Commons. Remember when Snapchat made their icon's outline thicker, and then everyone got upset, because it made the logo more ugly? Well, you can be less upset because I changed the outline to be more of the ghost and the background to be black. But I disapprove of Snapchat, because it seems to be for vain, generic white girls to post and message photos of themselves with cringey effects, delete messages to hide evidence and get spoon-fed misandrist garbage that barely passes as news.
ESPN Wikimedia Commons. Music Method. (Also, some of your ESPN subscription goes towards maintaining Disney's monopoly*, and betting on sports is a bad idea. Here are some free alternatives which are more intellectual than watching people playing sports.)
Google Chrome Wikimedia Commons. It wouldn't load properly in Affinity Photo (with a square appearing around it), so I used my massive intellect to subtract a circle from a rectangle to make it look like it loaded properly. Music Method, but then I also made an alternative one where I inverted the central small circle to make it dark grey.
PayPal Wikimedia Commons. Music Method. I made the central part the sum of the two P's, then scaled it down to fit in our puny human spectrum. It's pretty realistic, though, and looks like the P's are transparent. No longer shall we have huge swaths of whiteness in our home screens when trying to access online payment, what an age we live in.
Twitch Wikimedia Commons. Music Method, I couldn't find the speech bubble, so I changed it to the 'T' in 'Twitch'. There's a white-filled and black-filled 'T'.
Pinterest Wikimedia Commons. Music Method. White-and-black-filled 'P's.
The Weather Channel Wikimedia Commons. Made text blue and background black.
BBC iPlayer Wikimedia Commons. Music Method. (It was already pretty dark, but there was an ugly gradient, so it's now pure black.) It's slightly different, because I used the logo with 'BBC' and 'iPlayer' horizontally across from each other, but I made them both centre-aligned and moved 'iPlayer' down so that it's the same distance from the squares as they are from each other, then made it 75% of the total width. This seemed to work very well, but it's slightly bigger, especially 'BBC'.
App in the Air App Store. Music Method. (The background wasn't quite black enough before.) Also, I deducted the background colour from the lines.
Pages & Keynote Some webpage. Reconstructed by hand. The circles may be slightly off, from upscaling and overlapping while antialiasing, but it's extremely subtle and you're not going to notice it in a tiny little icon.
Firefox & Firefox Focus Wikimedia Commons. Music Method. Also made one with the Earth dimmed (to make it look like it's night), but that one doesn't look as good as I thought. Firefox Focus also had this crazy file format that made Affinity Photo decide to remove the shading on the fox and turn it into a completely white monster that engulfs the Earth, burning humanity's eyeballs. 2019 update as well, for regular Firefox.
Brave, Microsoft Edge Wikimedia Commons. Music Method.
BBC Sounds Their website, but I used a Firefox extension instead of the built-in Safari Resources Viewer, which doesn't get HTML tracings. Music Method.
Spotify Wikimedia Commons. It already has a black background (as far as I can see, I haven't checked), so I made the green circle the largest that could possibly fit into the square, then made it black and made the three bars green.
Compass and Measure Their App Store pages. The backgrounds were dark-grey instead of black, so I reconstructed them and then made the backgrounds black, decreasing all other colours by to keep the contrast as it was. The Measure app's spacing may not be perfect, but it's probably more accurate than a human eye can see, and for the Compass. I couldn't find out how to make a rounded triangle, so I used a regular one. It approximately fits what it should have been, but I couldn't get it to exactly fit, so I put it upright and on top of the app's square and then rotated it 45º around the square's centre.
TypeWise ( e-Mailing the developers (I don't think I'm allowed to share it here, but it's probably okay with them, since my defacing of their icon is free publicity. Made background pure black instead of white, and made a 'darker' version which does the same to the text.
Telegram Wikimedia Commons. It's now the paper-aeroplane upscaled and against a black background.
Khan Academy Wikimedia Commons.svg). Music Trick, made the flower-book-man optionally black.
YouTube Studio Their App Store page, then reconstructing it in Affinity Photo. Music Trick, made the Play button optionally black. I used an Affinity Photo gear, which isn't quite the same. I got it extremely close, and centered it. The only difference you can see is that the outer and inner parts are now rounded, as opposed to straight lines. However, it's a tiny app icon, and is a small price to pay for salvation.
GarageBand The App Store page, then reconstructing it in Affinity Photo. Books Trick.
Fantastical The App Store page, then reconstructing it in Affinity Photo.
Things 3 The App Store page, then reconstructing it in Affinity Photo.
Music Bot Apple Music icon. Inverted.
Best Brokers Their App Store page, then reconstructing it in Affinity Photo. Made suit completely black, halved brightness of shirt, kept tie the same.
App Store Updates Found the Save icon in SF Symbols, which is like the Updates one but not filled. I put it at 3/4ths of the icon height, then gave it the same gradient as the App Store. I would make this for all App Store sections, but this is the only one we use on a regular basis, and this lets you skip the advertising on the 'Today' page.
*The Kenobi series, however, is a perfectly justifiable reason to maintain Disney's monopoly, because Ewan McGregor.
submitted by Drone_Better to shortcuts [link] [comments]

The Complete Wasteland Survival Guide to Not Dying in Horrible Ways - by bunnyears

Hello fellow vault dwellers!
I've been reading this subreddit a lot and there have been a lot of helpful posts and useful information by a lot of people, so I wanted to provide some knowledge to people as well, new and veteran alike, because the game doesn't make a lot of things clear and I've learned a lot since I started playing. I'm level 172, I've been playing since release day and I haven't used any glitches, exploits or bugs to gain EXP or modify my carry weight. I love the game (although I won't deny it has it's problems - though they're being quickly fixed) and I want to help people have as smooth a time as possible so they stick around. I love meeting people out in the wasteland!
(Disclaimer: If I give keybindings, its gonna be for PC. sorry, dont know the Xbox/PS4 equivalent)
If you press escape and then T you will go into photo mode. Take pictures! Take lots of pictures! They show up in the loading screens and its really cool, and now I have a bunch of pictures documenting my progress and journey and I'm glad I did. I love this feature.
Be careful of the trade glitch
Honestly, just play the game. Explore, do quests, do side quests, do events, check out anything you see that looks interesting. EXP will come naturally. Generally speaking, you get more EXP from killing mobs than completing quests, but most of the time completing a quest will require killing mobs anyway. I leveled from 1 - 60ish from just playing the game and not trying to grind, and it didn't take a whole lot of time.
Each time you level up you get to allocate a SPECIAL point (up to level 50. Past level 50 you continue to get perk cards, or may choose to reallocate a SPECIAL point) and choose a perk card. You don't have to choose a card from the SPECIAL you put the point into, even though the game will make you think otherwise. Just filter by a different attribute.
Keep in mind different cards unlock at different levels, so you won't be able to see everything as you level.
Generally speaking, each weapon type will correspond to a different attribute. It's good to decide on a "build" before max level depending on what weapons you like to use, because although it is possible to change your stat points around later if you mess up, it's tedious.
Most weapons have three cards worth 20% bonus damage at 3 ranks, for a total of 60% bonus damage. That means if you want full bonus you'll want at least 9 points in the corresponding SPECIAL, plus extra if there's other perks you want, which there probably are. However, at rank 1 each card is worth 10% damage. That means you can invest 3 points, or 1 point per card, for 30% bonus damage in a weapon type. It's less damage but a much more economical investment. For instance if you're a rifleman investing 9 points into rifle damage, you could invest 3 into melee weapons for backup. Regardless, you're going to want to pick your main stat early on, whichever corresponds to your weapon of choice.
There's also many perk cards to supplement weapons, often times in SPECIALs that don't correspond to the main perk. For example, Non Automatic Rifles uses Perception, but there is a perk in Luck that gives rifles a chance to cripple.
Bloody Mess is a luck perk that gives a flat 15% bonus damage, all builds should invest in it.
There are many situational perk cards that are worth investing in past max level like Glow Sights for example, which is 60% bonus damage against all glowing enemies. In Nuke Zones like Whitesprings, ALL enemies are glowing, so its a flat 60% damage increase. Situational, but effective. LokiLaughs has informed me that the enemies require Glowing in the name to be considered glowing, even if they are glowing in game. This means that it does NOT effect all ghouls in the Whitesprings Nuke zone.
There are perks in intelligence for crafting Melee and Ranged weapons (Makeshift Warrior and Gunsmith, respectively) these also make your weapons more durable and are very effective.
There are some perks that give armor penetration to weapons (Incisor, Tank Killer, Stabilized) which are extremely effective against the less fleshy and more hardened enemies in the game. Armor Penetration can become a massive damage boost. These are highly worth taking. (Thank for the reminder Arcanum3000)
Things to keep in mind
There are some interesting interactions certain items have, which may effect your perk choice. For instance, Fist Weapons are powerful and fall under the Unarmed category. They only have one perk card, Iron Fist, unlike most other weapons that have three. However, fist weapons are powerful by nature, and there are a few mutations you can use to supplement them. Keep in mind that you cannot use any fist weapons in power armor currently though.
Certain weapons benefit from multiple categories of perk cards. A pipe revolver with a stock modded onto it will benefit from both the Pistol and Rifle perk cards. This means by investing 9 points in Agility and 9 points in Perception you can get 120% bonus damage, as well as the supplemental perk cards for both pistols and rifles. HOWEVER Its likely this wasnt intended and will be patched out, so don't go too deep into the double dipping, or at least be prepared to possibly respec. 3 points in PER for 30% bonus damage is fine, and won't force you to invest too much. (Credit to ianuilliam)
Legendary weapons with the Explosive property also benefit the Explosives perk in Intelligence. This makes explosive weapons some of the most powerful in the game.
Using this Perk Calculator is going to be your best bet for planning out a build.
Which build do you actually want though?
STRENGTH: Heavy Weapons, Shotguns, Unarmed, Melee Weapons.
PERCEPTION: Automatic Rifles, Non-Automatic Rifles
AGILITY: Automatic Pistols, Pistols
Generally speaking, Melee weapons are quite strong. They dont require ammo, do tons of damage, and with the right perks and mutations hit insanely hard. The downside is that you dont have range, and fighting Scorchbeasts can be a pain in the ass. However, as a Strength based build that means its easy to swap to a Heavy Weapons build, especially with points invested into Intelligence because many of the Power Armor perks can be found there. Not to mention some of the perks related to Heavy Weapons require you to be in Power Armor. Shotguns are satisfying, but feel a little weak since you might as well be melee at that range. However, powerful legendary shotguns (Two Shot, Explosive) absolutely shred because of the mechanics with the number of pellets being fired. Keep in mind Two shot on shotguns does NOT double the pellets, it adds an extra one. Decent, but explosive is really what makes shotguns insane (credit to soldarian). Most guns with those attributes are pretty damn good though. Rifles are strong, especially single shot paired with the appropriate perks and legendaries. Not great in groups though, since if you're one shotting everything with 2.5x sneak damage and an instigating black powder rifle no one else is getting experience. Best to wait til someone else gets a hit in. Pistols feel kind of underpowered right now, unless you're going the pipe route and combining them with rifle perks.
"Pistols are underpowered until you consider VATS play styles.
You exchange aiming for burst damage. You don't do nearly as much damage as a sniper getting a headshot will, but you don't have to take up the time to line up shots... And with pistols taking up fewer AP in VATS, you're dealing very accurate damage for much longer, without the player having to take the time to aim, or training up their mouse-fu. For someone with fine motor control issues, this isn't just a trade-off, but will likely vastly improve their DPS."
befowler on Melee Weapons
"One thing that helped me a lot was figuring out the sweet spot for hitting enemies in melee before they can hit me. While the effect on your life (and stimpacks etc) is obvious, this also saves you a huge amount of wear and tear on your armor as well (read: ballistic fibers). With server latency and somewhat wacky physics from enemies with charge moves etc, you typically want to swing before the enemy seems to be in range so they barrel into it and either get one shot or staggered. The easiest way to find this sweet spot for your particular weapon is to switch to third person view and then back the camera as far out as possible. On PS4 for example you can move the camera back using the touchpad and down on the right stick. Then just watch from overhead and see the zone around you where you hit enemies before they can reach you. This view is also helpful in melee in general because you can see enemies coming up or spawning behind you."
Enemies with the legendary prefix have a chance to drop legendary items, which are weapons and armor with a random prefix that gives it a unique effect. Some are situational, some are pretty bad, some are good and others are just insane. Legendaries with two or three stars next to their name have a chance to drop a legendary with up to a corresponding amount of effects. The number of diamonds next to an items level in the inventory screen is its number of attributes, and you can examine it with "X" to see all of them.
Generally speaking the ones you want to keep an eye out for are Furious (especially with machine guns), Instigating, Executioner's and Two Shot on weapons. Explosive is a secondary affix and requires the item to be at least two stars, thus being quite rare.
Almost all enemies have a chance of being legendary, and the more concentrated the group of enemies the more likely to find legendaries. That's why placed like Whitesprings are so popular to nuke and farm. However, exploring is still rewarded especially in high level zones because of this. There is a group of mirelurks that live near my base in a pond, and every time I spawn in there is a chance one of them is a 3 star legendary. You will start to notice legendary spawn points as you play and explore.
CAMPS are great. I love them, and with this last update, theyre even better. Now they just need a way to allow you to broadcast it and set up vendors :D.
Your CAMP allows you a place to rest in a bed(for that XP bonus), play an instrument (for that AP bonus), craft, eat, drink, hang out, and get ready for wherever you're exploring next. It's also another level of progression, with finding new plans for cool objects and better materials to make bigger and more complex bases. And if you dont care about any of that, it can be a ring of crafting benches surrounding a campfire and a tent! It's not mandatory either way.
CAMPS can be placed from entering the pip boy and pressing Z. This will place a device showing the radius in which you can build. Flat ground is best ground, but good luck finding it in WV. Water allows you build water purifiers, and theres places in the world with nodes (junk, concrete, aluminum, etc) that you can build your CAMP near and place resource collectors onto.
Moving your CAMP after you've placed it costs caps, which seems to be tied to your level, not the distance youre moving or complexity of your CAMP.
Plans for various buildings, items, and wall types can be found throughout the world both in vendors and spawning on the ground or in containers. Tool boxes have the highest chance of spawning CAMP plans. Workshop Defense Events (explained later) will also rewards CAMP Plans upon completion.
Each camp has a maximum budget, which is how many things youre allowed to place. This budget does not seem to be able to be increased as of now.
Turrets take up a huge amount of budget, so be sparing with your placement. They're also terrible on their own, and are best paired with a Spotlight (also found in defense section) which will illuminate enemies and your turrets will then target them. In order to build these more advanced turrets and spotlights you need Home Defense, which is an Agility perk.
Lights, Electrical Objects, and certain things like Small Letters take up a large portion of your budget. Simple things like walls, doors, chairs and tables take up much less.
In order to power your base you need a generator. Once youve built one, you have to connect it to your base. If it's inside your base, you still need to make sure power is adequately distributed. Theres a section for Power Connectors, and there is a small metal one with three types that can be placed on the walls, floor or roof and this is most effective for spreading power. In build mode, if you press Tab you can swap to edit mode, and from there you can press Space on electrical devices to wire them to connectors or the generator itself. Certain things need to be directly plugged in, and other things like wall and ceiling lights just need to be on a wall or foundation that is near a power source. Generators can be linked together to add together their power supplies.
It's free to fast travel to your CAMP, and its also free to fast travel to Vault 76. If you strategically place your camp (SW, SE, or Central) you can cut back on Fast Travel costs.
Experiment and have fun with the CAMP system, theres always new cool places to find to build. Try to get creative and see what ways you can interact with the terrain to make a unique base.
Workshops can be found scattered throughout the map, and provide a passive income for various resources. They can be claimed at the workbench, and contested by other players (although the munitions factory seems to be the only one ever contested).
Resource collectors need to be built on the nodes there, and powered. In the build mode, any resources shown in green mean the workshop is providing them and they dont come out of your own stash.
If you dont lock your resource collectors other players can come and take the materials. You need to highlight it in build mode and then press F and choose a lock.
Workshops trigger defense events, where waves of enemies comes and must be killed. Turrets and spotlights help with this, and can even take care of it on their own. If you enjoy CAMP building they are always worth doing because they reward plans for items and building types. You can defend other peoples workshops for these rewards as well.
The ammunition factory in the north can produce ammunition for you, but its generally its faster to craft it. Which brings me to....
Its easy to go through a lot of ammo, especially with Heavy Weapons. To make most ammo, you need Steel, Lead and Gunpowder.
Steel is easy, it comes from pretty much all weapons and some armor. Just go anywhere and kill a bunch of scorched or super mutants and scrap their stuff. Many world objects also contain steel.
Lead can be found in a few locations easily. Cans scrap into lead. The Eastern Region Penitentiary in the Toxic Valley has a number of can traps inside the cell blocks. Disarming these awards 9 cans each, giving around 36 cans per run. The Green County Lodge near the Vault Tec Agricultural Research Center has a weight room full of weights that scrap into lead, and the Charleston Fire Department in the Ash Heap has a weight room with even more lead.
Gunpowder can be found in many containers, and Super Mutants tend to drop a handful. It can also be crafted from a Chemistry Workbench from Cloth and Acid, netting 15 per craft.
Ammosmith is a perk in Agility, where at 2 stars you get 80% more ammo. Super Duper is a perk in luck that gives you a 30% chance to get double results per craft, at max rank. Its reccomended to equip both of these perks before crafting ammo.
There are a number of robot vendors you can encounter in Fallout, and Graham a travelling trader. Each vendor "faction" has a cap pool of 200. Once theyre out of caps, you have to buy things from them to increase it (at 25% of what you pay) or wait 20 hours for them to reset. Jumping servers will not reset the timer, but it will reset their stock. Certain vendors are worth server hopping to refresh their inventory such as Watoga Station, Watoga Shopping Plaza, Harpers Ferry and Enclave. Graham shares a cap pool with Watoga, so unless you're looking for plans from him, don't expect to get an extra 200 caps if you find him (Thank tsuyoshikentsu)
Heres a Vendor Map showing their locations in color code. There are seven unique vendors, not including Graham, which means you can consistently sell enough to make 1400 caps each cycle of resets. Make sure to use Hard Bargain and Travel Agent perks when you do your vendor loop. Grape (?) Mentats will also get you better prices, so take one before doing the sales.
Graham is a travelling Super Mutant trader with a unique inventory. He has a big patrol route, and I've seen him glitched out and stuck in a canal before, so its hard to say where he will be at any given time. Mostly you just run into him by accident. But if youre desperate to find him, the most places Ive run into him were near munitions factory in the north, and the Overseers Camp near Vault 76. Run up and down the road near it, if hes not there, server hop and look again. Eventually you will find him, with enough patience.
One thing that was tough for me was to unlearn being a pack rat. With limited stash space, you just cant pick up everything. Its good to manage the junk and ammo and meds that you store.
I keep maximum 300 Aluminum, 100 Black Titanium, 300 Ballistic Fiber, 300 Adhesive, 200 Screws, 200 Gears, 300 Springs. Steel I keep at around 300 and Wood at 100. Most other things I keep at 50, and a couple at 75. If you build a lot of electronics, youll want more Copper and things like Fiber Optics. Basically, you dont need a million of everything. Especially at high level.
Early on, repairing and maintaining your armor and weapons is a nightmare. In fact, its best to just save your materials and roll with what you find until you can get the relevant perks. Its even cheaper to build new armor instead of repair the old most of the time.
White Knight (Agility) makes your armor (non Power) break 90% slower and its cheaper to repair. At max level all your armor takes only 1 of each material to repair.
Licensed Plumber (Intelligence) makes your pipe weapons break 90% slower and cheap to repair, and also stack with Gunsmith to make them almost never break.
Chems and drugs weight a TON. Without Travelling Pharmacist (Strength) stimpaks weigh 1 lb each! Be conservative with how much drugs youre carrying on you, or invest in the perk.
If youre struggling to get ballistic fiber, theres a number of guaranteed spawns. Most military (circled star on map) have Military Grade Duct Tape and Military Ammo Bag spawns, which scrap into 2 Ballistic Fiber. They can also rarely be found in lockers and toolboxes.
Here some images of where I look for ballistic fiber. Search the camps and in the tents to find their spawns (the camps are small) and you will be able to get it consistently. There are also two spawns inside Camp McClintock, on the table on 1st floor and upstairs on a locker in the office.
MUTATIONS Mutations can occur randomly from being exposed to radiation or hit by an irradiated enemy. Mutation Serums can also be bought in the Science Wing of the Enclave Bunker, costing around 3800 Caps using maxed out Hard Bargain (Charisma perk) and no Grape Mentats. They are expensive but allow you to choose a mutation rather than relying on chance. Mutations provide benefits, but at the cost of some other drawback. However, the Class Freak (Luck) Perk reduces the negative effects by up to 75%.
Mutations can be cured fairly easily by using Radaway (Diluted or not).
If you want to keep a mutation, there is a perk called Starched Genes (Luck) which makes it so you dont get new mutations or lose current ones from Rad Away. If you get a mutation you like and have the opportunity, equip that perk so you dont lose it. The effects of a mutation can be checked in the status screen.
Some mutations of note are Talons (Unarmed Damage and Bleed), Twisted Muscles (Melee Damage), Healing Factor (300% health regen out of combat, Marsupial (Higher Jump height and carry weight), Speed Demon (faster move speed and chance at auto reload), and many other combat effective perks. There are others that are very good for group oriented play. Check in with the science vendor to see what they have available on that server.
Im tired and cant think of anything else right now, although Im sure im forgetting a bunch. Ill update it if I think of anything. If anyone else wants to add anything comment it and I can add it in and credit you.
For anyone interested, heres photos from my journey through Appalachia, split into some categories.
Interesting Places
Interesting Corpses
Friends I've Met
Base Building
Thanks for reading and good luck in the wasteland
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A magical unique Spellbreak idea, come look!

So after reading EvilToaster's post and his thoughts on rarities, looting and the item system I wanted to come up with a looting system that's unique to SpellBreak and does not exist in other Battle royales.
First I will give my thoughts on the current system and the recent item changes:
As toaster mentioned, loot is a big RNG factor in this game that can sometimes feel very unfair especially in early game where you can’t find an item of a certain type at all.
While I agree that RNG is generally not something that's wanted for a game, it's an unavoidable part of battle royales.
There is an up upside to having loot and rarities exist however; they give a sense of progression, something very critical for any game with "RPG" in it's title. Also even after months of playing this game, I still get a tingly sensation when I find that shiny legendary gauntlet/item(if it's a good one) and I bet that you do too!
So with all that in mind I got to thinking: "How do we take out the RNG and keep the sense of progression and RPG element" and this is what I came up with:
Replacing items( Amulets, Belts and boots) and looting with a completely new system!:
This system will be sort of a “stat tree” tab where you can invest “points” called “Mana vitae” that you acquire during the course of a game(more about how to collect points later).
The stats offered will be a variety of stats that are currently obtainable via items like: Max armor, Movement speed, Cast speed, Damage, damage reduction, sorcery cooldown, rune cooldown, rune charges etc…It will also contain unique “stats” that we previously saw on certain items like “amulet of the scribe” or “Boots of the survivor”
The flat stat increases will have progression in upgrades where you can maybe pay X points for a 5% increase and later upgrade to 10% and on with more points, these will of course have diminishing returns AND a hard cap per stat.
The unique stat options will cost considerably more and have no progression.You may be wondering: “What about Gauntlets and runes”?I’ve come up with 2 possible ways to implement my new system to fit in that regard:
  1. Have gauntlets and runes sit in the stat tree to “buy” for a fixed price.
  2. Make it so the player prechooses 2 gauntlets and a rune every game and this will be the set up he will play with for the rest of the game.You would already drop with your prechosen rune and with the common versions of the gauntlets you chose.You will be able to upgrade the rarity of your gauntlets via the stats tab, but you will NOT be able to acquire gauntlets from other players or teammates, as players will not drop loot other than potions and “mana vitae”(we will get to looting later) and gauntlets can NOT be dropped to the ground(for convenience sake, you are able to swap between your left and right hands).To upgrade gauntlets the player requires a “gauntlet shard” as well as a certain amount of mana vitae, shards can be obtained from beacons or mana vaults(with some RNG involved…)
**NOTE**: Option #2 will require all runes to be balanced “equally” as there are no rarities anymore, generally Blink, Dash and shadowstep are all pretty close while the rest are far behind, they would need some buffs.
**NOTE**: Option #2 doesn’t just change the looting system but also changes a big part of the game: “Gauntlet swapping”. I believe that by removing the option to gauntlet swap we make the game more strategic, more coordination reliant(in squads), we make individuals stand out for their “builds” and the game will generally have more variety.
A concern with this is that the more versatile gauntlets: lighting , fire and wind will dominate and the situational ones: Stone and toxic will be left behind, this can later be fixed by fine tuning certain balance aspects of gauntlets.

How to acquire mana vitae:
Mana vitae can be acquired by harvesting beacons(beacons replace chests), by dealing damage, by exiling enemies,by entering circles and from mana vaults.When exiling enemies they will NOT drop any loot except for potions and armor shards, instead you will instantly be given a certain amount of mana vitae depending on how much mana vitae they had invested into the stat tree.(not a 1:1 ratio).

Some lore to make it make sense:(Credit to YbotTheDinosaur)
Mana vitae is a magical force that breakers harvest from hidden beacons where it is especially concentrated or by siphoning from other Breakers. Mana vitae is concentrated in the Hollow Lands because the Spellstorm sucks it out of the land and out of anyone therein, and it tends to get concentrated at natural beacons.
People have built their castles and campsites next to beacons to siphon mana vitae from them more easily, and breakers go to the hollow lands in order to harvest it so they can power up and upgrade their gauntlets.

How this system affects gameplay and flow:
I believe this system minimizes a lot of RNG and rewards players for taking fights (Requires fine tuning to how much you gain from fighting vs from looting beacons).
This system lets players craft their own builds and stat priorities depending on what they enjoy and what their playstyle is (or for people like me calculate everything and figure out the best combination efficiency wise xD)
Early game RNG will be basically non existent: You will no longer “have” to drop on a chest, and you will no longer get stuck with bad loot, instead you will slowly upgrade your stats and your gauntlets.

Quick recap:

*Amulet, Belts and Boots are removed from the game.
*Chests are replaced with beacons(just a visual change to fit the lore).
*Beacons do not drop loot. instead, when interacted with they open up and give you a “currency” type thing that’s called mana vitae.(Can add a cool siphoning animation when opening beacons).
*Mana vitae is also gained by dealing damage, exiling players,entering circles and opening mana vaults.*Mana vitae can be spent for stat upgrades via a new tab option that consists of a “stat tree” of sorts.
*Beacons and mana vaults also sometimes drop gauntlet shards, which can be used in combination with mana vitae to upgrade a gauntlets rarity.
*Players no longer drop loot except for consumables and gauntlets can not be dropped to the ground.
*Before a match begins a player selects a rune and 2 gauntlets(Can select the same type twice) to play the entirety of the match with.

Just to preemptively alleviate some concerns here’s a quick FAQ:

Q: You expect the developers to neglect all the hard work they did creating items and the inventory system?

A: I don’t expect anything, this is just an idea that I thought was cool and I think would end up being pretty good, there is also the option to blend the two ideas with the current item system and instead of powering up stats with mana vitae, you craft items.
Q: Wouldn’t this system too heavily reward good players by giving them mana vitae for kills and damage?

A: Possibly, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. You can always tune just how much is gained while still keeping it rewarding.
Q: Wouldn’t early game fights be super hectic right off the bat and dragonfire will dominate?

A: Early game fights will certainly change and be much faster paced, something to keep in mind is that runes will be available at the start so you don’t instantly die to a dragonfire!
Q: You can choose your rune?? Wouldn’t eveyone just choose blink?

A: Possibly, but I believe that even though blink is the most versatile and effective rune, for very specific playstyles certain runes work better, and with proper buffs to bring them all to around the same level it can definitely work!
Q: No gauntlet swapping?? That would definitely suck.

A: The no gauntlet swapping idea is completely untied to the looting system idea, but I do think they can blend nicely and removing gauntlet swapping will have some interesting effects on gameplay that are worth testing!
Q: Wouldn’t that sometimes make for someone super powerful that somehow got a lot of kills and looted a lot? He would basically be unbeatable!.

A: I think with proper tuning it would only happen very rarely, but yes, the “max” setup possible will be far far stronger than the “max” setup we can get now.
Q: Wouldn’t people just put all of their points into whatever stat is “best”.

A: That’s why there are diminishing returns, the more you invest in something, the more it costs for the following linear upgrades.
Q: Isn't this system way more complex? wouldn't new players get even more overwhelmed?

A: Honestly, this system is quite simple, I just like to ramble on for 100 paragraphs. Also, this system is very intuitive when explained with a proper tutorial, and it closely resembles level up stat bonuses in mmorpg's.

Thank you for reading,
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the official BitTube subreddit!
What the heck is BitTube?
BitTube is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, censorship-free video sharing and live streaming platform based on IPFS and blockchain technology. Unlike Youtube, BitTube is ad-free. Creators and viewers earn TUBE, a Cryptonote private cryptocurrency, based on the Airtime model (watch time), premium subscriptions, video-on-demand, tips and donations, and much more.
Ad-free and always monetized.
With the built-in YouTube Connector, creators can import their entire catalog over to BitTube in one click. Many upcoming developments will make BitTube a highly competitive platform for video content monetization compared to platforms like YouTube and current alternatives.
"How does BitTube work?"
Extraordinary IPFS: endless scaling for peer-to-peer video and live streaming. BitTube is built on top of a customized, highly advanced IPFS protocol. It realizes pure peer-to-peer connections where every user, by visiting or the app, naturally becomes a storage node in the network. For reliable performance and redundancy, data is pinned onto the wider IPFS network and in seed nodes that any user can choose to run. The platform is not centrally hosted and is accessible via IPFS hash, making it exceptionally resistant to censorship. In future updates, video metadata and IPFS hashes will be stored on the blockchain for added immutability.
Proof-of-Work blockchain: a private cryptocurrency network secured by professional miners. BitTube coin (TUBE) is a private cryptocurrency based on the CN Saber Proof-of-Work algorithm. Professional miners secure the blockchain network, earning them block rewards that serve as the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem. A fixed share of the block reward is allocated for Airtime payouts. Learn more about mining in our Ultimate Mining Guide.
Airtime: Creators and viewers earn TUBE based on watch time. A 30% share of the block reward is reserved for the Airtime revenue model, hereby realizing an ad-free mechanism for users to earn with their content and attention. As content is consumed, payouts are distributed to creators and viewers based on watch time (‘airtime’), proportional to the platform-wide grand total airtime per block. Learn more about the Airtime model here.
Fully integrated payment system. All profiles on BitTube come with automatically generated wallet addresses, even those embedded from other platforms. Users will be able to buy and sell TUBEs against fiat currency directly on the platform, bypassing the need to register on third party exchanges and significantly lowering the threshold for mainstream adoption.
Products and services that will drive demand. Many products and services are being developed to boost the demand for TUBE. These include, but are not limited to: Premium Subscriptions, Video-on-Demand, Donations and tipping, Self-promotion, Channel Stay, Content Protection (encryption), Pro membership, BitTube Debit Mastercard (requires staking of 5000 TUBEs), Governance (stake TUBEs to become a moderator), Community marketplace (offer services and merchandise), Product Placement marketplace, etc.
AI-based copyright review and community-driven governance. Uploads are scanned by AI using ContentID and potential violations are tagged for review. To ensure censorship resistance, content curation, copyright infringement cases and moderation will be handled in a decentralized system that gives control to the community and reinforces fair use. In this way, malicious copyright strikes cannot be weaponized. The system will incentivize participants to play by the rules based on rewards and penalties.
"What do creators and viewers earn on BitTube?"
Note: TUBE used to be IPBC. Source.
Scroll down for mining and wallet related questions.
Full roadmap
Current exchanges are Bittrex, UPbit, TradeOgre, Livecoin and Altex. See sidebar.
Yes. The team is working on that. It takes time to set up a custodian account for every major currency. As a stopgap there will be a way to buy TUBE directly via PayPal through digital BitTube giftcards (all automated), which almost everyone has and is supported all around the world. Secondly, we are trying to get listed on, now that we are on Bittrex. Litebit supports direct wire transfer for most eurozone countries through iDeal and SOFORT. Expect these developments later in Q3.
Let's start off with a two-part question:
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[Beyond 3.0] Server Downtime for ~9 hours | Frontier Livestream with devs at 2 PM GMT

Update is LIVE!

Beyond 3.0 Launch Day Livestream

Beyond 3.0 CGI Trailer - Commander Chronicles: The Deal

Will Flanagan on the forums:
Hi everyone,
Soon you'll be able to strap yourself into the cockpit of the Chieftain and explore a host of new gameplay features - Chapter One is almost here!
The galaxy servers will be down today from 9.30 AM (GMT) for approximately 9 hours. There is a chance that this could run over, so we really appreciate your patience. As usual with these updates we'll keep you as up to date as possible.
While you wait, join us for a pre-launch livestream at 2:00 PM (GMT) for a Beyond - Chapter One recap with members of the development team on YouTube here.
We'll post the changelog soon, and add update information to the thread as it comes in.
Keep an eye on our social media channels too for regular updates on the server status. We will try to respond to as many queries as possible, but we will give everyone advanced notice for when the servers come back online, and social media is your best bet for knowing when the servers are back up and running!

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - The Features of 3.0

(Includes improvements Coming Soon for Crime and Ship Destruction, Kill Warrant Scanner, Superpower Bounties)
Edward Lewis:
Here's an overview of all the features coming to Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One. With one or two exceptions (outlined within the section) the information below is how the feature will work at launch of Elite Dangerous 3.0.

Patch Notes

New features for 3.0

Trade Data & Galaxy Map
Weapons and modules
Galnet Audio
Installation and Megaship Interactions
Surface material system
Quality of Life
Misc Features

Fixes and Improvements

This update includes well over 1000 fixes for various issues that have been discovered and investigated during the development process since the release of 2.4. For the sake of clarity, we have primarily listed below fixes for issues that have been reported to us by the community or other important changes.
Camera Suite
Controls & Control Devices
Galaxy Map/System Map
General Fixes & Tweaks
Holo-Me Creator
Launcher (PC Only)
Player Journal
Ships & SRV
General Ship Fixes and Improvements
Asp Explorer
Cobra Mk. III
Diamondback Explorer
F63 Condor
Federal Gunship
Imperial Clipper
Imperial Courier
Imperial Cutter
Type 7
Type 9 Heavy
Type 10 Defender
Viper Mk4
Stability Fixes
Starports/Outposts/Surface Ports
User Interface
Weapons & Modules
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Public Testing Stream with Marek Rosa - Q&A transcript/summary

On Friday 13th July Keen hosted a stream with Marek, some developers, and several YouTubers (Captain Jack, Captain Shack, and W4stedSpace) which started out with them all playing in an unrestricted world running on the new MP Test server code. Being Friday the 13th Keen had some ISP issues that meant some frequent, small dropouts early on, so the stream moved to a Q&A with Marek answering questions. I've tried to provide a transcript below with only minor editing or removal of repetition in answers.
You can check the original stream at also W4stedSpace put up an edited video with some of the stream drops cut out at
[Xocliw asked the YouTubers and chat to rate how the new MP test played? Answers were mostly 8-9]
[Xocliw asked the YouTubers and chat to rate how the current MP version 01.186 plays? Answers were mostly 2-4]
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Use our free Bet Calculator to calculate the cost and winning return of any bet type. Our tool calculates win odds and the cost of your TAB bet. Australian Horse Racing Odds & Betting. Comprised of three major carnivals, the Autumn Carival, the Winter Carnival in Brisbane, and the largest of them all the Spring Racing Carnival, which takes place from September to November each year, which concludes the the 'race that stops the nation' The Melbourne Cup. Use our matched betting calculator to work out how much money to stake on your lay bet at the betting exchange to ensure guaranteed profit. Use the dropdown menu to get the right results whether you're placing a qualifying bet, a free bet where the stake is not returned (SNR), or a free bet where the stake is returned (SR). A bet calculator for calculating combinations from bet selections for horse racing, harness racing and greyhound racing. Close[ X ] To get started, simply select your bet type at and follow the steps. TAB Limited Fixed Price Racing Betting Rules. Number of Views 20.64K. NSW Totalizator Betting Rules (Racing) Number of Views 10.8K. Tabcorp ACT Pty Ltd Sports Bookmaking Rules. Number of Views 1.62K. Tabcorp ACT Pty Ltd Totalisator Rules (Racing) Number of Views 4.09K. Queensland Wagering Rule - Page 1.

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